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The goal of a project manager is to deliver projects within a certain time period and budget. Project managers are required to motivate, manage a team of employees, and supervise large scale projects from the start to their completion. Therefore, a degree in project management aims to equip students with a unique blend of technical and soft skills. Students acquire knowledge and skills related to budgeting, planning, technical aspects, negotiation, communication, and conflict resolution.

Get the technical knowhow of managing, controlling and leading a construction project with an online degree in construction project management.
Construction Project Management Degree Online

Degree Levels

Project management degrees are offered at various levels to meet different educational requirements and career aspirations of students. The following degrees are generally offered in the field of project management.

associate’s degree

An associate’s degree is designed for those individuals who have little or no project experience.  The degree normally takes two years to complete and focuses on the fundamental knowledge, terminology, and key processes of project management. With an associate’s degree, students can prepare themselves for higher level degrees in the field and acquire basic knowledge of the career.

Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree in project management is normally a four year degree which helps students to master the essentials of the field. They gain knowledge and skills related to establishing goals, managing projects, aligning organizational tasks, working in teams, and assessing the return on investment.  Students also develop a strategic understanding of examining and resolving a variety of project related issues.

Master’s Degree

A master’s degree in project management usually takes one to two years to complete. All the courses in the master’s degree programs will revolve around project management courses, leading to both technical and soft skills. Students will acquire advanced level skills in the field to effectively deal with a variety of issues and prepare for a challenging career.

PhD in Project Management

In a PhD program of project management, students examine various strategies related to managing and overseeing projects. They study cost estimates, budget management, cost control, risk assessment, contracts, and performance reporting. The length of a PhD degree differs according to the institute offering the program. Students who opt for a PhD program are generally interested in research or teaching at university level.

Project Management Certifications

A certification is not always required to work in the field of project management, but it can be helpful in representing the knowledge and skills possessed by individuals. It can be quite useful when individuals want to advance in their careers. A number of organizations offer project management certifications. However, Project Management Institute is among the recognized names, which offers the following certifications:

  • Certified Associate in Project Management
  • Project Management Professional
  • Program Management Professional  
  • PMI Scheduling Professional
  • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner
  • PMI Risk Management Professional


A variety of courses are offered in the field of project management. However, there are some core courses that are a part of most degree programs. Following are the examples of some core courses offered in a project management degree.

Project Management

Project Management is one of the initial courses offered to students in a project management degree. Students acquire a step by step introduction to the project management process, and analyze the differences between theory and practice. They also learn to use the knowledge and techniques to create their own project plan. Normally, this course serves as a prerequisite for other courses offered in the degree.

Project Leadership and Building High Performing Teams

With the help of this course, students acquire leadership and communication skills needed to work on projects.  The course includes various team based activities that help students master the difficult aspects of team management. Students learn how to build and maintain high performing teams, with the help of teamwork and employee empowerment. They also learn skills such as conflict resolution, collaborative decision making, and building interpersonal relationships for organized teamwork.

Project Execution and Control

It is important for project managers to use an effective management process and monitor progress according to the basic plan.  Project managers also need to identify variances and take appropriate action to resolve problems leading to variances. Students learn project execution, evaluation, and control in the course. Here, they build on processes that they learn in the prerequisite courses of project management.

Project Scope and Quality Management

This course is designed to give students a comprehensive overview of quality management. Students have the opportunity to understand the philosophies and strategies behind important quality authorities. They also discover effective ways to implement quality improvement programs.

 Project Schedule and Risk Management

Nowadays projects are more time constrained and are less likely to have adequate resources as compared to in the past. However, there are certain techniques that can help project managers deal with the risk associated with projects. This course helps students learn practical methods and explore techniques to deal with a number of risks and potential problems involved in a project.

Project Cost and Procurement Management

One of the major responsibilities of a project manager is the procurement of products and services. This course is designed for students to learn the fundamentals of the procurement process, develop procurement documents, and specifications to evaluate different vendor proposals. They also gain skills to make appropriate contracts and execute them as well.

Online Project Management Degree

An online project management degree is a useful option for working professionals and busy individuals who cannot take out time to attend a campus based program. The accredited online programs offer the same quality of education, as that of brick-and-mortar schools. Following are some of the key benefits of selecting an online project management degree:

  • Flexible Hours. You can learn at your preferred time and have your own study schedule.
  • Flexible Location. You can study courses at any place where you have internet access.
  • Online Resources. You can access online libraries to research and read a variety of books.
  • Cost Efficiency. You do not need to pay for travelling, hostel accommodation, or textbooks.


Students who acquire a project management degree usually choose to become project managers. As a project manager, you can work in a variety of fields and manage many different types of projects. Some examples include:

  • Information Technology projects
  • Construction projects
  • Business implementation projects
  • Reengineering projects

Project managers are high in demand as almost every industry requires project managers. According to O*NET Online, IT project managers have a bright job outlook, as the occupation is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years and have a large number of openings. The website states that the job outlook for project managers in the construction field is also positive, as the jobs will grow at a faster rate than the average of all occupations.

Most employers turn to managers who have qualifications, experience, and certifications related to the field. A project management degree can help graduates find jobs in areas such as operations management, business administration, and supply chain management. Many project managers also choose to be self employed and enjoy flexible schedules.

How long does it take to get a project management degree online?

There are a few options for those who want a Project Management Degree. The following table contains information about the different kinds of degrees available in this field. Note that an Online Degree generally takes the same amount of time as a degree completed on campus, unless you go for accelerated or part-time programs.

Associate's Degree

2 years

Bachelor's Degree

4 years

Master's Degree (Full-time)

1.5 to 2 years

Master's Degree (Part-Time)

3 to 4 years

Doctoral Degree

4 to 7 years (Time varies)

What are the requirements to get a Project Management Degree Online?

