Post Grad Certificates in Human Resources

A Post Grad Certificate in Human Resources is a one year program for professionals who are already in the corporate world and need to update their skills to broaden their career opportunities. The certificate is typically for one year; however, students interested in taking more time can get enrolled in the online program and study the course at a pace of their own. Human Resources post grad certificates have two different types of courses. These consist of core courses and the electives. It is mandatory for all students to complete the core courses before being able to take the electives. Elective courses are specialized courses focusing on human resources only. Students are given the opportunity to update their skills and get acknowledged to the new technology.

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Courses Taught Under Post Grad Certificates in Human Resources
Here are some of the typical elective courses offered in the post grad certificates in Human Resources:

  • Acquisition of Human Resources
  • Occupational Health and Safety Law
  • Evaluating and Developing Human Resources
  • Organizational Behavior and Management
  • The post grad certificates in Human Resources allow students to gain knowledge on topics such as environmental and legal regulations, employment policies, conducting interviews, deciding rewards and recognition, organizational design, hiring process, human resources law, and pay scales.

    Eligibility Criteria
    Applicants to the post grad certificates in Human Resources are required to have completed their bachelors and master level degrees in human resource management from an accredited institute to stand eligible to be enrolled in the post grad certificate.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:I have been working in the HR department of my company for a number of years. Would a course of post-grad certificates in human resources help me progress to managerial level?

A:Certification programs will help give you an insight and rather concentrated tuition in a particular area or field within the area of Human Resources. If you do not have any formal education in Human Resources, it may be more prudent to undertake a more comprehensive program; alternatively undertake a number of certification programs. This should demonstrate to your employer that you have more than a passing interest in HR.

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