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Doctoral in Teaching ESL

Teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) programs are designed to help you learn how to help adult learners read, write and speak English. As people from across the world continue to migrate to the US, the demand for teachers who can help these individuals from different cultures and backgrounds to communicate in English continues to rise. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment of adult literacy teachers is expected to grow by 9% from 2012 to 2022, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Being an ESL teacher can be a good option for those of you with strong communication skills.

As an ESL teacher, you will help non-native speakers with practical vocabulary for jobs and daily living. You will not only help students learn English language but also connect them to other resources in the community, such as job placement services.

ESL Programs
A variety of programs are available for students who want to pursue a career as an ELS teacher. The bachelor's degree in English, education and ESL instruction is the minimum qualification students need to break into this field. The graduate as well as PhD programs are also available for candidates who want to find advanced-level positions within this profession. ESL teachers who want to work at the primary or secondary school levels need to hold a teaching license as well while ESL teachers at the postsecondary should have a graduate degree.

Students in the ESL programs find out how to make adults learn languages. In addition, they come across theories of how people learn second languages as well as communication skills. Some online schools also offer programs in ESL teaching. The distance-learning route is useful for those who cannot attend regular classes due to busy work schedules.

Doctoral in Teaching ESL
The doctoral programs are also available for aspiring ESL teachers. The English as a Second Language specialization provides learners with a strong knowledge-base in designing bilingual instruction in ESL teaching and assessing skills of diverse students. They also learn how to  conduct advanced level research in this field. The program helps candidates to research, prepare and teach useful programs to adult learners from diverse backgrounds. Doctoral in teaching ESL may take 5-7 years to complete, or less or longer, depending on the individual route of students.

In addition to traditional schools, online institutes also offer this advanced program. Working teachers can pursue the online doctoral programs and continue managing their professional responsibilities along with their degree.

Admissions Requirements
A master's degree from an accredited institution is usually required to enroll in a doctoral in ESL learning. Candidates may also have to demonstrate competency in specific subject areas before getting into any of the specialization or elective courses.

Career Outlook
ESL teachers can teach at all levels. They may find jobs in elementary and secondary schools, junior colleges as well as state and local government.

Most ESL teachers work part-time. They generally work in the mornings and evenings. Compensation is subject to location, qualification and experience. These teachers made a yearly median wage of $48,590 in 2012 (Bureau of labor Statistics)

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Doctoral Degree in Teaching ESL?

Many well-known universities in the U.S. are offering 5 to 7 years doctoral degree program in teaching ESL (TESL; Teaching English as a Second Language) for those who wish to work as ESL teachers. Apart from the traditional universities, there are several institutions that offer online doctoral programs in Teaching ESL for students or working professionals who cannot attend on campus degrees. The time span for online degrees in Teaching ESL may take longer to complete than the regular on-campus degrees.

What Are the Requirements to Complete a Doctoral Degree in Teaching ESL?

Completing a full/part time on-campus doctoral degree in Teaching ESL requires students to complete the coursework in form of lectures, assignments, projects, presentations, comprehensive exams and a written thesis. Requirements vary from university to university.

How Much Can I Make After Completing a Doctoral Degree in Teaching ESL?

After completing a doctoral degree in Teaching ESL, you can begin teaching students of any level, i.e. primary, secondary or post-secondary etc. at public/private institutions in the U.S. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (2018), the annual mean income of English Language & Literature Teachers was $78,150.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the general teaching esl doctoral admission requirements?

A:To get admission into a teaching esl doctoral program, you must have a masters degree in a related area. Most universities would have a GPA cut off as well, somewhere around 3.0. You will also be required to submit around three letters of recommendation, a sample of written work in English and recent GRE scores. If you are an international applicant, you must also submit your TOEFL scores. Keep in mind though that every university will have its own admission policy.

Q:What jobs I can get with Ph.D. in ESL?

A:Contrary to common misconception, there are many jobs you can get with a PhD in ESL besides conducting research and teaching at the university level. You can look for avenues of employment including positions with publishers, testing services, consulting firms, government agencies and software development companies. This degree is more than just a teaching degree and can open doors to advanced job positions.

Q:How to Become a Certified ESL Teacher?

A:There are a few steps you would need to follow in order to become a certified ESL teacher. The first would be to earn a bachelors degree, since teaching position applicants are typically required to hold this level of degree. Second, you need to check for state-wise requirements to obtain your certification. Following that, you should seek professional development via work experience, and then eventually work towards your masters degree.

Q:How to apply for online esl program?

A:If you are looking for an online ESL program, the first thing you need to do is narrow down a list of at least five options. After this, have a detailed look at the curriculum they are offering, the course structure, faculty and other facilities they are offering. One you have shortlisted an online college for your ESL program, all you need to do is log on to their website and follow the step by step procedure provided. Also make sure the school you have chosen is accredited.

Q:How much time it will take to complete an ESL PhD program?

A:A doctorate program would take around 3-4 years to complete. This would be an additional three to four years after you complete your bachelors. Some universities or colleges might require you to have a masters degree, before you go for this PhD program, but in most cases, a bachelors degree is considered to be sufficient.

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