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Masters in Operations Management

What is operations management?
The term ‘operations management’ refers to increasing the efficiency, productivity and profitability of an organization by analyzing and redesigning management practices. Professionals in the field of operations management are responsible for supervising every aspect of a company’s operations, and overseeing the worker’s efforts in order to ensure meeting short and long term goals. They are also charged with managing various work projects, and devising innovative methods in order to increase productivity.

What is the Master of Operations Management?
The Master of Operations Management is a graduate degree that is available to people who already have a bachelor’s level education in a management related field. The degree is designed to help students develop vital leadership and managerial skills that are an essential requirement in an effective administrator for dealing with everyone from corporate clients to construction workers. Students take courses in the areas of project planning and development, financial management, risk assessment and resource management. Other courses include labor relations and labor law, workplace safety, quality assurance, and supply chain management. Students also take specialized courses in a concentration area of their choice such as Industrial or Construction Management, Quality Management and Health & Safety Management.

What are the future prospects?
The field of operations management has come to the forefront in recent years, having been initially a support function of other management related operations, and thus there is an increasing demand for efficient managers across a variety of different industries. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an increase of 15% in the jobs for administrative service managers, reporting their median wage to be $81,080 annually as of May 2012. These factors make the Master of Operations Management a good choice for a pursuing a related future career, and opens up numerous career opportunities in the government and military organizations, the manufacturing industry, the energy sector and numerous other businesses.

How Much Time Will Be Required to Complete a Masters in Operations Management?

The growth in operations and supply chain challenges, arising from automation, mobile technologies, e-commerce, big data and globalization, is increasing. Keeping in view the growing demand for skilled professionals in this field, many colleges and universities in the US, such as the University of Alabama, are offering a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Operations Management. This program can be completed within 1-2 years.

What Are the Requirements to Complete a Masters in Operations Management?

Students have to complete approximately 30 credits in order to obtain a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Operations Management. They are required to study topics like Analytic and Business Intelligence, Enterprise Systems, Analytical Modeling and Supply Chain Models. The coursework prepares the students to work in a variety of areas such as distribution and logistics, merchandising, service operations and manufacturing.

How Much Can I Earn with a Masters in Operations Management Degree?

After completing a Masters degree in Operations Management, graduates can work as Logisticians. The salary data extracted from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website indicates that Logisticians earned an annual median pay of $74,600 and an hourly median wage of $35.86 in 2018. There were 174,900 professionals working in this field in 2018. It has been reported that the job opportunities for Logisticians will see a positive growth of 5% from 2018 to 2028.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the contents of study of the Project Management course in the Masters in Operations Management program?

A:The Project Management course in the Masters in Operations Management program is a 3 credits worth course and is one of the final courses of the graduate degree. It emphasizes on students to understand the various ways to organize the team to achieve goals. It investigates the practice as well as theory of project management, more primarily on the construction businesses. You will also learn the ways and techniques to manage and organize project teams more efficiently.

Q:What makes the top Masters of Operation Management schools differ from an average one?

A:The top schools for Masters of Operation Management offer a comprehensive course under the supervision and coaching of acclaimed teachers and professors. There is a significant focus on practical experience, extracurricular activities and student cancelling. All of this is provided in state of the art facilities. An average school falls short on all of these or most of them.

Q:Name a few courses that are included in the curriculum of Master of Science operation management degree program?

A:The Master of Science operation management degree program equips students with knowledge of business operations and effective management. Some of the courses that are studies throughout the degree program are: management concepts, marketing concepts, statistical concepts, financial management, international business, operations management, management science, e business, fundamentals of manufacturing, lean six sigma, quality assurance, advanced supply chain management, and many more.

Q:Can I complete the Master in Operations Management in less than two years?

A:The typical duration of the Master in Operations Management degree programs is 1-2 years, however, students who wish to complete these programs sooner can opt for the online degrees offered by many universities listed on our website. The online degrees offered in this field are self paced and allow students to schedule their own classes through which, they can complete their degrees in less than 2 years.

Q:What are the areas of study of the Leadership and Motivation courses of the Master program Operations Management?

A:The Master program Operations Management degree has a course on Leadership and Motivation that is worth 5 credit hours or more. This course aims to develop the potential for leadership in you and also helps you discover the qualities of individuals, groups and yourself. The course aims to help students develop the vision and thinking that is required in being a leader of operations and be a good influence on the labor.

Q:While searching for the best Master Operations Management degree in the United States, I came across the course on Organizational Behavior. What is being taught in it?

A:All the best Master in Operations Management degrees offered by universities around United States feature Organizational Behavior as a part of the core courses. This course introduces the individuals with the basic goals and aims of an organization and how the individuals can team up to make it better. It teaches the student's the things of vital importance in today's management structure around America.

Q:As I read on the Masters in Operations Management career, there was mention of the course on Microeconomics. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Microeconomics while going through the Masters in Operations Management career options. This course is worth 4 credits in total. It is designed to provide the students with ample understanding of the functioning the individual markets and how the resource allocation can be made effectively.

Q:Can you explain a little about the TQM course that is a part of the curriculum of a Master In Operation Management US degree?

A:TQM stands for total quality management; it is an important subject of a master's degree in operations management. TQM teaches all the attest methods and procedures used for enhancing quality in production. You will study how quality can be improved at every stage in the organization. The course emphasizes on probability and statistical models.

Q:What popular jobs can i pursue with a Master In Operation Management degree?

A:With this degree program you can apply for jobs in a number of manufacturing firms and businesses. A master's degree qualifies you for high level jobs and higher salaries as compared to bachelor degree jobs. A few job positions include supply chain manager, production line controller, operation analysis, purchasing and quality control officer, logistics and transportation manager.

Q:Is an MS in operations management degree difficult to get into. Do I need a bachelor qualification?

A:Yes, you will need a bachelor degree to qualify for a MS degree in management operations. MS degrees are graduate programs. You need to first complete your bachelor level education to get admission in a MS degree. It is recommended that you earn your bachelor degree in a relevant academic field such as business administration or management.

Q:Can you give me some information regarding masters in operations management?

A:A masters degree in operations management is a graduate program that aims at providing students with the necessary skill needed to become a operations manager. This field covers the various processes and disciplines used for manufacturing and delivery. The curriculum entails subjects such as strategic quality management, information systems, facilities management, and marketing.

Q:From where i can get my master in operation management degree?

A:There are a number of colleges that are offering degree programs in the area of operations management. You can search online and go through our page to learn about the availability of this program. Before you enroll in any program, be sure to check the accreditation status, school ranking, course curriculum, and faculty qualifications.

Q:What are the course components of the master in operations management program?

A:Masters in operations management is offered by many accredited schools and institutions. The curriculum for this degree program usually varies from school to school but the general course components include project planning and development, financial management, risk assessment and resource management. Other courses include labor relations and labor law, workplace safety, quality assurance, and supply chain management. Students also take specialized courses in a concentration area of their choice such as Industrial or Construction Management, Quality Management and Health & Safety Management.

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