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Computer networking is a fundamental tool in today’s world, and serves as a medium of communication, business, entertainment and sharing information & resources between thousands of users. Research and development in computer networking led to the internet, without which we cannot imagine our lives today. Business and government agencies around the world save millions of dollars and a considerable amount of time by having their offices and personnel across the world linked through networks. Professionals in the field of networking are responsible for designing and maintaining networks. They are also responsible for implementing security measures that deter hackers, protecting information present on the network and troubleshooting.

Computer Networking Certification
There are various types of networking certifications throughout the world. Networking certification is a significant positive factor attached to an individual with a networking degree. It provides competitive edge in the cutthroat industry of networking since the demand for networking professionals is on the rise. Students having completed their basic level of education in network studies can get certifications. Some of the most valued networking certifications are: Cisco CCNA, Cisco Certified Voice Professional (CCVP), EMC Proved Professional Technology Architect, Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA), and Novell CNE. Networking certifications can be at different levels such as the basic level certification, the intermediate certifications, and advanced networking certificates.

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After graduating high school, you can earn a certificate of networking through a variety of online and on-campus programs in as little as last six months. Students learn how to design, set up, configure and maintain servers, troubleshoot networks and implement security measures. Other courses are designed to help students develop their management and leadership skills, give effective presentations, prepare reports, manage technical projects and develop innovative approaches to tackle the problems faced by users. A thorough knowledge of hardware is also developed by having students set up and troubleshoot various devices and systems.

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How long does it take to get a Networking Certificate?

Networking is quickly becoming a crucial skill for computer specialists. To get a CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Certificate), you are only required to pass two tests. If you have a good basic understanding of the field, it will take around a week to get a certificate. If you do not have prior experience in the field, you are required to have 20 days of classroom and online study as well as 70 to 80 hours of e-learning - totaling to around a month or two of preparation.

What are the requirements to get a Networking Certificate?

There are no strict requirements for getting a Networking Certificate. However, those with a background in IT or Computer Science find the process a lot easier. Apart from this, some skills that students are required to have in general, include being a good communicator, being highly organized and thinking analytically. You are also required to pass two exams, a 90-minute exam with 45-55 questions and a 75-minute exam with 50-60 questions.

How much can I make with a Networking Certificate?

Getting a networking certificate alone will not help you. You are expected to have an associate's or a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field. One profession in which a networking certificate would help employees is Computer Support Specialist. The median wage for this profession as of May 2018 was $53,470 per year and $25.70 per hour as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can I get some information about computer network technician courses online offered in the Certificate in Networking programs?

A:The core courses included in the certificate level programs in networking comprise of: Computer programming, Practical IT applications,Internet programming languages, Installation of drivers and Digital Security. Through these programs, students are able to develop technical and administrative skills required to excel in the competitive field of Information Technology. Most universities allow students to complete these programs online and provide students with facilities like taking online lectures.

Q:What are the advantages of pursuing an online pc network support specialist certificate?

A:One of the many advantages of pursuing an online pc network support specialist certificate is that it gives students an opportunity to study at their convenience. These courses are specifically designed for students who are already employed or are stay at home parents looking to learn something new. Online courses are relatively cheaper with students saving money on travel and accommodation expenses. This gives students an opportunity to understand the subject thoroughly without rushing through to meet deadlines.

Q:What are the objectives of a Networking Certificate?

A:A Certificate in networking is an extra credential and certification that is helpful for people in the networking profession. The program aims at providing students with understanding of networking standards in the industry, networking technologies, and routing concepts. The certificate program covers important areas such as network security practices, trouble shooting, wireless technology, planning and configuration.

Q:While looking for the best networking certifications I came across the post grad certifications for networking, could you tell me about these?

A:A post grad certificate course in networking is meant for professionals in this field to keep updating their knowledge base since technology is upgraded at a very rapid pace. These courses are basically admissible for students who already have masters degree in this field, but this is not the only enrollment requirement of this course. Students interested in getting these certifications need to submit their college transcripts , a standardized test score and letters of recommendations, working experiences in this field may also be called for. This course takes over 6 months to 1 year for completion.

Q:Name a few courses that I will encounter in a computer networking certificate?

A:A computer networking certificate comprises of a number of courses. These must be studied in order to finish the program. Course names have been mentioned here: fundamentals of computer trouble shooting, interconnecting Cisco devices, network security, windows server administration, and essentials of networking. It is important to know that computer network programs curriculum vary slightly from college to college.

Q:As I was reading about the curriculum of computer networking certificate programs, I came across a course named fundamentals of networking. Can you give some detail about this?

A:The course on fundamentals of networking is designed to teach students about the various elements included in this field. Students will acquire knowledge about WANS, LANS, networking technologies and open system interconnection. This is one of the most basic courses found in computer networking certificate programs at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Q:How many credit hours do computer networking certifications normally have?

A:Computer networking certifications usually comprise of 18-20 credit hours. Students can earn these credit hours by completing all the courses included in the curriculum. This program can be earned online as well through accredited online computer schools. With a certificate, not only can you boost your career, but can also increase your income potential.

