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In the 1980s, having a fax number on your business card would have lent credibility to your business. In the 1990s, having a website would have sufficed. In the 2000s however, not having a comprehensive plan to manage internet marketing and social media would simply make your business a plain old dinosaur.

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The marketing industry has undergone a massive change over time. And if businesses do not make every effort to change accordingly, it’ll be entirely their loss. This is where professional digital marketing certificate programs come in; to provide contemporary knowledge and training to those who wish to begin a career in marketing as well as those who’re currently involved in developing and implementing digital strategies.

What does digital marketing include?

Digital marketing covers many different activities including but not restricted to:
Social Network Marketing: The use of social media to reach consumers
Search Engine Optimization: Use of optimization strategies to improve ranking of websites
Experiment Based Marketing Research: Becoming familiar with consumer behavior by carrying out different experiments online.
Web Analytics: Collect data from websites and use it effectively to help companies set prices, enhance marketing efforts, and modify product design.
 Reputation Management: Find out what users are saying about a brand online and help companies maintain or improve their brand image.

What will you learn in a digital marketing certificate?
The primary objective of this program is to help students understand various activities that need to be carried out in order to plan, implement, and run a digital marketing campaign.
You’ll learn:

  • The importance of digital marketing as a part of the overall marketing strategy
  • How to develop and manage search optimization, social media, and different forms of digital marketing campaigns
  • The strategies used for increasing traffic to your website
  • Analyze the role of digital marketing in overall business expansion
  • Evaluate how different online resources may assist you in designing useful and profitable websites
  • Analyze your website traffic and take steps to improve your marketing strategies

What will you study?

The program is carefully designed to incorporate latest trends and best practices in internet marketing. You’ll learn how to formulate creative strategies in order to give your business a competitive advantage.

The names and types of courses offered may vary from one institute to another. You’ll usually be required to take up a combination of compulsory and elective modules. This’ll help you focus on your academic and professional interests. To get a general idea of what you’ll study, look through the details of the following courses:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Media Planning, Buying, and Analysis
  • Startups In a Digital Ecosystem
  • Global Marketing and Consumer Culture
  • E-tailing and Retailing

What are the prerequisites?

The requirements usually vary depending on the institute that you enroll in. Whereas some schools may enroll students with no prior knowledge of digital marketing, others require students to have some background knowledge or work experience, or ideally a combination of both.
Most universities require students to hold at least a bachelors degree
As a part of the application process, you will typically need to provide official transcripts, letters of recommendations, personal statement, resume, and in some cases standardized test scores and application fee.
For specific information, you should check the admission requirements of the institute that you’re considering applying to.

What is the program duration?

The duration will entirely depend on the route that you decide to take. Some students enroll in campus-based institutes whereas others take up online programs. They may have the option of studying full time or part time. Similarly, they may be able to complete the program in a shorter period of time if they enroll in an accelerated coursework degree or take longer if they study at their own pace.

Online marketing certificates offer several benefits as compared to their traditional counterparts. They’ll help you:

  • Reduce travel expenses
  • Manage professional commitments while you study
  • Study from virtually any location
  • Take classes at your own pace
  • Benefit from an equally rigorous curriculum and program structure

What employment options are available with a degree in digital marketing?

Digital marketing graduates may seek different opportunities depending on their interests and career objectives. Some examples include:

  • Internet Marketing Manager
  • Web Marketing Specialist
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategist
  • Online Marketing & Social Media Specialist
  • Creative Developer
  • Data & Web Traffic Analyst
  • Digital Media Buyer
The compensation levels will depend on the type of job that you end up getting as well as on your prospective employer. According to O*Net Online, in 2012, search marketing strategists made a median annual wage of $82,340. It’s been identified as a ‘Bright Outlook’ occupation.
Since digital marketing is a constantly evolving field with many diverse options, it is quite likely that you’ll find something that fits well with your academic and professional aspirations.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which courses are incorporated in E- Business Certificates programs?

A:The e-business certificate programs emphasize on business related courses such as e-business ethics, e-economics, e-strategic management, finance, marketing and advertising. Also, students are provided practical knowledge on the subject through lab sessions. They can learn about internet technologies, network administration and the impact of web based commerce technologies on the contemporary businesses.

Q:Can I obtain financial aid to pursue the e-business certificate?

A:Yes. Many universities and schools listed on our website allow students to apply for financial aid resources including loans, grants and scholarships to pursue the e-business certificate programs. These certificates are available at undergrad and graduate level and students who qualify for financial aid can easily meet their educational expenses without facing any financial burden.

Q:Can you please tell me what is taught in the College Algebra course of the E Business Management certificate program?

A:The E Business Management certificate programs all have a specialist courses on College Algebra. This is a 4 credits worth course that is designed to provide the students with the basic building concepts of algebra. This includes numbers, sets and the more intermediate concepts of algebra. Business applications of algebra re also stressed on.

Q:Can you please tell me what is taught in the Legal Research & Writing course of the E Business Certificate courses?

A:The E Business Certificate Courses in the United States have specialist courses on Legal Research & Writing. This course is worth 4 credits in total and is designed to offer the students with an extensive level of introduction to the tools of legal research as well as techniques attached to it. Some of the other topics of discussion include legal periodicals, usage of encyclopedia, etc.

Q:What is the scope of Electronic Business certificate jobs?

A:There are a number of Electronic Business Certificate jobs that you can go for. According to the statistics, demand for individuals in E Business is going to increase a lot in future. Some of the careers you can pursue include customer service and sales supervisor, e-business consultant, commerce strategist and project management.

Q:What is the included in the course e business operations when studying business e certificate programs?

A:E business operations forms an integral part of the business e certificate programs. This course guides students on how to implement tools to process business methods in an organization. This course also covers financial transactions, management of virtual offices and workforce and project evaluation. Students interested in this course are advised to search our website for a list of institutions offering this course.

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