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What is E-Business?

E Business is a broad discipline encompassing the businesses, despite their nature and range, which are done online. E-Business trains individuals in the dynamics of online businesses including buying, selling, manufacturing, customer relations, production monitoring and others. In the most basic sense, E-business involves everything that we understand as business, only it is performed electronically.

E-business has a wide range of areas and those studying E-business are expected to delve into the minutest of details that may pose as hurdles to electronic business including threats that might hamper electronic or business management. This could include something as seemingly insignificant as real-time chat. E-Business is not strictly commerce related, and stretches to other fields such as education, the government sector, healthcare and banks and other financial institutions. E business is included among those disciplines which hold a lot of potential for growth in the rapidly increasing global market. Hence, it is fast becoming one of the most preferred specialization choices in business.

Most commonly offered degrees in E business
Since E business is a relatively new subject, many people who are working the electronic business arena might be interested in online programs or graduate diplomas in E business which largely introduce the dynamics of E business to the students. There is a wide range of online degrees and diploma courses in E business which target professionals or mid career people desiring to keep abreast of the latest technological techniques. In most colleges, E business is offered at the graduate level as a part of a business study program. At the Master's level it is also offered with business administration which can then be beneficial for the students towards getting good jobs.

Specializations in E Business Degrees
Although E business trains its students to look into the number of factors that positively or negatively affect E business as well as the many diverse kinds of E businesses and the innovative techniques that are introduced; specializations are also offered. At the Graduate level, E business itself is a specialization but the students can streamline their research into online retailing, customer services and online marketing. These specializations are beneficial only if the students have a clear objective regarding the career path that they will follow after graduating college.

Career opportunities and careers for E business Graduates
One of the best features of E business is the convenience with which it settles in the business framework. This makes E business one of the most progressive degrees in commerce. Some of the positions that might be suitable for E business graduates include analysts, designing sites, framing and analyzing e business strategies, Web Master, etc. These positions can be financially beneficial if you have enough experience in the field and a relevant academic background. O*NET reports that the median salary for E-business professional such as online merchants is $65,120 as of 2012.

How long does it take to get an E-Business degree?

With most transactions becoming heavily reliant on online platforms, E-business is becoming a rapidly growing field. The duration of your degree depends largely on the kind of degree you want. If you want an associate's degree in E-Business, you will have to spend 2 years in college. A bachelor's program will take you 4 years to complete whereas a master's program will take you 2 additional years since you must have a bachelor's degree before you apply for a master's program.

What are the requirements to get an E-Business degree?

To get a bachelor's degree in E-business, you must spend 8 semesters in college as a full-time student. During this program, you will learn about economics, e-business strategy and marketing management. Some of the courses you may be required to take are listed below:

•    Business analysis

•    Statistical analysis

•    Macroeconomics

•    Management information system

•    E-business strategy

How much can I make with an E-Business degree?

Most people with a degree in E-business start off their careers as web developers. Web developers are usually responsible for the functionality and look of a website. The median wage for web developers as of May 2018 was $69,430 per year and $33.38 per hour. The number of jobs available in the field in 2016 was 162,900 and job prospects in the industry are expected to increase at a faster than average rate of 15%.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the main features of e business?

A:The main features of e business include the online retailing, customer services and online marketing.

Q:What different jobs in E- Business Management can be pursued by individuals with E-Business degrees?

A:Students with degrees in E-Business can take on diverse job opportunities in the professional business world. Popular job positions that can be pursued with this degree are: E business consultants, E business strategy manager, internet marketer, customer representative, online marketing analysts, E-business executive, marketing manager, project manager, and many more.

Q:Is an E Business degree worth it?

A:The rising demand of E Business degree holders in diverse fields make this degree worth investing your time and money on. E Business degrees from accredited schools and universities can truly enhance your career prospects. According to the BLS, the jobs in this field are likely to expand much faster through 2018.

Q:What do students learn in bachelors Online E Business Degrees?

A:A bachelor degree with specialization in e business teaches students about the internet world and its relation with businesses today. Students learn how to use various internet applications and target current and potential customers. They also gain knowledge on latest technology and emerging market trends through web databases reports. Students study areas such as e marketing, e funding, and networking.

Q:Why should I do e business degrees?

A:E-Business is no longer limited to just the online world and technical strategy sector. Companies ranging from investment firms and banks to retailers are all flocking towards technology and the internet to better promote their brand. When picking a specialization of e-business degrees, it would be best to pick a field that you have had previous experience in or generally prefer.

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