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Online Entrepreneurship Courses

Entrepreneurship courses equip students with the knowledge and skills that can help them with establishing new businesses successfully. Students also learn various financial and accounting skills.

Degree Options

  • Associate degree
    • An Associate’s degree is a two year educational program in entrepreneurship. Students are required to complete a high school diploma before getting enrolled in an associate’s program.
  • Bachelors degree
    • At bachelor’s level, entrepreneurship courses are not taught as major filed of specialization. But students can get enrolled in courses related to entrepreneurship while studying accounting or business administration. An online Bachelors degree program in entrepreneurship is usually four to four and a half years long. Students studying entrepreneurship can get enrolled in courses like;
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Statistics
  • Global Management
  • General Management
  • Critical Thinking and Decision-Making
  • Business Plan Workshops
  • Finance Courses
  • Business Capstone Project-Strategic
  • Microeconomics
  • Leadership and Management Development Courses
  • Small Business Tax Courses
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development
  • Masters Degree
    • At masters level, students can get enrolled in a Masters of Business Administration with a specialization is Entrepreneurship. An MBA in entrepreneurship is normally a two year program. Some universities also offer an MBA in leadership and MBA in project management as a sub category of Entrepreneurship Studies. Students require a good GMAT score and past working experience to get selected for a Masters program. Some of the courses offered during a Masters in Entrepreneurship are
      • Global Entrepreneurship Lab
      • Corporate Finance
      • Entrepreneurial Finance
      • Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager
      •  Knowledge Management
      • Developmental Entrepreneurship
      • Business Design Process
      •  Introduction to Marketing
      • International Business Operations
      • Entrepreneurship and Business Planning
  • PhD Degree
    • PhD is also offered in Entrepreneurship. Students possessing a Masters degree in Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Project Management or Leadership can apply for a PhD in Entrepreneurship or Business Administration. Some of the specializations offered are;
      • Technology Entrepreneurship
      • General Ph.D. in Management
      • PhD in Organizational Management
  • Short courses
    • Different universities offer short courses for professionals who are already working but now want to set up their own business. some of the courses offered during such programs are ;
      • Staring a Business
      • Write a Business Plan
      • Find Start-Up Funding
      • Fire Your Boss: Start Your Own Business
      • Start-Up Basics for the First-Time Entrepreneur
      • Raising Capital for Your Small Business
      • Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship Emphasis
  • Certification
    • Some universities also offer a certification in Entrepreneurship, e.g.;
      • Certificate in Entrepreneurship for Growth Ventures
      • Certificate in Entrepreneurship for New Ventures
      • Executive Certificate in Business Administration with a specialization in  Management

Career opportunities
U.S has a potential of producing 10 million entrepreneurs every year. After studying courses in entrepreneurship, you can be one of these 10 million entrepreneurs and make your own profits while climbing the stairs of success and personal and professional growth.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can the online entrepreneurship courses be pursued at master's level?

A:Students who aim to establish leading careers and become successful entreprenuers can get enrolled in the online master's degrees such as: the Master in Business Administration/Entrepreneurship offered by Kaplan University Online or the MBA - Entrepreneurship offered by the Southern New Hampshire University. The online master's degrees enable students to complete their education from any location. Moreover, these provide students with the facility of a virtual classroom where they can take online lectures, interact with teachers and network with other students.

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