Associate in Network Admin and Security

The field of Associate of Network Admin and Security involves the maintenance of software and hardware in a computer network. The purpose is to keep the computer networks of companies secure for all users. It also involves tackling cyber crimes and terrorism.

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Coursework and Program Structure
Associate of Network Admin and Security is a two-year degree comprising of eight semesters. The curriculum primarily covers lab work with lesser focus on theory. The degree concentrates more on the practical application of theory.

Associate of Network Admin and Security is a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice in information technology. The focus is on the qualitative and quantitative communication. Some of the main courses include database administration, server deployment, introduction to LAN and WAN structure, introduction to networking, server operations system and computer forensic and investigations. Some of the courses also include disaster security and criminal evidence.

Admission Criteria
The prerequisite for admission in an Associate of Network Admin and Security is a high school diploma or General Education Development. The coursework, which mainly comprises of lab work, is mandatory for the completion of the degree.

Career Outlook
Associate of Network Admin & Security prepares learners to establish careers as system analysts, IT investigators and security network analyst. The job market for the field is rather broad and the graduates can also work with law enforcement agencies in controlling cyber crimes or private companies in tackling system hacking. Average salary for those with Associate of Network Admin and Security is around $40,000. The degree prepares students for entry-level jobs and assistants-level positions.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Would it be wise for me to pursue associate in network admin and security online?

A:It depends on the student's circumstance. For instance if the student is already employed or is a homemaker, then distance learning programs is an excellent choice for them. Online educational programs offer students the convenience of studying at their own time. The curriculum for these programs is comprehensive with every topic discussed in detail. Online educational programs are relatively inexpensive as well where students are not required to spend on travel and accommodation.

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