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Associate in Computer Science

Students can pursue a number of career paths by earning an associate of computer science degree. These degree programs help students to learn about hardware, software, statistics, operating systems and several other concepts related to computer science. There is a high demand for computer scientists in various industries. The growing demand for these professionals makes this field highly rewarding for students who hold this degree. Earning an associate of computer science degree enables students to find a wide range of entry level jobs within the IT sector.

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The Scope of Associate of Computer Science Degree Program

Associate of computer science degrees can be earned in 2 years. Students can go for bachelor's degree program in this discipline once they earn this academic qualification. There are a number of subjects covered in associate of computer science degree programs including:

  • Computer Studies
  • Computer Information Science
  • Statistics
  • Languages
  • Operating Systems
  • Networks
  • Software Applications
  • Physics
  • Computer Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Network Management
  • Computer Architecture

 Eligibility Criteria

Students need to have a high school diploma or GED to enroll in the associate of computer science degree programs. General aptitude in computer science is also a plus to get into this academic training.


Earning associate of computer science degrees helps students to find entry level jobs in:

  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Banks
  • Telecommunication sector

Associate of computer science degree holders can work as:

  • Database Administrators
  • Help Desk Analysts
  • Software Testers
  • Datacom Analysts

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What courses will I be required to attempt with the Associate in Computer Science qualification?

A:Students interested in the Associate in Computer Science will e required to attempt a number of courses. Some of these courses are Visual Programming, Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming, Database Management Systems and Java. There is a lot of potential as students with this qualification can find themselves employed as Computer Programmers, System Analysts and Computer Support Professionals.

Q:Can you tell me about associate program in computer science Chicago?

A:Associate degrees in computer science are two year undergraduate courses. Computer science associate degree programs are designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the field. These are offered at a number of popular computer colleges in Chicago. Students must have a high school degree to be eligible for associate level degrees.

Q:What are some of the subjects covered in an associate in computer science degree?

A:An associate degree in computer science is a program that focuses on fundamental concepts and theories. Students who are new to this field can gain a better understanding of what computer science is all about. Here are a few subjects covered in this program: theory of computation, operating systems, calculus, data structures, computer architecture, and algorithms.

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