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It is one of those things that you know, but can’t explain easily except to say that social media is Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc. The importance of social media however needs no explanation; social media has revolutionized the way we communicate. It has brought revolutions in the Middle East, given overnight success to artists and routinely champions important causes that would’ve never seen the light of day.

Social media knowledge and skills can be learned and acquired through a variety of ways; pursuing a college degree is one of them.

Why Pursue a Degree in Social Media?

A degree in social media can potentially lead students to a number of positions whose demand is expected to grow over the next few years.

Career Options

The following is not an exhaustive list by any means but may give you a general sense of options available to those with a degree in social media.
  • Social media managers
  • Communications officers
  • Social media coordinators
  • Search engine marketing associates
  • Social media marketing specialists
  • Community managers
  • Digital strategists
  • Social media strategists

Social Media Degree

Students interested in pursuing a career in the world of social media can pursue associates, bachelors and masters degrees in social media and learn about online marketing, computer networking and information technology It is however worth mentioning here that universities may not offer degrees directly in social media but in its many specialized fields like social media marketing, social media design, etc.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing: Social Media Marketing

A 4-year degree, it combines elements of traditional marketing strategies with social media theory and practices. Students learn to use new media to introduce products and services to customers with the purpose of building loyalty and generating revenue for the company.

Facebook and Twitter, to name just the two of the biggest names of social media, have more registered users then the combined populations of many countries. It is therefore critical for businesses to know how to best use this new and very powerful tool for their business interests. They hire professionals who can help them use social media in an efficient and productive manner.

Admission Requirements

  • Online application
  • High school diploma or its equivalent
  • Transcripts (especially for transfer students)
  • SAT scores
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Resume
  • Statement of purpose
  • Personal Essay

Core Courses

  • Understanding Communication
  • Regulating Communication: Law, Ethics, Politics
  • Communication and Cultural Industries and Practices
  • Language and Discourse
  • Communication Practice Project
  • User Experience Design
  • Digital Futures
  • Representing Complexity
  • Digital Communities
  • Engagement, Participation, Gamification
  • Media Writing and Production

Bachelor of Science in Marketing: Social Media Design

Employers are increasingly looking for professionals who are proficient in managing branded online communities, and cultivate new communities with the use of:
  • YouTube
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
The degree may teach you the abovementioned skills by amalgamating fundamental principles of social media, Communications and design and technology.

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements are the same as laid down above and the same holds true for online admission.

Curriculum and Courses

The degree requires completion of 124 credit hours and can be completed in 4 years of full-time enrollment. Total credit hours are divided into following:
  • Fundamental General Education Core Courses
  • Major Core Courses
  • Major Electives
  • University Electives
  • Technical Credit Courses
  • Additional General Education Requirements

Major area courses are:

  • Social Media Policy & Practice
  • Applied Theory of Social Interaction in Media
  • Interactive Media for Entertainment
  • Digital Media Design
  • Social Media Design Capstone

Master of Arts in Mass Communication with a specialization in Social Media

It is a post-grad degree which examines the impact of social media and how it can be used to influence the future of communication, public relations, entertainment, politics, journalism, and marketing.

Admission requirements

  • An undergraduate degree from an accredited institute
  • Transcripts
  • GRE scores
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Resume
  • Statement of purpose


You may complete the degree in 18 months.

Teaching objectives

  • Emerging trends in social media
  • Business opportunities and social media
  • Communication techniques and social media

Learning outcomes

  • Use the power of Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Tumblr, YouTube, Google +, Linkedin, etc.
  • Explore the emerging trends in social media and how it will shape our lives in future.
  • Know social media origins and its present place in our society.
  • Use social media to communicate and connect people globally.
  • Collect, analyze and utilize social media data.
  • Efficient use of social media in public relations, branding, journalism, marketing and advertising.

MBA in Social Media Marketing

The primary purpose of the degree is to teach business leaders the best way to utilize social media for business success. The degree may therefore be ideal for mid-level managers who are seeking advanced leadership roles in their companies.

Admission requirements

These are similar to what is laid down above for Master of Arts in Mass Communication with a specialization in Social Media. However, business schools may ask for GMAT instead of GRE scores. If you are thinking of enrolling in an online version of the program, then you may not have to take the exam.

