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Web Development is a field that involves creating and maintaining websites and network systems. Students in Web Development programs learn about software development and advanced computer programming as well as online security issues. Masters in Web Development is an advanced degree that can be completed in 2-3 years. This program is offered by both regular and online schools. Earning this advanced degree can help students to find the most lucrative career opportunities in IT.

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The field of web-development is the fastest developing field in this tech infested world right now. While there are many levels of higher education available in this field, masters in web development is the most advanced level. Of course the option of earning this degree online is also available. The eligibility for masters requires a bachelor's degree is the same discipline. Some of the subjects taught at this advanced level of web development are statistics and computer algorithms, Internet databases, online algorithms and data structures. Web network security and maintenance are also included in course work.

Masters Degree in Web Development
Web development is all about sharpening artistic skills and enhancing a knack for technology. This degree course teaches students how to bring these two qualities together and build a future out of them. Masters degree in web development is the most advanced level of this program and takes almost 2 to 3 years to complete. However, this duration may decrease or increase if the student chooses to take this course online and utilize the benefit of a flexible study schedule. Eligibility for this degree program requires a bachelor's degree in the same discipline and an above average GRE score. Some of the subjects included in this course are statistics, computer algorithms, Internet databases, online algorithms and data structures.

Students in masters degree in Web Development come to know about all areas of web operations. They learn to build and maintain websites. Also, they learn to repair websites and develop online data structures and web software applications. Some of the courses in masters in Web Development include statistics and computer algorithms. Internet databases, online algorithms and data structures and web network security are also included in this advanced degree.

Admission Requirement
To enroll in a master's degree in this field, students must have a bachelor's degree. They also have to submit GRE test score as well as their official transcripts. Other requirements for admission may vary by school.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Master’s Degree in Web Development?

The masters degree in Web Development is for those people who wish to polish their skills in the field of information technology and enhance their artistic capacity. Various universities in the U.S. such as, Lynn State University, University of Colorado, Robert Morris University and Illinoi State University etc. are offering a master’s degree in Web Development. A master’s degree in Web Development is considered as the most advanced level of education in the field and generally takes about 2 to 3 years to complete if the degree is taken on campus as full/part-time. The time span may increase or decrease for distant learners/online students.

What Are the Requirements to Complete a Master’s Degree in Web Development?

To be enrolled in a master’s degree in Web Development, having a bachelor’s degree (in the same or similar field) and an above average GRE score is a must. To complete a master’s degree in Web Development, students are required to complete course credits (which vary from one university to another) in addition to various projects, exams and assignments.

How Much Can I Make After Completing a Master’s Degree in Web Development?

A master’s degree in the Web Development provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue careers such as a systems administrator, a configuration manager, a technical architect and a web developer etc. In accordance with the data on the U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics website (2018), the average yearly median income of a web developer was $69,430 per year.


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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Explain briefly about a Master In Website Development degree?

A:A masters degree in website development is a graduate level degree program offered by a number of universities. The program aims at preparing students to become professional web developers. The curriculum comprises of a number of advanced level courses and practical courses. Students learn how to apply the best software applications in business areas and develop a range of skills in the field. Courses such as network design, data communications, systems software, and management practices are a part of the program.

Q:What kind of careers can I expect after a Master in Internet and Website Development degree?

A:Some of the career titles involved with a Master in Internet and Website Development degree are Systems Administrator, Configuration Manager, Technical Architect, Web developer. Web developing was named as one of the best jobs in 2012 by U.S. News and World Report as it has the fastest growth rates among all occupations in the US with job openings to grow by 53 percent in the next ten years.

Q:What are the enrollment requirements of a masters degree web development?

A:Masters in Web Development is a highly advanced degree requires about 2-3 years for completion. However, for online students, completion period may vary. The enrollment criterion for this degree requires students to have a bachelor's degree. Students will also have to submit an above average GRE test score along with their official transcripts. Remember, that earning this degree opens up some of the most lucrative career opportunities in IT.

Q:Could you tell me about the curriculum of masters web development?

A:As is obvious from the name, this degree is all about the web so students learn to explore all areas of the web, learn how to build, repair and maintain websites, develop online data structures and web software applications. Since this is a highly advanced web development program, it also includes statistics, internet databases, online algorithms and data structures as well as web network security.

Q:If I go for MS web development course can you tell what will the program cover?

A:MS web development course gives an in depth study of IT fundamentals, advanced programming skills and web design understanding. Apart from web design and development the course deals with all areas of internet functioning. From learning to build a website, maintaining online data to computer security all topics are covered that prepare the applicants to handle the challenging jobs in the practical field.

Q:Can you tell me if there are any web development masters classes offered in the evening as I cannot afford to leave my day job?

A:A master's degree is generally pursued by those already in the field who want to further their growth. Hence the evening classes are specially designed to make it more convenient for them to go for their studies without disturbing their day schedules. Many institutes and colleges offer web development masters classes in the evening for this very purpose so you can easily find appropriate classes that suit your schedule. Apart from that you can also opt for online studies.

Q:I am waiting for my previous degree results while the time to apply for web development masters degree is running out, can you tell me what to do?

A:It is advisable to apply for the web development masters degree even if you are awaiting the results of your previous degree course as time is precious. Colleges and institutes consider applications sent promptly and can comprehend the genuine issue but without an application you will be nowhere and would not have the opportunity to even present your case to them.

Q:An online masters web development course lists corporate and brand identity as one on its subjects, can you brief me about it?

A:An online masters web development course can cover subjects dealing with web design and online communication. Corporate and brand identity on the web is an important subject as most of the companies want a strong online presence that helps them in brand identification and marketing. This subject will cover visual communication, design layouts, logo development and such visual techniques that speak for the company being represented.

Q:Do I only need a bachelor's degree for web development masters programs?

A:All schools require applicants who are applying for a master's program to have an undergraduate degree. In addition to this schools may also require letters of recommendation, writing samples, personal essays and standardized test scores. However you should check with the school you are applying to as to be sure of their requirements.

Q:I have been working in IT for some years without any formal qualification in the field. I wish to apply for a masters degree in web development as I wish to specialize web development. May I do so?

A:You will have to speak to your preferred college(s) to see if they would accept you, based on your academic qualifications. Your experience in IT may count towards applying for this web development program. The program will cover advanced techniques in the development of website and portals as well as look at e-commerce and search engine optimization.

Q:I wish to undertake a master in web development program. Do I have to hold a bachelor qualification in this field?

A:No, you do not, you can hold a bachelor qualification in most fields but it will probably help you if you have a background in the computer sciences it will help you understand some of the concepts you will learn on a web development program. If you are new to this field, an introductory course may help you.

Q:What core courses will I get to study in a masters in web development degree?

A:A master's degree in web development comprises of numerous courses and subjects. These cover all areas of the field and equip students with in depth knowledge. Some of the core courses studies in this program include telecommunications and networking, client server systems,, IT strategy and policy, advanced information systems, digital commerce, operating systems, website construction and management, and computer simulation.

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