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Importance of Networking
Networking technology has become an integral part of business activities. Many organizations and firms incorporate networking into their business operations and production. The increasing role of web marketing, online retail, and online banking has led to spike in the demand for networking professionals.

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Bachelors in Computer Networking
The Bachelors in Computer Networking is a four year undergraduate program which offers comprehensive theoretical knowledge in the area of computer networking. Students can avail this degree in a campus based school or an online institute. Those getting enrolled in the online bachelors in computer networking can take as long as they see fit to complete the degree. In both the cases, students have complete two sets of courses – core and electives. Core courses includes introductory information on topics like computer studies, business administration, marketing, communications and others whereas the elective courses are those which focus on the area of specialization such as networking operations, system administration, and database management.

Computer Networking Bachelors Degree is a sought after undergraduate program. It provides specialized education to students seeking careers in computer networking. The degree can be opted in traditional campus-based school(s) and/or in distant learning program(s). Typically, it takes four years to complete the computer networking bachelors degree. However, it can be completed in less than four years' span if opted in the online program. Completing the degree will teach you different computer programs, maintaining a network, and securing the network from virus threats. The degree provides an insight to the programming of computers and teaches students to fight the evolving viral threats so that the network is fully secured.

Bachelor degree in networking is a population degree option pursued by many students. It is an undergraduate level qualification that usually has a duration of four years. The program is offered by a number of networking schools and online schools. The core aim of the computer networking bachelor degree is to provide students with a thorough understanding of networking.

Program details
A bachelor degree in networking or a network administrator bachelor degree comprises of a number of theoretical concepts that are studied in detail. These provide students with a strong foundation of knowledge. On the other hand, apart from just the theoretical classroom work, the program also equips students with practical skills needed for networking careers. Students understand how to apply networking models to real life business frameworks. The four year programs covers numerous topics, a few have been listed below:

  • Linux operating systems
  • Networking basics
  • Information systems
  • Network administration
  • Computer forensic practices
  • Database management
  • Network trouble shooting
  • Degree requirements

To earn a bachelor's degree in networking, students must fulfill the following degree requirements: attain the required number of credit hours (124-130 hours), complete all semester projects to satisfactory standards, and clear all necessary examinations. The degree requirements may vary slightly depending upon the institution and state. Career prospects
With a bachelor degree in networking, individuals can apply for a number of rewarding networking jobs in the field. Bachelor degree qualifications prepare students for jobs at entry level. A few popular networking jobs have been listed below along with the average salary:

  • Network administrator $31,000
  • Network systems engineer $40,000
  • Networks service technician $24,000
  • Network information systems manager $115,000
  • Network programmer analyst $76,000

These mentioned salary figures include profit and bonuses. There may be slight variations in the income; these are caused by factors such as previous work experience and certifications.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Bachelor in Networking?

A number of schools, like the Michigan Tech and the Florida State College at Jacksonville, are offering a bachelor's degree in Networking. Students can enroll in a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications degree, or a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Network and System Administration. These degrees take 4 years each to complete. These programs train individuals for some of today’s most exciting careers in network administration, cyber security and network design.

What Are the Requirements to Complete a Bachelor in Networking?

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications have to complete around 124 credits. They have to study modules like Enterprise Systems Integration, Information Security Management, Enterprise Network Management, Service Support Management and Hardware Configuration. Students have to earn a C grade or higher in each course, in order to graduate from this program, in case of most universities.

How Much Can I Make after Completing a Bachelor in Networking?

After completing a Bachelor in Networking, graduates can work as Computer Network Support Specialists, Computer Security Specialists, Network Administrators and Systems Analysts. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Computer Network Support Specialists earned an annual mean pay of $68,050 and a mean hourly wage of $32.72 in 2018. Thus, this line of work offers rewarding opportunities to graduates.


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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the shortest time to complete the Networking bachelor programs?

A:The Networking Bachelor Programs are generally for four years when opted in traditional campus based schools. However, students interested in completing the degree in less than four years can get enrolled in the online program and take as much time as they want to complete the degree. Online programs offer a great deal of flexibility and the completion duration of these programs depend on the students themselves.

Q:Is a bachelor degree in computer networking a better option than a certification?

A:The answer to this question will depend on your career aspirations and personal preferences. A bachelor degree is a very good option for those who are looking for entry level jobs in the information technology sector. However a certification program also has its own advantages like being more economical and having a shorter duration.

Q:Can anyone undertake a bachelor degree in networking? Or do you need to have detailed knowledge of how networks work?

A:Most IT based programs will require you to have some basic knowledge of how computer systems work. In particular, it will help you to know what a computer network is and how they work in principle. If need be, it may help you to undertake some basic computer courses that will help you find your way around a computer.

Q:Can you tell me what a degree of bachelors in computer networking can prepare me for?

A:A bachelors in computer networking aims to provide the technical know-how of IT processes that will help you meet the growing challenges this field demands. It deals with various network topics, providing an understanding of the hardware components, database connectivity and network issues that arise. In addition to see this, the program also deals with setting up networks and maintaining their efficient working.

Q:What are the general admission requirements for a BS In Networking degree program?

A:A Bachelor of Science degree in networking is an undergraduate program and is one of the most popularly pursued academic areas. The general admission requirements usually include the following: Completion of high school education, minimum CGPA 2.5, minimum C+ grade in all computer related courses, and a few letters of recommendation.

Q:What actually is BS networking?

A:BS in networking is actually just short for Bachelors in Computer Networking. It is a four year undergraduate program offering in depth theoretical knowledge of computer networking. This degree is offered on-campus as well as online. During this 4 year span of time, students are expected to complete two levels of courses. The first part s called the core and offers introductory information on computer studies, business administration, marketing and communication among others. The second part is called elective and focuses on specialized topics in networking operations, system administration, and database management.

Q:How do I choose the best networking bachelor degree for me?

A:This is a very subjective question. For some students they place importance on the content of the program, that is which subjects are on offer; for others it is the cost of the program; some put preference on the location or the faculty. In any event, you should only consider those programs that have been accredited.

Q:What kind of federal aid programs can I apply for to fund my Bachelors in Networking degree?

A:Rising costs have definitely taken a toll on the costs of education. Many students find it hard to cover their expenses and fulfill their academic goals. But thanks to federal aid, covering costs are no more a serious issue. If you are looking for monetary assistance for your bachelor level program, you can apply for a number of federal aid programs such as the following: student loans, work-study programs, scholarships, and grants.

Q:Can you tell me about the Computer Networking Bachelors Degree curriculum?

A:A bachelor's degree in computer networking is a designed to prepare undergraduate students for networking careers. The program has a four year duration and comprises of a number of courses. In this program, students encounter important subjects such as networking fundamentals, wireless networking and security, operating system, cisco designs, and server administration. Most of the courses are practice based.

Q:To get bachelor networking jobs, what kinds of subjects are studied for a networking major?

A:A bachelor degree in networking is a four year program which covers a number of theoretical topics that are taught in detail and that include networking basics, Linux operating systems, information systems, network administration, computer forensics practices, database management, and network trouble shooting among many others. With the knowledge gained from these courses, students learn how to apply networking models to real life business frameworks.

Q:What can be the possible benefits of going for an online BS in advanced networking?

A:There are a number of benefits that you can avail from an online BS in advanced networking. Online programs offer a lot of flexibility and also save the time and cost spent in travelling to the campus for acquiring education. Besides, you can learn at your own pace and at the time most suitable for you. It is also a very good option for those who want to acquire further education, without giving up their job and leaving the family responsibilities.

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