Masters in Computer Science

Computer Science Masters Degree
A Masters in Computer Sciences is a post-graduate degree designed to specialize in a particular course from the graduate level courses, suitable for students with a diverse academic background. Computer science masters degree is a popular graduate program that attracts hundreds of students each year. This program is an advanced level program that can only be opted for after completion of a bachelor degree. Computer science master's degree aims at equipping students with in depth knowledge of computer systems and information technology.In this graduate program, a few topics are theory based such as design and implementation, programming and computer languages, information technology, database management, and networking fundamentals. Apart from these, there are also a number of practical training courses that must also be completed. The program usually has duration of two years.

Structure and duration of the degree program
A Masters in Computer Science program spans over two years and provides a foundation as well as specialization in Enterprise Resource planning, Multimedia and Software Engineering. The degree is designed for students with a computer science background and is structured by the particular university according to its discipline.

Highlights of the course work
The coursework is designed for theoretical and professional training in computer sciences. Major courses in the degree include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Communications and Networking
  • Databases
  • Software Engineering
  • Computational Methods
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Computer graphics

However, every university has its own varied coursework in addition to the major courses.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements
Getting admission in a Masters in Computer Science program requires a relevant background in Computer Sciences. Universities require under graduate courses in the line of programming languages, data structures, software design and computer programming.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the program structure for Master in Computer Science?

A:The program structure for the Masters in Computer Sciences include: Artificial Intelligence Communications and Networking Databases Software Engineering Computational Methods Computer Architecture Computational Linguistics Computer graphics

Q:What are the career opportunities of pursuing a master in computer science?

A:A Masters in Computer Science is a multi-purpose degree that can allow you professional careers such as becoming a web engineer, system engineer, IT project manager, systems specialist, IT consultant, data warehouse consultant and many other fields.

Q:Which body accredits online PhD In Computer Science and online masters degree?

A:Online PhD in computer science and masters degree in computer science degree programs are accredited by the DETC (Distance education training council). DETC is a accrediting body that regulates and accredits all online degree programs. They ensure online education standards are being met and that students receive the best quality education through online colleges.

Q:What are the prerequisites for computer science masters?

A:The prerequisites for a master's in computer science will depend on which school you want to go to. Generally speaking you will need a four years bachelor's degree to enroll into a master's program. Some schools also want candidates to have some sort of experience of working in the relevant field.

Q:Who should write my letters of recommendation for computer science masters programs?

A:The answer to this depends on which school you are applying to. Generally most schools want your previous instructors to write your letter of recommendation but some schools which attach a significant importance to work experience may also accept letter of recommendation from your employers. In addition to this some schools also require a personal essay.

Q:How long will it take me to complete a master of science in computer science?

A:A Master of Science degree in computer science program will usually take around two years to complete. Students encounter basic level courses in the first few semesters, and undergo a study of more advanced topics in the last year of the program. This is a graduate level program and can only be opted for after completion of a bachelor level degree.

Q:Are the subjects studied for a masters computer science degree and computer engineering almost the same?

A:Both topics are closely related but it cannot be said that the subjects for a masters computer science degree and computer engineering are the same. The two are categorically different topics with computer science related to technological advancements and computer engineering centered on building the technology. It can be observed that there is a close connection between the two therefore some subjects are common in both the courses like that of software engineering, computer hardware, networking, database management, operating systems and programming languages.

Q:Is it more important to have a master degree computer science or to have experience in the field to get a good job?

A:Importance of a masters degree computer science has its own significance while gaining practical experience is equally important. Today for senior roles certain duration of experience is required and on the other hand people on senior level opt to go for certifications and further studies to grow their career. A masters degree has its own advantages as most organizations would consider those people at senior level whose qualifications are better otherwise one has to accumulate a lot of experience to prove that he/she can deliver.

Q:I am working currently and want to take up masters degree in computer science, will it be possible to handle both?

A:Online masters degree in computer science is the answer for you. There are many colleges and universities that offer such courses and degree for those who cannot attend regular college. You need to search the desired program and meet the prerequisites. Generally the e-learning methodology is flexible allowing you the convenience to study in the manner that suits you. However there are certain criteria's like assignments and online interaction that requires you to follow the proceedings.

Q:If I enroll in a masters of computer science program, what main areas of study will I encounter?

A:A master's degree in computer science is a graduate program that is being offered by many campus universities and online schools. The curriculum entails a number of basic and advanced courses that students must study. Some topics include the following: computer architecture, operating systems, network security, computer networking, foundations of computer science, design and analysis of computer networks, programming, and algorithms.

Q:Is an online computer science masters degree, the same as traditional degree?

A:As far as is reasonably possible, online degree programs mirror traditional classroom-based programs. In that the content is almost the same, save for modification to allow it to be taught online. Most students and future employers will not normally be able to tell the difference when considering graduates for employment opportunities.

Q:I am considering one of the online computer science masters programs but do not have any formal education. I have worked in the industry for a number of years. May I still apply?

A:Different colleges have different criteria for considering applications. Many would insist that a student has at least a High School Diploma, but, similarly, others would consider vocational experience when considering application. We suggest that you contact your preferred college(s) and speak to the person responsible for admissions for the program to gauge his/her opinion.

Q:Can you give a brief overview of an online masters computer science program?

A:An online masters computer science program is a graduate level course that is offered by a number of accredited online schools. The core aim of the program is to provide students with a knowledge regarding computer science as a discipline. Students undergo a comprehensive study of related topics such as AI and application, computer systems, and theoretical foundations.

Q:Is it important to have a bachelor degree before applying for Online Masters Degree Programs In Computer Science programs?

A:An Online Masters Degree Program in Computer Science is a graduate program that can only be pursued after completion of a bachelor degree. So yes, it is important that you earn bachelor level qualifications in a related field of study before considering the option of master's degree. You will also have to maintain a satisfactory CGPA score or GRE score before applying.

Q:Can you tell me about computer science masters degree requirements?

A:Generally speaking schools would require applicants to have a bachelor's degree at the minimum. In addition to this, schools may also require letters of recommendation, work experience and good standardized test scores. In order to be sure you should check the requirements of the school you plan to apply to.

Q:Could you tell me about the admission requirements for masters in computer science?

A:Enrollment in a Masters in Computer Science program requires a bachelors degree in the same field or an undergraduate courses along the lines of programming languages, data structures, software design and computer programming. This degree takes about two years for completion unless it is being pursued online. Students specialize in Enterprise Resource planning, Multimedia and Software Engineering during the course of this degree.

Q:Can you give me information on masters in computer science?

A:Masters in computer science is an advanced degree that can be completed in a period of two years. To apply for it you need to have a bachelor's degree in the relevant field as that ensures that you have a background understanding of computer science. The subjects you will study can include programming, computer languages, networking basic and data management.

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