The requirements to get a Project Management Degree online vary according to degree type and colleges. For a certified associate's degree, applicants should hold a high school diploma and have 1,500 hours of project management experience. For a bachelor's degree, you don't necessarily require an associate's degree but it will shorten the length of your bachelor's program in certain cases. For a Master's Degree at an accredited university, you will require a Bachelor's Degree. GPA requirements vary from college to college. 

How much can I make with a Project Management Degree online?

Employment in management positions is expected to grow substantially from 2016 to 2026 - with an 8% rise resulting in 807,300 new jobs. Project Managers generally earn a higher wage. In May 2018, managerial position holders had the highest wage of all major occupations. The median annual wage was $104,240 in May 2018 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Are there any Project Management scholarships?

A:Most of the renowned universities and schools offer scholarships and grants for the Project Management students. These students have to apply well prior to the deadline to avoid any inconvenience and also to maximize their chances of approval.

Q:Are there any schools that offer courses on Masters in Project Management?

A:Yes, there are various schools listed on our website that offer Masters in Project Management Degree programs. Listed institutes include: Golden Gate University, DeVry University, South University and Strayer University.

Q:Which courses are offered at Project Management Schools?

A:Most schools emphasize on Project Management courses such as project planning, business communication, value analysis, information technology, labor law, managerial decision-making and staffing organizations. Students are trained to apply these business concepts to real world case studies and project based learning is an essential part of the accredited Project Management degree programs.

Q:Are there any online schools offering project management courses?

A:There are numerous online schools offering Project Management courses. These courses offer more flexible time management and is the top choice of employed individuals.

Q:Which accreditation is accepted globally for the Project Management Degrees?

A:In the United States as well as most of the countries, the Project Management Degrees that are accredited and monitored by PMP are considered strong qualifications.

Q:What is the duration of online Project Management degrees?

A:Online Project Management degrees are self paced and do not have any specific degree completion timings. Students pursing online project management degrees can take as long as they want to complete their programs. However, online students take on average the same time as offered in the campus based courses. A certificate is completed within a year, associate's degree within two years, bachelor's degree in four years and the master's degree in two years.

Q:Most of the courses offered by the list of online Project Management schools do have a specialist course on Business Analysis. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is true that Business Analysis does make it to the list of online Project Management schools. This course is worth 5 credits and features topics such as the application of algebraic concepts in various business problems, development as well as improvement of quantitative, technical and critical thinking and other uses of skills in the business analysis process.

Q:Is communication studied in a project management degree?

A:A project management degree prepares individuals to tackle managerial issues, meet deadlines, assign roles and administer various business processes. Communication is an important subject of the degree program as it prepares you how to deal with people and devise effective marketing strategies that will work. With efficient communication skills projects can be managed smoothly and businesses can become more profitable.

Q:Can you tell me about the different project management degree programs online?

A:Project management degree programs online are offered to students at different levels, to meet their educational requirements and career goals. You can go for an associate, bachelor, master, or even a doctoral program in the field. Besides certificate programs and diplomas are also offered to train working professionals and update their skills.

Q:How can we get education grants for project management training online?

A:To get education grants for project management training online, students who are interested in financial support must first access the U.S. Department of Education's website and electronically submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). They can find the complete listing of all the scholarships and education grants available there.

Q:How is an online degree project management different from a project management certification?

A:An online degree project management is different from the project management certification in a number of ways. A degree takes a longer time to finish and is more advanced compared to the certification. With a degree in project management, you get to study both the basics and advanced level courses, while a certification enables you to know the basics and mostly covers the essentials, instead of in depth knowledge in project management.

Q:What is the career scope of project management degrees online?

A:There is a wide array of rewarding jobs in a number of industries for individuals who have successfully completed a project management training program. Individuals can work in the field of construction, engineering, aerospace, healthcare, telecommunications, financial services, information technology, and the pharmaceuticals industry among many others. The salary package depends on the degree level, experience as well as the industry where one find a job.

Q:What do I need to have to get admission in a n associate project management online degree?

A:Project management is popular business area. This area can be pursued at all levels of higher education, ranging from bachelor level degrees to masters degrees. An associate degree in project management is an undergraduate program. You can enroll in this program after completing your high school education. The admission requirements will depend upon the institute you are planning to join.

Q:Can you tell me about the different courses offered in online project management degree?

A:There are number of core courses and electives offered in the online project management degree. The core courses include business foundation, introduction to marketing, business finance and accounting, organizational behavior, and business communications. The project management electives include project management fundamentals, project leadership, scheduling and cost control, risk management, contract management principles, and quality and project management. There can be variations in the courses offered, depending on the institute.

Q:How is project management degree online different from the on campus one?

A:A project management degree online will offer you a lot more convenience and flexibility compared to an on campus one. Online programs enable students to make their own schedule and study at their own pace. Online courses are also for working professionals who cannot take out time for on campus education. They are also cost effective as students can save costs associated with traditional education such as travelling, hostel accommodation, and textbooks.

Q:If I opt for online project management degree programs instead of campus-based ones, how much can I make in income?

A:Whether you earn an online degree in project management or a campus-based degree, your career prospects will be the same. Employers do not differentiate between thee modes of learning. The income level of project managers depends upon a number of factors such as employer, location, level degree, skills, and specialization area.

Q:What are the main areas of concentration of a degree in project management?

A:In today's technologically advanced global environment, project managers are playing key roles in the development of organizations, hence the popularity of degrees in project management. Among other things, these degrees aim to equip students with knowledge about: Costing, budgeting, planning and value management, human resource management, strategic issues related to project management, commercial and business law, and project control.

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