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To create a new product and execute it flawlessly requires a business to continuously strive towards minimizing any variations in the process of creating that new product or service. One of the primary goals of the Six Sigma philosophy is to fulfill the above objective as well as to meet the expectations of the customer and to use the customer feedback for improving future quality standards. An MBA in Six Sigma opens the doors to a lucrative career for individuals as it is a much sought after qualification in today's competitive business environment.

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The Processc
MBA in Six Sigma is not a separate degree per se. Presently, there are no degrees in Six Sigma alone so students who wish to obtain a Six Sigma certification must enroll in a master's degree program such as quality systems management, engineering management or statistics and analysis. The master's degree is not limited to these fields alone and students can also pursue a master's degree in fields such as health care, financial services, information technology and so forth. An important thing to bear in mind, regardless of any degree that one wishes to pursue, is that students should familiarize themselves with coursework that utilizes the Six Sigma process. The Six Sigma process basically teaches students the skills to effectively define, analyze, measure, improve and control a firm's manufacturing process or business transactions.

One a student has successfully completed his advanced studies, he may apply for a Six Sigma certification. There are many specialized schools in the US that provide the necessary training to obtain the certification and many even have programs online to help the students achieve their MBA in Six Sigma requirements online. Once a person has achieved full Six Sigma training, by doing an MBA in Six Sigma for instance, he or she is referred to as a black belt. A black belt is the highest award in the Six Sigma certification. The black belt is usually awarded on the basis of the number of exams a person is able to pass successfully, with a general score of 70% or more.

Moreover, to earn a black belt, a person is also required to write an effective business plan that makes use of the Six Sigma principles that help the organization in achieving financial prosperity. After obtaining a black belt, a person may work full time on process improvement projects while someone with a green or yellow belt may not be as actively involved in the process.

Work environment
Industrial production managers, who are responsible for carrying out quality control program to ensure the finished product meets the quality standards, are among the people who pursue an MBA in Six Sigma. The degree allows them to successfully identify any anomalies in the product, identify the cause of the defects and solve the problem. An industrial manager with a MBA in Six Sigma is able to work well with the managers of other departments such as the procuring, sales, warehousing and research and design departments.

Job outlook and pay
According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of industrial production managers is expected to grow by 9 per cent from 2010 to 2020 and the median annual wage of industrial production managers was $87,160 in May 2010.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:My search for six sigma MBA degrees mentioned a course in Multinational Corporate Environment. What is the premise of this course?

A:Course on Multinational Corporate Environment would be mentioned when searching for six sigma MBA degrees. This course deals as a survey on political, social and economic aspects of relationships between nations. Students with the help of this course get an opportunity to learn about the effects of these relationships on global organizations. It is recommended that students interested are advised to check our website for an extensive list of online institutions.

Q:How can I benefit from an online six sigma MBA?

A:You can avail several benefits by going for an online six sigma MBA. Online programs are a lot more convenient and flexible, when compared to the traditional on campus programs. You get the opportunity to study at your own pace and prepare your own schedule. Besides, online programs normally have lesser tuition fees, and are cost effective as there are no travelling, textbooks, or hostel accommodation costs.

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