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Doctoral in Technology

What is technology?
The word technology is a household name today, and encompasses hundreds of disciplines that provide us with various products and services that we use every day. From the microbial bacteria used to manufacture yogurt to the sophisticated airlines filling our skies, everything we see around us and use is a product of technology. The field of technology has brought out a true revolution in the way we live our lives, and has made countless tasks much easier and simpler for us than they were for our ancestors. People working in the field of technology are responsible for creating innovative products, manufacturing them and maintaining them all over the world.

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What is a doctoral of technology?
The PhD in technology is the highest degree offered in this field, and there are countless specializations to choose from, which offer excellent opportunities for the future. The four year degree includes two years dedicated to academic studies, with courses in product design and development, testing, and manufacturing followed by field specific courses. After that, the doctoral candidates spend two years carrying out an independent research in the field, and submit their findings or thesis to professors for approval.

 What are the future prospects?
The Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks technology related fields as the top employers in the United States and across the world. An estimated one million new jobs will be created over the next five years in the field of technology, and a doctoral of technology is the best way to take advantage of this golden opportunity and obtain a high paying position at a university, college or virtually any industry.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Is the online doctoral in technology program similar to a campus based doctorate program?

A:Yes, an online doctorate program is similar to a campus based program. The curriculum of both programs remains the same; it has the same research courses and a mandatory dissertation. However the major difference arises in terms of tuition costs and location. An online program allows students to work from their homes, whereas in the other program students must attend classes at the universities campus.

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