Careers in Network Security

Network administration and security are the processes and procedures associated with information technology systems to properly secure the connectivity and data associated with the network. All systems that are interconnected require proper network administration and security processes to maintain and sustain the system. For example, hospitals all across the nation have customer profile data, hospitalization charges and medical records all online. This is sensitive data and needs to be properly maintained and administered. This information is extremely sensitive and cannot be released without the prior consent of the patient and family. This is one of the reasons why the hospital industry alone pays millions of dollars to continuously improve their information technology systems.

Due to the importance of network administration and security, network administrators find themselves with a variety of different jobs. Almost all the segments of the market require network administrators and security specialists to develop processes and maintain networks. The average salary of a network administrator and security specialist ranges from $70,000 to about $100,000 per annum. The salary range is dependent upon the certifications associated with that particular individual and the total number of years of work experience.
An additional benefit of pursuing a network administration and security job is that you can work in a variety of different segments of the market. Many of the network administrators and security specialists have careers in network administration and security in the healthcare industry, food industry, manufacturing industry, as well as the IT industry. The main reason behind such a diversified portfolio is that every single online community requires a network administrator and security specialist.

Network Administration and Security Employment Opportunities

The following are the top five markets that hire network administrators and security specialists:

  • Healthcare industry
  • Internet service providers
  • Telecom manufactures
  • Information technology market
  • Banking industry

Many other industries also offer jobs to network admins and security specialists. Smaller companies often outsource such services to companies that specialize in this field. Network admin and security specialists ensure 24x7 monitoring of all networks and proactively monitor all traffic.
Network administration and security falls into the information technology field. A company typically has a chief information officer or general manager IT who is responsible for the overall IT infrastructure, network administration and security of the entire network. Under this particular position portfolio, a variety of different specialists work to ensure that the network is properly administered and the required security algorithms and configurations are active at all the network levels. With such a large responsibility, the Chief Information Officer has senior managers and executives working under his supervision. This enables a variety of jobs in network administration and security at all levels of the hierarchy. Fresh graduates can all apply for a variety of different positions in the IT departments of all kinds of companies. It is essential for network administration and security specialists to keep themselves up to date with the latest technology and applications being used in the market.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Are there any Information Technology Network Administration Security jobs at the moment?

A:Degree holders of Information Technology Network Administrator and Security can find several lucrative job opportunities in the field of IT. With a comprehensive degree like this, you can easily get a job in various industries such as healthcare administration, information technology industry, telecommunication sector, banking industry and internet service providers.

Q:As experience counts for network admin jobs, should I start looking for a job one while I am studying?

A:Experience definitely helps when applicants are considered for network admin jobs. It is recommended however that study must be given priority and while studying internship can be taken up. An internship will not be as time consuming as a full time job and will also give you the necessary practical experience.

Q:Will the above courses help my network security career?

A:If you are already working as a network security specialist, it may be that you have drifted into the position, without any formal academic qualification. There is no harm in undertaking any of the above programs, provided you can allocate the time to undertake the course. You may find that progression to senior management may be made easier and your receive a higher salary.

Q:Are there many computer security jobs network related?

A:Most computer security jobs will require you to have a good working knowledge of computer networks, especially in relation to software programming and customization according to the needs of the system's users. However, this could vary from job to job depending on the size of the IT team- if you are employed for a computer security role, there may be someone else responsible for the network.

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