Bachelors in Information Systems

Information systems are one of the key driving forces of organizations today. IS comprises of software and hardware used to collect, filter, manage, process, and distribute data. It is integral to organizations running as it provides the framework for information transfer internally and externally. Information systems are becoming a popular field of study and are widely pursued by individuals across the nation.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems
Bachelor of Science in computer information systems is a four year undergraduate program. It is categorized as undergraduate studies and can opted for only after completion of high school. The program has duration of four years. The key objective of a bachelor of science in computer information systems is to teach students how to apply computer solutions through hardware,software, and programming tools. Students undergo a thorough study of fundamental courses such as computer graphics, designing, computer architecture, web tools, computer programming, networking, and systems security. These courses are taught through classroom lectures as well as through practical lab sessions. With specialization in information systems, the program lays more emphasis in this area during the last two semesters. For those who can't attend classes, there is always the option of enrolling in online Bachelor of Science in computer information systems. The main accrediting board for his program is the Higher Education Commission.

Bachelors in information systems
A bachelor in information systems degree is an undergraduate program that is geared towards equipping students with in depth knowledge of this field. Students enrolled in this program are taught how to design, build, and implement various software solutions for business organizations. Bachelors information systems program comprise of various theoretical topics that help students develop a basic understanding of the topic. The field of information systems requires technical expertise which is taught to students through interactive lab sessions and training classes. A bachelor degree in this field can also be earned online through accredited online schools.

Bachelors in information systems program content
Bachelor of information systems program is divided into a number of topics that students are required to study throughout the duration. These can be further sub categorized into introduction courses, advanced courses, and concentration courses. Within a bachelor degree in information systems, students are required to choose an area for concentration. A few options for specialization have been listed below:

  • Networking
  • Programming
  • Security administration
  • IT project management
  • Cyber security management
  • Computer security
  • Enterprise data management
  • Homeland security and information systems
  • Learning goals of bachelor degree in information systems
Bachelor of Science in information systems is aimed at providing students with the skill and knowledge to be able to:
  • Apply project management skills
  • Design and implement software solutions in a business context
  • Apply information of latest technology in information systems discipline
  • Analyze common networks and prevent security lapse
Career prospects
A bachelor degree in information systems prepares students for a number of entry level jobs in the business sector. A few popular IS jobs include web administrators, information systems technician, business intelligence analyst, document management specialist, data warehousing specialist, and software develop.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Is there a B.S. in Computer Information Systems Strayer University Manassas VA program?

A:Yes. The Strayer University located in Manassas Virginia does offer the Bachelor of Sciences in Information Systems. It is a four year program and is offered with various areas of specialization at the Strayer University. These concentration areas include: Web Development Concentration, Computer Security Concentration, Programming Concentration, Internetwork Technology Concentration, Security Admin Concentration, Networking Concentration, and Database Management Concentration.

Q:Do employers prefer employees with a bachelor of computer information systems, or someone who has had more vocation training or having passed a certification program?

A:Not all employers have the same requirements from their employees and have differing attitudes. For instance it is common, in the IT industry, for people to have few qualifications but to be really successful, such as Bill Gates. Such employers do not put too much emphasis on academic qualifications, but, moreover, on skills and the ability to apply the skills to the job

Q:Where can I get more information on the bachelor of information systems programs?

A:This website will provide you with all the relevant information and you can request further information from the college through our site too. If you wish, you can also visit your preferred college(s) website as some colleges provide the information online. So, with our website, you can be as active or proactive as you want.

Q:Are the pre-requisites for admission to the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems at all the colleges above the same?

A:Different colleges have different entrance requirements. All programs will want students to have obtained, as a minimum, a High School Diploma. Thereafter, colleges have different SAT/ACT requirements, some like to interview, others may put emphasis on your out-of-school activities. It is suggested that you contact each college and ask whomsoever is responsible for admissions for their opinion.

Q:Can anyone undertake a bachelor degree in information systems? Or do you need to have some pre-requisite knowledge?

A:It will help you if you have a basic understanding of how computer systems work and how to operate a the basic functions of a computer. If you do not, it may be prudent for you to undertake some basic computer course(s) which will equip you with some basic knowledge.

Q:What are the career prospects of computer information systems bachelor?

A:A bachelor degree in information systems opens up a vast array of entry level jobs in the business sector. Students can start off their career as web administrators, information systems technicians, business intelligence analyst, document management specialist, data warehousing specialist, and software developers. This is one of the fastest growing fields so employment and advancement opportunities are abundant.

Q:Can I pursue information systems bachelor online?

A:Yes you can definitely pursue an information systems bachelor degree online. In fact there are numerous advantages of an online education. Studying online will mean that you do not have to bother about showing up for classes according to a certain schedule and study when it is more convenient for you.

Q:What are the entry requirements for bachelors in information systems?

A:If you want to go for a bachelors in information system degree you will be required to at least have a high school diploma or GED. Schools also look for letter of recommendation written by your instructors, writing sample and personal essays. Having a high score in a standardized test such as ACT or SAT will also help.

Q:Bachelors in information technology security systems can be earned in how many years?

A:The duration of a bachelor degree in technology systems is typically four years. Most institutes are offering four year programs. However, you can also earn the degree in less than four years if you opt for an accelerated degree track. Search further on our page for more information about bachelors in information technology security systems.

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