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Technology is a broad field that incorporates computer technology including hardware and software technology. Technology has become the foundation on which work environments rest. No area of life or business is outside the range of technology. The Associate of Technology is a two-year degree program offered in community colleges, junior colleges and through online courses. Students are taught about a wide range of technology related subjects.

Associates Degree in Technology

We can see in increased use of technology in almost every sector of the economy. From healthcare to retail, and from manufacturing to design, technology is integrated in many business functions. This has led to an increased demand for degree programs in technology. One of the most basic technology programs being offered includes the associate's degree in technology. This is a u pre-bachelor program that is aimed at providing students with a core foundation of technology used in field of communications, medicine, computer systems, administration, electronics etc.Students enrolled in this program can prepare themselves for bachelor's education in technology. Information technology, networking technology, healthcare technology, and engineering technology are a few of the most popular technology specialization areas pursued by students nowadays. The program has two year duration and a credit hour requirement of 90-100 hours. The program can also be earned online through accredited online technology schools.

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Technology Associates

If you have just finished school and want to enroll in a short course to prepare you for higher level technology degree programs, an associate program is the appropriate path to pursue. This is a two year program that can be earned before starting your bachelor education. Technology associates degree basically helps students build a foundation of technology knowledge and skills. The curriculum covers a range of introductory and advanced level courses, depending upon the area of technology chosen by the student. Whether the field is information technology, healthcare technology, or even engineering, acquiring an associates degree in the field can better prepare you for bachelor and masters level programs.

Program Coursework

As a part of the coursework for the Associate of Technology program, students are introduced to the dynamics of technology which includes a wide spectrum of communication, telecommunication, electronic, mechanical and network security among others. While the main highlight of the degree is computer technology, other courses are incorporated throughout the two year program.
The requirement for entry in an Associate of Technology program is the same as any other Associate program, namely a high school diploma or its equivalent. Basic knowledge of computers is extremely beneficial although not mandatory. The degree is awarded after completion of 60 credit hours which can be transferred into a Bachelor’s program which then takes another two years to complete.

 Careers in Technology

The Associate of Technology is usually used as a first step towards a Bachelor’s degree. Those who wish to gain employment will find that the degree prepares you for entry-level jobs as technology support specialists, system administrations or system analysts and data entry technicians among other roles. The average salary for those with an Associate degree in technology is around $28,000.

How Long Does It Take to Complete an Associate in Technology?           

An associate’s degree in information technology would typically take 2 years to complete, with full time study. This roughly translates into an average of 60 total credits. Several technical institutes and community colleges across the country are offering this degree online or in hybrid programs, allowing for greater time flexibility.

What Are the Requirements to Complete an Associate in Technology?

During an associate in technology program, students will be taught the usage of tools for maintaining IT systems, creating software apps, installing wireless networks and solving common IT related issues like hardware and software malfunctions. Core coursework would typically include a communications course, pre-calculus math, networking concepts and computer security.

How Much Can I Make after Completing an Associate in Technology?

With an associate in technology, you can opt for a variety of careers. You can become a Computer Support Specialist with an earning potential of $53,470 annually in median income. You can also become a web developer, with an annual median income of $69,430. These salary figures have been taken from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics for May 2018.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Where are Vet tech schools in Jacksonville FL accredited from?

A:Vet Tech schools in Jacksonville Florida are accredited by the Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities (CVTEA) and American Veterinary Medical Association AVMA Council on Education (COE). The accrediting authorities give students competitive edge in the job market allowing them to ace a lot salaries as compared to students getting unaccredited degrees.

Q:Can you give me some information about a technical associates degree program?

A:A technical associate's degree is a two year undergraduate program. The program usually comprises of 45-50 credit hours and can be earned online. Focus of study surrounds technological aspects in today's world. Students get an in depth understanding of how technology is used in business, design, and computing. Some of the topics studied include computer design, business application, operations management, and mathematics.

Q:Is an AA degree technology enough to qualify me for a high paying job?

A:An AA degree in technology is an undergraduate degree program. This degree is designed for students who wish to build fundamental knowledge in the field. You can only apply for entry level jobs and assistant level jobs with this qualification. To improve your job opportunities, it is best that you at least acquire a bachelor degree in technology.

Q:Tell me about associate of technology and how much time would it take to complete?

A:Technology is a vast field that has many areas. There is software, hardware related studies and you get to study about networking and communication. An associate of technology is a basic level degree that would focus on the fundamentals of technology and giving an introductory knowledge of different areas. Typically this degree can be completed in two years.

Q:What is an associate of technology degree and it is useful?

A:An associate of technology degree is an undergraduate program. It is a two year degree that is geared towards prepping students with fundamental skills. The program covers a wide range of introductory courses and basic concepts. Students can qualify for assistant level jobs in the professional field and pursue a career.

Q:What are the components or subjects I will cover in an associate in information technology program?

A:An associate degree in information technology is an undergraduate program designed to equip students with technical skill and knowledge. The course will entail number theoretical subjects such as networking, computer systems, database management, and information systems. Apart from theoretical learning, the program will also emphasize skill development. Search through our page for more detail.

Q:Are associates in technology Online easy to enroll in?

A:An associate degree in technology is an undergraduate program. You must have a high school diploma to enroll in this degree. The main purpose of this program is to provide students with fundamental knowledge of technology processes. The admission requirements will vary from college to college. Get more information by browsing through our page.

Q:What are the admission requirements for the Associate Technology degree?

A:An associate's degree in technology requires applicants to have completed a minimum of a high school diploma or an equivalent GED qualification in order to pursue the degree. It is best if you have taken some tech courses in school as well. To the school, you will have to submit a completed application form along with required supporting documents.

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