Careers in Tech Project Management

Tech Project Management is a thriving field that offers many lucrative career opportunities. As companies expand their product lines there are more careers in Tech Project Management for those who have both the technical background and business skills needed for the position. The technology sector remains among the fastest growing sectors in the global economy and annual growth rates for jobs are easily over 20%. Salaries among those who work in Tech Project Management are also among the highest, especially for fresh graduates. The fresh graduates should expect to take home a base salary of over $60,000.

Sectors for careers in Tech Project Management:
The major sectors that seek people for careers in Tech Project Management include:

  • Telecommunications and information systems
  • Software and computer services including mobile application development
  • Healthcare technology including imaging devices and prosthetics
  • Energy products including renewable
  • Finance and investments in the technology sector

Even sectors where the primary product is not technical, such as many consumer goods, also offer careers in Tech Project Management since technical managers have a strong background in managing operations to increase their efficiency.

Educational programs for careers in Tech Project Management:
 Those who seek careers in Tech Project Management generally pursue an undergraduate degree in either science or engineering. This is then followed up with some business training either through electives, a master's degree or work experience. Not all careers in Tech Project Management insist upon a technical undergraduate degree. But it is often perceived as an edge. A master's degree in technology is also a great way to signal preparation for managing more complex projects. Careers in Tech Project Management expect professionals to stay abreast of progress in both business and technology. There are many certificate and part-time programs that may be pursued to this end.

Top jobs in Tech Project Management:
Some of the top jobs for those who want a career in Tech Project Management are found in the finance sector including venture capital and private equity. These sectors seek people who understand the significance of technology and are able to pick the best technologies to invest in.

Multinational electronics and communications companies such as Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft and Intel also offer great careers in Tech Project Management. They are keen to hire those who both understand the technology being used and have the business skills to manage complex operations across borders.

Specializations for careers in Tech Project Management:
Technology jobs generally require specialized backgrounds. If you are preparing for careers in Tech Project Management, you should attempt to develop a specialization in one technology area such as information systems, software, energy or biotechnology. It is less significant to have a specialization among your business credentials though some people find value in choosing to specialize in operations management, marketing or entrepreneurship.

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Q:As I read on the career in tech project management, there was mention of the course on Introduction to Psychology. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Introduction to Psychology while going through the Career in Tech Project Management. This course is worth 2 credits in total. It is structured to provide students with substantial understanding of the different fields of psychology. Students are also provided with the much needed hands on experience.

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