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Associate Degree in Information Systems

Computer information systems
Computer information systems can be found in numerous business organizations today. This field comprises of major software and hardware components used for information processing and transfer. Information systems are critical to an organizations running, with many important business activities dependent upon this technology. Information systems as a field of study are being pursued by a large number of students.

Computer information systems associate degree
A computer information systems associate degree is one of the most basic and primary levels of qualifications. It is offered by a number of information technology schools in the nation; this program is also being offered online by many online accredited schools. The core aim of an associate degree is to provide students with a strong basis of knowledge.

Program overview
Associates degree computer information systems helps students acquire in depth understanding of fundamental IS concepts. Students enrolled in these programs develop abilities to design, implement, conceptualize, and create information systems for business organizations. They learn how to use various information systems tools that are used in the field.

The program comprises of a number of theoretical courses and practical training courses. These are geared towards equipping students with complete theory based information as well as hands on experience in practical application of IS solutions. Mentioned below are a few important topics studied in an associates in computer information systems degree:

  • Program development
  • Computer forensics
  • Linux programming
  • Database development
  • Internet technology
  • Network security
Program completion requirements
To successfully complete an associate's degree in computer information systems, students must complete the total number of credit hours. These typically range between 60 and 90 and depend upon the institution. An associate's degree can be pursued after completion of high school education.

Career options
Jobs that can be pursued with an associate in computer information systems are at entry level. Individuals can apply for jobs in almost any sector of the economy, ranging from banking firms to manufacturing firms, and from communication firms to retail businesses. Most common information systems job positions include web designers, information manager, data warehousing manager, network administrator, information systems technician, and software developer.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:My search for Associate in Information Systems mentioned distance learning programs. Why are these so popular?

A:Distance learning programs would be mentioned when searching for Associate in Information Systems. The main reason for their popularity is that these educational programs are convenient and allow students to be employed at the same time. As these programs are online, students do not have to attend any classes and are required to study on their own. The syllabus for these programs is comprehensive and discusses every topic in detail. And the biggest reason for their popularity is that these programs allow students to save money as there is no travel and living expenses involved.

Q:What kind of associate in information systems jobs can I expect to be hired for after completing the respective degree?

A:As the role of information technology in shaping our world today is monumental, there are a wide variety of job options that you will have once you have an associate degree in this field in your hand. For instance, you can expect to work as an information technology system administrator where you will have to maintain the smooth functioning of the installed hardware as well as the software that are running on them.

Q:How long does it take to complete an associate information systems developer?

A:In order to complete an associate's degree in information systems developer, you will generally require two years. However, the duration can vary, depending on the institute, as well as the mode of education. Online programs can vary in duration, as they allow students to complete a program earlier or later than the standard duration.

Q:Which bachelor's or associate degree in information systems would be best to work as an IT manger?

A:To work as a computer and information system mangers students will need a minimum bachelor's degree in computer systems or information system. There are a number of institutes that offer the bachelor's degree online and on-campus. IT systems managers annual median wage in 2012 was $120,950 while the expected job growth from 2012-2022 is 15%.

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