Q:If I enroll in top networking certifications online, how will the classes be conducted?

A:Top networking certifications online are designed to help students and professionals acquire qualifications without having to attend campus classes. If you enroll in online programs, the classes are conducted online. You will get to study the program through online conferences, multimedia presentations, online lectures, electronic recordings, and online reading material.

Q:What will I learn when enrolled in one of the best networking certification programs?

A:If you enroll in an accredited networking certification program, you will acquire in depth understanding of major networking concepts. You will learn how to design and implement networking strategies, apply network protocols, troubleshoot networks, and configure local area networks. This certification can help you initiate a career in networking technologies and information technology.

Q:Could you guide me about the certificate in computer networking?

A:You can apply for networking certification right after getting your high school diploma online or on-campus within six months. This program prepares you for a future in computer networking by introducing concepts like computer design, set up, configuration and maintenance of servers, troubleshooting networks and implementing security measures. Students are also taught management and leadership skills and learn how to make and present effective presentations, reports, and manage technical projects with an innovative approach.

Q:Is computer networking certificate online a good option?

A:A certificate in computer networking is a very good option for students who are looking to work in the lucrative information technology sector. Pursuing this certification online also definitely has its advantages. You can enroll for a program anywhere in the country as there are geographical constraints with online education.

Q:Is a networking certification online more difficult than a traditional taught degree?

A:The subject content of an online certification program is almost identical as a traditional, classroom- based program. However, online study requires additional skills. For one, you will have to be self-motivated to study. Further you will have to manage your time much more effectively as you will need to balance your work/family and study.

Q:How do I know if I networking certifications online are for me?

A:Online networking programs offer a cost effective alternative to traditional, class-room based programs. Different students have different priorities. The programs are gaining more popularity as they allow the student to learn from the comfort of their own home at their own pace and using their own resources. For details of the courses available, please use the web-search tool on our site.

Q:Is online computer networking certificate a better option than a degree?

A:The answer to this question depends on what kind of a career you want and what are your preferences and circumstances. A certification is much shorter as compared to a degree program and is also more economical. A degree program will be more expensive but it will open up more lucrative career opportunities for you.

Q:Can an online networking certificate prepare me for a job as network administrator?

A:An online networking certificate can provide you with the theoretical knowledge and the networking concepts in this field. How well it prepares you is dependent on the level certification you are acquiring. Apart from that, you would also need experience so it is better to get familiar with the practical side of the field as well.

Q:What is involved with network certification training?

A:On this program, emphasis is placed on learning how computer networks work. In particular, how they work in the modern business environment. Therefore you will learn why and how networks are created, how they are maintained and how to tailor the same to individual needs. This program is quintessential for any IT technician.

Q:How can I make sure that the Microsoft network certification is accredited?

A:If you have any concerns that the program a college/school offering a Microsoft network program, you should visit the Microsoft website which contains details of how you can check whether or not the program is accredited. Unfortunately, there are people who pretend their course is accredited when it is not.

Q:What should I look for in a Cisco networking certification program?

A:The first thing you should look for is that the program is accredited by Cisco. Cisco offer a facility whereby you can check whether or not the program is accredited. If accredited, the program will cover all the main areas that you need to cover. The program should involve a considerable amount of practical experience and exposure to Cisco products.

Q:What is network certification?

A:This is a certification program which teaches students how computer/ IT networks are put together and work. Part of the course is also dedicated to how such networks can be upgraded or adapted in the future. You will look at various network systems such as Microsoft Windowns®, Linux® and Oracle®.

Q:Can you name some of the top network certifications?

A:The top networking certifications nowadays include the following: Cisco CCNA, CCVE (Cisco Certified Voice Professional), EMC Proven Professional Technology Architect, CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator), Novell CNE, and CompTia Network +. These certificate programs can help one bo0ost a career in the field of networking. You can earn certificate programs online or from campus based schools.

Q:What are the advantages of having computer network certificate?

A:Students can pursue a certificate of networking right after finishing high school. These certifications are available online as well as on-campus and can take about six months to complete. In these courses, students basically learn about design, set up, how to configure and maintain servers, troubleshoot networks and implement security measures. Among other courses the main focus is on helping students polish their management and leadership skills, give effective presentations, prepare reports, manage technical projects and develop innovative approaches for trouble shooting.

Q:I am already working as a network specialist, but I wish to enhance my career opportunities. Will Networking Certifications be of any help?

A:Yes, a certificate in networking will definitely prove to be beneficial for you career. A certificate will reflect your expertise in the field and will enable you to qualify for promotions. Apart for this, you will also be able to increase your knowledge in the field and improve your technical skills. Certificate programs can be earned online or through campus based schools.

Q:How long the computer networking certification generally takes to be completed?

A:Computer networking certifications are available at different levels. They are basic level certifications as well as advanced ones. The curriculum and the duration of these certifications vary but generally these can be completed within a few months. Those who have networking careers may need to get certifications to upgrade their knowledge and improve their market worth.

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