MBA in Human Resources

Earning an MBA of human resources degrees can lead students towards matching the eligibility criteria for many prominent professions. This is because HR is a very important part of the operations of any organization. Students can seek out leadership and managerial positions after earning an MBA degrees in this area of specialization. There are a number of campus-based as well as online schools that offer MBA of human resources degree programs. In these programs, students learn how to manage the employees and look after their needs, how to develop them and solve various employee related problems within different workplace settings.


The Scope of an MBA of Human Resources

While enrolled in a MBA of human resources program, students can also go for an executive MBA or part-time MBA if they want to earn these degrees sooner. There are a number of HR related aspects covered in this program including:

  • Performance Appraisals
  • International Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Management Applications


Students can find a number of promising jobs opportunities once they earn MBA of human resources degrees. There is a considerable demand for MBA degree holders in this area which makes HR a promising sector. HR professionals can earn different wages depending on the particular role they are working in. For instance, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, human resource specialists and managers have respective annual median wages of $55,800 and $99,720 as of May 2012.

MBA of Human Resources Online

An MBA of HR online is very beneficial for individuals engaged in part-time or full-time jobs and desire to give a boost to their career. There are several online accredited colleges that allow individuals to earn this academic degree from virtually any location.

How Long Does It Take to Complete Human Resources MBA?

An MBA in Human Resources would typically take 2 years of full-time study to complete, which translates roughly into 36 to 48 credits and may include internships, study abroad options and a capstone project. Online and flexible timing programs are also available at many universities across the US.

What Are the Requirements for a Human Resource MBA?

To get into an MBA program for Human Resources, applicants must possess at least a bachelor’s degree with any major. Applicants will also need to submit GMAT scores along with proof of any employment experience. Once enrolled into a 2-year long MBA in Human Resource program, you may have to choose a specialization in areas such as Talent Management, Employment Law and Diversity Management etc. Your course structure will depend on the specialization you choose.

How Much Can I Make with a Human Resource MBA?

Once you complete an MBA in Human Resources, you can go for a variety of careers. For instance, you can become a Human Resources Manager, Equality and Diversity Officer, Training and Development Manager and Recruitment Consultant etc. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Human Resources Managers made an annual median pay of $113,300 per year. Training and Development Managers made an annual median income of $111,340.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the AACSB accreditation for the MBA in Human Resources program?

A:AACSB International is the the International Association for Management Education. It is a not-for-profit corporation of educational institutions accreditations. It is a premium accrediting body and is much respected world-wide. Hence, an MBA in Human Resources degree with this accreditation is more prestigious than others.

Q:How much GMAT score is usually accepted at the top MBA Human Resources schools?

A:The best MBA Human Resources schools usually accept a GMAT score of anything between 680 and 760. A score of 720 and above is considered highly competitive.

Q:What is the duration of the MBA in Human Resources program?

A:Typically a master's degree program takes up to 2 years to complete. The duration of Executive MBA or Part time MBA degrees in HR may vary considerably than the regular MBA. The degree can be completed through campus based or online programs in accordance to your preference.

Q:What do students learn in the M.B.A in Human Resource Management program?

A:The MBA in Human Resource Management programs are aimed at refining the knowledge of students to enter the field of HR as top level managers and supervisors. The core course content of the HR Management programs is focused on educating students about the Business and Labor Laws, Compensation and Benefits Management, Business Ethics, Advanced Data Analysis, and Business Leadership.

Q:Can you be a school teacher with a human resources mba degree?

A:As there is no specific degree required to become a school teacher, it is indeed possible to work as a school teacher with a Human Resources MBA degree. Most schools prefer a degree in education or related subjects before they hire teachers, there are always positions available for teachers to teach business and management related subjects. You can look for certification programs and diplomas in education on our website as these short courses will help you beef up your resume and make it more suitable for a teaching position.

Q:Can I work as a human resource manager after getting the MBA in Human Resource degree?

A:The MBA in Human Resource degrees are specifically designed to equip students with the essential management and leadership skills, which are required to take up managerial and supervisory roles in different organizations. Students with MBA in Human Resource Management can easily qualify for such roles and expect to earn more compared to those who only have undergrad degrees in the field.

Q:What are my options for MBA careers with Human Resources specialization?

A:One of the top MBA careers With Human Resources specialization get you jobs in the training department. Many individuals with this course combination get jobs in the Quality Analysis department and also in the new recruits training department as the quality trainer. Trainings are also offered by organizations to other, smaller businesses, for which you may be asked to visit the facility.

Q:What can I do after my degree apart from mba human resourse teaching jobs?

A:While there are a large number of opportunities in a number of universities and higher education institutes for people with MBA in Human Resources degrees to become teachers or lecturers, there is also a large demand for such degree holders in the corporate sector. A number of multinational companies and large corporations require efficient human resources personnel to take care of their HR departments.

Q:As I read about the MBA in Human Resources Management jobs, there was mention of the course on College Mathematics. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on College Mathematics while going through the articles on MBA in Human Resources Management jobs. These courses are worth 4 credits in total. They stress on making the students understand the basic mathematical skills and those concepts that relate more to vocational purpose.

Q:Can I get a finance degree online?

A:There are many universities and colleges that offer finance degrees online. To go for such degrees it is advised to check the reputation of the institute. The curriculum must also be checked and compared with other online colleges to see if it offers valuable course work that can help you in the practical field.

Q:I am already in the business field so would I need a business administration degree?

A:If you are already in the field then you can get practical experience and learn while you are on the job but a business administration degree gives professional knowledge that is not learnt on job. Yhe degree gives theoretical understanding of various business management concepts. A degree can give you an edge in the professional field and can improve the salary package that you get.

Q:What is mba human resource management degree?

A:An MBA degree in human resource management is a graduate level program. In this degree, students cover a wide range of business administrative subjects long with an in-depth study of human resource management theories. The program can be completed in two years and is also offered online by many popular online business schools.

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