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About Technology Certifications
Getting a certification can help you boost your career and excel as a professional. A certification sets one apart from others, certifying them as exceptional in a particular field or occupation. These are available in all academic disciplines for a variety of occupations. Technology certificationshave gained popularity in recent years due to the rising trend of technology careers. The duration of this program can range from 6 to 12 months, or more. The curriculum comprises of short courses that cover the chosen technology specialization area such as healthcare technology, information technology, networking etc. Certificate programs are offered by many colleges online.

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About Technology
Technology is the field which revolves around the development of various systems and devices to fulfill our various needs. From our cell phones to sophisticated aircraft, everything we see around us and frequently use is a product of technology. Professionals in the field of technology are responsible for designing, manufacturing and maintaining various products that make our lives easier. This field in particular deals with information technology, computer engineering and their related fields. Technology programs are often blended with engineering courses to give students a wide range of skills and abilities that can be applied in almost any industry.

Technology Certification Programs
Technology certification programs are designed to certify a professional in a specific field of technology or occupation. Certifications reflect a person's exceptional skill and knowledge that has been approved by an accredited organization. These can help in boosting ones career and increasing job opportunities. Certification programs are available in many sub categories of technology such as information technology, bio technology, engineering technology, web technology, etc. Students undergo a thorough studyof various topics and acquire hands on training relevant to their career. As certificate programs are shorter in duration, they are easier to finish and allow more career mobility.

About the Degree
A certificate in technology can be earned in as little as six months after graduating high school. This certificate is usually a prerequisite for a degree in IT or computer engineering and includes courses on the basics of operating systems, programming, web design, network architecture, and communication technology. Graduates who hold a bachelor’s degree as well as professionals who wish to increase their qualifications and knowledge can enroll in a post graduate certificate of technology. These certificates are highly specialized and allow students to major in a field such as information security, network administration, database management or technology management.

Career Prospects
The field of technology is one of the fastest growing in the world, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates employment opportunities will increase by more than 20% by the year 2020. This increase will be caused by the drive to develop better and more effective applications of technology in businesses, industries and homes. Average wages for professionals in this field currently stand at$78,000; while the top ten percent earn more than $140,000 per year.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the contents of the course on Business Communications in the Certificate in Technology degree program?

A:The Certificate in Technology degree program has dedicated course on Business Communications. This course is usually worth 2 credits in total and is structured to provide students with ample understanding of the skills of communication that are applied in the world of business, along with strong hands on experience, which is much important.

Q:What are the benefits of computer certification programs?

A:A online computer certificate program will help you boost your career. You can move up the corporate ladder and earn a higher salary. On the other hand, online certifications are a more convenient mode of attaining qualifications. You don't have to travel to campus based classes, and can save up on costs.

Q:Are computer technology certificate programs better for me if I am already working?

A:There is no clear answer to this. Different people have different requirements and needs. Certification programs are generally shorter than, say, bachelor programs or associate degrees. This is mainly down to the time set aside for such programs. Certainly a certification program will give you the flexibility to work and earn at the same time a study.

Q:For a technology certificate in networking, what are the general requirements i have to fulfill?

A:Mostly people who opt for technology certificate in networking are ones already in the practical field look for extra credentials to enhance their skills. The requirements can vary according to the level of the certificate program but generally it would need applicants that have computer proficiency and are aware of the networking concepts, or who have a computer science background.

Q:Do you think technology certificate programs can help get promotions?

A:Technology certificate programs aim to equip you with necessary skills in a specific area, therefore to have them will be an asset. It can definitely help you gain expertise and thus be considered valuable, but along with certifications you also need to prove your credentials with practical experience. A technology certificate is no guarantee for promotion but it can definitely help as it keeps you updated with technical trends.

Q:Can I find some of the best technology certification programs at intermediate and advanced level?

A:Networking certifications are available at intermediate level and advanced level. Some of the most popularly pursued certificate programs in this area have been mentioned here: CCNP (Cisco certified network professional), MSCD (Microsoft certified solution developer), CISSP-ISSAP (security expertise in architecture), (CCIE) Cisco certified internetwork engineer, and CCSP (Cisco certified security professional).

Q:Can you tell me about top technology certifications that have highest pays?

A:Salary figures depend on a host of factors like the industry you work in and the number of years of experience you have. However, generally speaking the highest paying certifications have been certified in risk and information control, certified information security manager and certified information systems auditor. All of these certifications offer high monetary benefits.

Q:How much time can technology certifications take to be completed?

A:Technology certifications are quite varied. A technology certification can be in information technology, engineering and bio technology etc. Different areas of technology certifications have different subjects hence the length of these programs also differs. Generally they can be completed in a period of a few months or a year at the most.

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