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Bachelors in Social Media

A degree in ecommerce and social media helps students learn about web technologies and online marketing. Students may pursue a degree in this area of study at traditional campus based or online schools. Graduates generally become information systems managers, marketing managers or entrepreneurs.

Students can work towards undergraduate or graduate degrees in ecommerce and social media. The associate degrees provide students with the basics of programming, social media and web development while the bachelor's and master's programs deal with the disciplines in detail. With an associate degree, students may qualify for entry-level jobs but those who seek to find senior positions should work towards advanced degrees.

Bachelor in E Commerce and Social Media
The bachelor's degree in ecommerce and social media is a 4-year undergraduate program. The precise duration may depend of the students enrollment status. In these degrees, candidates get a chance to learn how to use social media for marketing in addition to getting to know about web development. The bachelor's degree may help develop expertise in social media communication and design and web technologies.

The curriculum in these programs may include topics such as online payment systems, internet law, programming, networking and online business practices. Students may also learn about e-business solutions.

Continuing Education
Students who hold a bachelor's degree in ecommerce or a related field can build upon their knowledge by working towards a master's degree. These advanced programs allow candidates to pick an area of specialty that may be helpful for career advancement. Students can earn a master's degree in ecommerce and social media in 1-2 years depending on their enrollment status. PhD programs are also available in this area of study. These programs can generally be completed in 5-7 years. They can be useful for those who want to get into teaching or research.

Online Ecommerce and Social Media Programs
There are some online schools that offer degree programs in ecommerce and social media, allowing students to complete their studies from home. Students in these programs are not required to attend the program physically. Instead, they make use of the internet and learning technologies to attend classes. Chat forums, learning software and video conferencing are some of the technologies used in online degree programs.

Admissions Requirements
A high school diploma or GED is enough to work towards a degree in ecommerce and social media. Students may also have to provide recommendation letters and appear for interview. Other admissions' factors may vary by school.

Job Opportunities
Web developers, social media experts and computer system analysts may work in computer systems design, advertising and computer manufacturing firms. The wages of their professionals may vary by location, area of expertise and experience. According to the BLS, the median annual salary of web developers in 2012 was $62,500 while computer system analysts made $79,680.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What courses are taught in a bachelors level interactive media degree?

A:You would be taught various courses that emphasize studio work and creation of digital art. Some of the topics that you might come across as a student with this major include world art, desktop and web publishing, computers and mass communication, web design, 2-D and 3-D animation, visual basic programming and multimedia authoring and so on.

Q:What do social media consultants do?

A:Social media consultants are practically the eyes, voice and ears of the company on online forums. Since online marketing has seen a strongly positive and upward trend in recent years, thanks to the surge of numerous forums of social media. A social media consultant would be responsible for raising your brand awareness, delivering traffic to your website and boosting your overall profits.

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