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Associate in Internet and Website Development


Internet and Website Development involves the use of web authoring tools to create web pages and designing of websites for various purposes. The field incorporates various methods and techniques of web designing and software development.
Coursework and Program Structure

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Associate of Internet and Website Development is a two-year program. Students are required to complete 60 credit hours to graduate. The program is an amalgam of courses which focus on the basic principles of web development combined with different forms of designing and management.
The coursework starts with general internet and web designing along with its practical application. Some of the courses that students are expected to undertake include installation and maintenance of computer networks, software and hardware troubleshooting, creation of java applications, application or web development and managing database. At the end of the program a student is expected to develop a portfolio.
Admission Criteria
Those seeking admission in the associate program for Internet and Web Designing are expected to have completed a high school diploma, but not all institutes have this requirement. Some practical work and basic knowledge of Internet is mandatory and beneficial.
Career Outlook
Associate of Internet and Website Development can get you an entry-level position as a content designer, web page designer, and flash designer. Private companies, marketing and advertisement companies, newspapers and magazines usually require web designers and developers. Average salary for those who have an associate degree in Internet and Web Designing is around $30,000. The degree is an excellent option for those who are interested in freelancing for universities and other marketing employers.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the duration of the Associate in Internet and Website Development?

A:The Associate In Internet And Website Development is a sought after degree which can be completed in two years in a regular campus based institute. Students interested in completing the degree in more or less than two year's time span, can get enrolled in the online program and complete the degree at a pace of their own. Students get to make their own schedules in online degrees.

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