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Overview of Field
The Bachelor of Technology prepares students for general careers in the broad field of Technology. While students may specialize in a particular technology area such as healthcare or information technology or communications, the primary purpose of the degree is to give students the confidence to work in different sectors of technology.

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Bachelor Degree in Technology
Technology has become a major part of lives, its usage, functions, and results can be seen in our day to day lives. Many professions require the skill and expertise of technology majors. If we take a look at technology as an academic field, we can see the rising number of technology graduates. Among leading academic paths in this area, Bachelor of technology is one of the top most degree programs pursued by students worldwide.The degree program can be earned in a number of specialty fields such as information technology, engineering technology, surgical technology, healthcare technology, and networking technology. The curriculum of this program is divided up into various theoretical and practical courses that equip students with in depth knowledge of the field. One of the major benefits of this program is the vast career opportunities that lay ahead, students can apply for managerial level jobs and specialist jobs in the technology industry. This program is offered by many renowned schools, on campus and online.

A bachelor degree in technology is a popular undergraduate program offered by a number of technology schools. This degree is also available online for students who find it more convenient studying from home. Emphasis is laid upon technology and its principles. Students can enroll in technology degrees with specialization in either of the following: biotechnology, information technology, networking technology, and more. The program has a duration of four years, equipping students with practical skills relevant to their study area. Technology qualifications have immense potential in the industry, as the diverse use of technologyreflects an increasing demand for technology professionals.

Structure and duration of the degree program
The Bachelor of Technology is generally a four year degree with an extensive set of requirements. The early courses are mostly based on problem sets in mathematics and physics. Later classes focus on elaborate technology projects that may call upon skills from many different courses in different technology areas.

Highlights of the coursework
The coursework in the Bachelor of Technology allows you learn about different technology areas. While people in engineering degrees may specialize in one area, those in the Bachelor of Technology are expected to develop competence in technology in many areas. At the same time, it is possible to take a few courses in a particular track of interest like energy technology or healthcare.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements
A Bachelor in Technology expects applicants to have a high school diploma and sufficient exposure in mathematics and laboratory science to be able to pursue university level science courses.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:I studied the Bachelor of Technology progam in Kenya. Will I have to study it again in the United States, prior to doing Masters? Also can you please tell if I can opt for an MBA program after a bachelors of technology?

A:Since you have a Bachelor of Technology program degree from Kenya, you most probably don't have to study the course again if it is a 160 or above credits worth degree. You will have to pass the English fluency test, TOEFL. There are options like the MBA in Information Technology that offer you business perspective in the field of IT. Some students also consider the Masters of Business Administration in Project Management after the completion of a bachelors of technology.

Q:What are the requirements for bachelor of science in technology?

A:The educational requirements for the Bachelor of Science in technology program will depend on which school you want to go. However, generally students are required to have a high school diploma at least. In addition to this, schools may ask for letters of recommendation, standardized test scores and writing samples.

Q:Do I need letters of recommendation for bachelor of science technology?

A:There are schools that require applicants to submit letter of recommendations along with their application. However to be absolutely sure you should check with the school you want to apply to. Letter of recommendations should be written by your previous instructors and they talk about your strengths and weaknesses as a student.

Q:What is the duration of a bachelor in technology program? Can I speed up the program?

A:A bachelors program in technology will generally take four years to complete. However some colleges also offer accelerated programs which can be completed in shorter time period. Students who enroll in these accelerated programs have to study more courses per semester in order to complete their degree in time period of less than four years.

Q:How is a BS technology program taught? It is practical based or is it taught by traditional lectures?

A:Different teaching methods are used for different components/ subjects of this degree program. Many subjects, within the program, are practical owing to the subject matter of the program. There is an element of traditional class-room based teaching, depending on the resources of the college and the subject, but the majority of programs are taught with the practical assistance of computers.

Q:What are the benefits of a technology bachelors degree and can I do it online?

A:Bachelor of technology is one of the advance level degree programs which students can easily pursue on-campus as well as online. Specialization is offered in fields like information technology, engineering technology, surgical technology, healthcare technology, and networking technology. Curriculum for this program is equally divided into theoretical and practical courses which provide in depth knowledge of the subjects being pursued. Career opportunities in this field are unlimited since graduates can start from managerial level jobs and with each degree of specialization move up the corporate ladder. Almost every school that offers this degree program now offers it on-campus as well as online.

Q:Can you explain what a technology bachelors degree will prepare me for?

A:Since a technology bachelor's degree course is a comprehensive one that deals with business side as well as technical communication it can prepare you for jobs at an entry level in computer technology field. The course is quite broad that deals with computing, understanding hardware and software concepts along with business and managerial skills. Some courses have a narrower approach that allows you to focus on a specific area.

Q:Is a bachelors degree in technology obligatory if I want to undertake a masters' program in IT late on?

A:Many masters programs will require a bachelor degree in a related subject. Some programs will allow you to join once you have undertaken any bachelor degree; or, if you have hands on experience in the field. A bachelor degree qualification will do you no harm and may actually be useful. You should speak to your preferred colleges and see what their requirement(s) are.

Q:Can you tell me the career choices I have after I complete my bachelors of science in technology?

A:Bachelors of science in technology can open up job opportunities for you in varied fields of information technology and communications from a technical as well as business management aspect. Having a degree you can work as information technology designer, computer systems analyst, network system or data communications analyst and also as an database systems manager.

Q:Can you give me some information about a BS in technology degree program?

A:A BS in technology degree is an undergraduate program that aims at preparing students for technology careers. The program is usually fours year in duration and comprises of a number of curriculum courses. Students get to study areas such as web servers, management, information security, databases, user-interfaces, programming, computer networks, and analysis.

Q:How long will it take me to complete technical bachelor degrees?

A:A technical bachelors degree program will take four years to complete. This program is an undergraduate program and is offered by a number of technology schools. Students can also opt for accelerated program options that take less than the regular time. These are designed for professionals and students looking for a quick way to acquire qualifications.

Q:I can specialize in what area if I enroll in a bachelor of technology?

A:You can pick any area for specialization. The field of technology is vast and is constantly expanding. Whatever area you choose will determine your career path and must be carefully decided. Some of the top technology specialization areas include the following: video game programming, software engineering, technology management, networking, computer science, telecommunication, and web development.

Q:What is the selection criteria and duration of Bachelor in Technology?

A:The admission criteria for bachelor degrees in technology will depend upon the institute you enroll in. However, a high school diploma may be needed for this level of education. The duration may also vary from institute to institute. It is recommended that you get information about the duration of the program from institutes.

Q:What is the coursework like of a bachelor in technology if pursued online?

A:An online bachelor degree in technology is offered by a number of accredited online schools. It is an undergraduate program and takes around four years to complete. The program is geared towards prepping students for technology-based careers. The coursework is covered online through online lectures, videos, conferencing, presentations and slideshows.

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