Learning objectives

  • Make effective marketing strategies for effective campaigns, optimize and improve products and generate leads.
  • Make effective social media marketing strategies that integrate with marketing plans.


The degree may be completed in 15 months.

Online Degree Programs

All the degrees mentioned above are offered online as well. Some schools also offer social media degrees as distance learning programs. The distance learning programs allow students to maintain a balance between their personal and professional lives. Students in these programs can study according to their individual schedules and complete a program at their own pace. Students who want to work towards an online degree must set and follow a personal routine, as these programs call for discipline and self-motivation to stay focused.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Social Media Degree?

There are many schools in the US, such as Southern New Hampshire University and Strayer University, which are offering social media degrees. Students can enroll in a four-year long Bachelor of Science (B.S) in Marketing with a specialization in Social Media or a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) with a focus on Social Media Marketing. They can also enroll in a 15-month long Master of Science (M.S) in Marketing with a focus on Social Media Marketing.

What Are the Requirements to Complete a Social Media Degree?

Students enrolled in Bachelor of Science (B.S) in Marketing with a specialization in Social Media have to complete around 120 credits. They are required to study a number of topics such as Principles of Integrated Marketing Communications, Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Social Media & Marketing Communications and Strategic Marketing Planning. The coursework teaches students how to make use of social media analytics, and tools to create attractive and engaging social media campaigns that help to promote brand awareness.

How Much Can I Make after Completing a Social Media Degree?

After graduating with a social media degree, individuals can kick-start their careers as Copywriters, Bloggers, Online Community Managers, SEO Strategists, Social Media Strategists, or Social Media Marketing Managers. O* Net Online has reported that Copywriters made a yearly median salary of $62,170 in May 2018. Forecasts reveal that the job openings in the field will grow by 12,800 from 2018 to 2028.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the admission requirements for online social media degree programs?

A:The admission requirements for an online social media degree program are the same as for on-campus degree programs. For a bachelor's degree you will need the completion of a high school diploma or GED. For entry into a master's degree program you'll need the completion of a bachelor's degree from an accredited institute and for a doctoral degree you will need the completion of both a bachelor's and master's degree.

Q:What training do ecommerce and social media degrees provide you?

A:Ecommerce and social media degrees train you and provide you with a better understanding of social media marketing, social media design, mass communication and internet marketing strategies. These degrees follow a challenging curriculum and introduce students to topics such as digital futures, media writing, media production, media and the theory of social interaction, digital communities and social media design.

Q:Do I Really Need A Degree To Work In Social Media?

A:The answer to that depends on your ability to learn and catch on to changing trends. While getting a formal education, such as a bachelor's or a master's might not be as necessary, doing a training program or an online course in social media marketing, communication and management might help you perform better at your job.

Q:What classes do you take in social media program?

A:Social media programs have not been developed extensively yet. However, there are a few universities that offer different sorts of courses in social media including the likes of digital storytelling and social media, the fundamentals of blogging, creating content with a purpose, the anatomy of the landing page and optimizing your website.

Q:What kind of degree can help me land a job in social media?

A:If you are interested in social media and want to pursue a career in this field, it would be helpful to get specialized education and develop career-skills. You can consider getting a college degree in marketing with specialization in e-marketing or social media. There are also a number of colleges offering short courses and diplomas in social media marketing.

Q:What Is Your Best Advice To Get A Job In Social Media?

A:The general misconception is that landing a job in social media is very easy. This is not true. To qualify for a position in social media marketing, you need to have a certain combination of communication skills, technical and digital analytical skills and some experience. Social media marketing is more of community management, where you would require a sophisticated blend of online interactive communications and digital marketing proficiency. So If you want a job in social media, develop these skills in yourself.

Q:Is It Worth It To Get A Degree in Social Media online?

A:Social media is a fast developing industry. In the last few years, this marketing industry has grown dramatically. Companies are now moving towards marketing their products on this channel, since it is efficient and more effective. With this in mind, a large number of people are entering this market, looking for jobs. Getting a formal education in social media online might help set you apart from the rest of the applicants and be worth your while.

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