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About Human Resources
Human Resources professionals play perhaps the most important role in any organization, since they are responsible for contacting, hiring and retaining appropriately qualified candidates. The role of human resources professionals is constantly evolving due to the changing needs of the respective industries, and today’s human resource workers are responsible for a number of functions vital to a company’s survival and profitability. In addition to hiring people, human resources workers also perform a variety of administrative functions, devise ways to use an employee’s talents most effectively, plan policies that improve output or production and strategically regulate a company’s operations in order to maximize profitability and efficiency.

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About the Degree
A bachelor’s degree such as the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Human Resources is usually required for entry level careers. In order to enroll in such a program, applicants must be high school graduates or hold an equivalent degree such as a GED.  For people who already hold a bachelor’s degree, or simply wish to increase their career advancement opportunities, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a Master of Science (MS) degree with a specialization in human resources is offered by a number of institutes. These programs allow students to specialize in an area such as workforce management, labor economics and labor relations.

Career Prospects
The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the career opportunities for Human Resources professionals to increase as according to the job title, such as 13% for human resource managers and 21% for human resource specialists within the 2010-2020 period. The BLS further reports that median wages for the aforementioned positions stand at $102,780 and $57,420 per year as of May 2014. In addition to private companies and consulting firms, human resources professionals are also employed in state and federal government services.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the Human Resource degree completion programs?

A:Students aiming to pursue a program in Human Resource Management, can opt for the associate, bachelor's or master's level degree in this field. The duration for each varies, the associate degree is 2 years long, while, the bachelor's program is an undergrad program, which can be completed within 4 years. The master's level degree in this field is 1-2 years long. Also, many online schools and colleges listed on our website offer self paced programs. For more details, fee free to contact us.

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