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Degree Completion in Technology Management

Overview of Field
Degree completion of technology management prepares graduates to work as leaders of technology in industry and government. Degree completion of technology management recognizes that technology is a broad area but it is possible to provide students with skills that may generally be applicable to many sectors.

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Structure and duration of the degree program
Degree completion of technology management generally involves four years of full time study. The curriculum is quite demanding and includes a large set of compulsory courses. As such there is little room for electives and experimentation. But the focus is conceptual and thus students are able to apply the same skills to a broad range of careers.

Highlights of the coursework
The degree completion of technology management involves coursework in programming, decision analysis, organizational behavior, statistics and managing research and development. The coursework emphasizes quantitative problem sets as well as case studies that prepare students for many aspects of decision making. The coursework generally culminates in one final project in which students delve deeply into one technology area. Such projects are generally sponsored by industry.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements
Admission into degree completion of technology management generally involves presenting a high school transcript. Applicants are expected to have sufficient background in mathematics and laboratory sciences. Students graduate by maintaining a passing grade in all relevant courses.

Career prospects and average salary
 Those with degree completion of technology management command high starting salaries of over $50,000 a year.  The training in management results in strong growth opportunities.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which courses are taught in the Bachelors of Technology Management degree?

A:The key idea behind Technology Management courses is to equip students with the latest and conventional technology based knowledge that can be applied in the practical field to achieve the desired business goals. The core courses included in these programs are technology and law, computer networks, web technologies, data networks and internet and client server applications. The courses taught in these programs are dependent on the degree level and the area of specialization as well. Apart from theoretical knowledge, practical lab sessions are a crucial part of these courses. Students have the option of getting enrolled in online or campus based programs in Technology Management.

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