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Six Sigma Careers

Earning certifications in Six Sigma can lead individuals to challenging careers. Whether you wish to step into a managerial position or are interested in pursuing a career as a management consultant, Six Sigma certifications can make u become eligible for a variety of jobs. Many professionals pursue these certifications to give a significant boost to their career.

Jobs for Six Sigma Professionals
Six Sigma professionals can work as:

  • Consultants
  • Project mangers
  • Mechanical design engineers
  • Industrial engineers
  • Manufacturing process engineers

The salary of Six Sigma professionals depends on their level of certification. The work experience of these professionals also influences their salary level. O*NET reports that related six sigma professionals such as statisticians have a median wage of $75,560 annually as of 2012.

Six Sigma Popular Training Programs
There are a number of trainings programs that allow students to establish careers as Six Sigma professionals. These include:

  • Six Sigma green belt certification
  • Six Sigma black belt certification

The choice of a certification program depends of the career aspirations of an individual. Also, the experience and prior certifications help to determine the kind of certification program one can enroll in. These certification programs are also offered by online institutes other than the campus based colleges. Individuals who have a good understanding of computers and mathematics can benefit more from these trainings.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
This is a popular Six Sigma certification. It includes various concepts such as the DMAIC methodologies namely:

  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyze
  • Improve
  • Control

This program focuses on imparting six sigma problem solving techniques with the help of statistical data. Students learn how to improve quality standards using the principles of Six Sigma. Some of the courses in this training program are:

  • Statistical analysis
  • Measurement techniques
  • Team building
  • Data collection
  • Project┬ámanagement

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
This is another popular and much sought-after training programs in Six Sigma. Individuals who have already earned a green belt can benefit more from sigma six black belt certification programs to give a boost to their career. As there is more demand of black belts compared to green belts, earning this certification can improve one's career prospects. This training equips students with deeper understanding of the Six Sigma concepts. They learn a number of business management skills.

Online Training Programs in Six Sigma
Other than the traditional institutes, the Six Sigma training programs are offered by online institutes as well. The online training programs are more affordable than the regular training programs. Also, they are highly flexible which allows working professionals to enroll in them without any kind of disturbance in their existing jobs.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Reading about six sigma jobs mentioned process development engineer. What is the job description for this profession?

A:Process development engineer would be mentioned when searching for six sigma jobs. These professionals are required to use their technological knowledge to review and analyze existing manufacturing production processes. After review, these professionals recommend and plan cost effective processes that helps in increased efficiency. These professionals can find themselves employed in both federally administered and private organizations.

Q:Is it important to take six sigma training to begin a Career In Six Sigma?

A:Yes, it is important to acquire six sigma education and training in order to begin a career in six sigma. There are many professional schools and training schools that offer six sigma training. The training program is designed to incorporate various quality concepts and product enhancement techniques in normal business operations.

Q:Can you give me some information about Careers in Six Sigma?

A:Six sigma certifications can lead to number of high paying job opportunities. Following mentioned are a few highly pursued job positions: lean six sigma specialists, director of performance, business process analyst, project engineer, reliability engineer, IT project manager, process manufacturing engineer, operating systems specialist, compliance manager, warehouse operations manager, and more.

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