Technology Management Certification

The field of technology management combines two of the fastest growing fields on the planet: technology and business administration, or management. This field revolves around effectively managing resources and personnel to come up with innovative solutions to various problems faced by people around the world. It also focuses on maintaining and improving existing technologies. Professionals in the field of technology management are responsible for completing a project within a given budget and timeframe in addition to strategic planning, logistics and quality control. Excellent communication skills are an absolute must, since technology managers deal with everyone from company directors to assembly line workers.

Technology Management Certification
Technology management is a recognized and in-demand area of specialization. With the increase in the level of usage of technology throughout the globe, there is a rise in the demand of professionals who can manage technology in an effective and an efficient manner. Candidates enrolled in the bachelor or the master's programs for technology management stand eligible to apply for Technology Management Certification programs. These programs provide students competitive edge and show their commitment to their profession. Here are the names of some of the common technology management certification programs: The Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE), CEG, CMS, CTM, and CTP.

About the Degree
A number of colleges offer certificates in technology management, with entry requirements normally being a bachelor’s degree in a related field. A certificate of technology management (CTM) is based on an interdisciplinary approach to technology and business management, and includes courses such as accounting, economics, statistics, data analysis and report preparation and presentation. It also includes performance analysis, productivity improvement, risk management and leadership. A variety of technology based courses such as communications, computer science, systems engineering and network management are also included and allow for a highly specialized certificate.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the contents of the course on College Algebra in the Certificate in Technology Management?

A:The Certificate in Technology Management degree program has dedicated course on College Algebra. This course is worth 2 credits in total and is structured to provide students with substantial understanding of the basic levels of concepts that are needed in understanding algebra for the college level, taught all over the United States.

Q:Can you name a few of the courses I will have to study in a Technology Management Certification program?

A:A technology management certificate program focuses on teaching students about effective use of technology in organizations. The program falls in the category of non-degree programs and entails the following main courses: performance improvement of resources, change management, strategy and organizations, technological innovation, dynamics of disruption and learning, organizational culture, technology choice, and project management.

Q:In a Technology Management Certificate, what kind of basic subjects will I have to study?

A:Technology certificate programs are short courses that are geared towards covering the technological aspects of a firm. Students enrolled in this program encounter a number of basic and advanced subjects such as the following: collaborative product development, entrepreneurial behavior, legal issues in technology transfer, operations strategy transfer, electronic commerce, public policy, entrepreneurial finance, and sustainability strategies.

Q:What types of Technology Management Certification programs are available in the U.S.?

A:Management is a fast growing field that is being offered as an academic principle at all levels of post-secondary education. There are a number of recognized institutes that are offering management certificate programs in the US. You can easily search for such institutes online, or even go through page for information.

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