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Technology plays a crucial and undeniable role in our lives today, in everything from the climate control system in our homes to the cars we drive and the cell phones we use. Technology is all around us, and it is no wonder that this period has been named the ‘age of information’. Technology is at the core of most businesses and plays a pivotal role that can decide a company’s success or failure. An MBA of Technology is an extremely valuable qualification for those who have a background in engineering or technology and wish to join the ranks of company executives and directors.

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MBA in Technology
With the increasing amalgamation of technology and businesses, there has been a surge in the demand for management professionals with in depth knowledge of technology. Many business schools now offer technology MBA programs. This is a dual program that provides students with two fold knowledge in technology as well as business administration. Core subjects that make up the curriculum comprise of business administration courses such as accounting, principles of management, marketing, and supply chain management. Technology courses included depend upon the specialization area, information technology and networking are some of the most popular areas. With this degree, you can pursue high level administration jobs in technology organizations.

About the Degree
  In addition to on-campus programs, online technology MBA degrees are also offered by several colleges. Professionals with a bachelor’s degree in IT or engineering and relevant work experience can enroll in a two-year MBA of technology. This degree includes courses such as business law, accounting, marketing, financial management, environmental management and management information systems. Students also take classes in entrepreneurship, systems engineering, network design and management, international business, leadership and resource allocation & management.

Career Prospects
Due to the increasing demand for the implementation of better technological systems in all industries, the demand for business managers who have a sound technical background is also on the rise. Today’s employers want MBA’s with practical knowledge, and in a market overflowing with MBA’s, a specialization in technology may just be your key for success. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for technology managers is expected to increase by more than 17% over the next decade. Entry level executives start off with annual wages of $97,000; while more experienced technology MBA’s make more than $200,000 per year.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long is the MBA in Technology degree program?

A:The MBA in Technology degree is a two year program, if opted in a regular campus-based institute. However, the graduate degree durations can differ at times. Such as, the MBA in Technology can be pursued in the accelerated program which will allow the degree to be completed within 18 months or it can be taken in the executive program which allows students to finish the course in three years and above.

Q:While looking for MBA technology programs, I came across a page about degree completion in technology, what is this about?

A:Degree completion of technology basically prepares students for work in the rapidly evolving technology sector. This program aims at helping students and individuals acquire college credits for their professional work. Most people who did not get a chance to complete higher education opt for degree completion programs. Areas such as energy, environment, healthcare and information technology are covered in this sector. This Degree can lead to a highly lucrative career since there is a high demand for trained technology professionals.

Q:Having a masters in computer science has not equipped me with the business side of technology. Do you think technology MBA programs are the answer to this problem?

A:Technology MBA programs that focus on the business strategies and management will equip you with necessary skills needed at your job. It will help you gain insight in the marketing and finance processes that at the moment you are unable to comprehend because of your purely technical background. The combination can take you to more advancement in your career and is the right route to follow.

Q:Can you tell me about the courses online MBA technology degree covers?

A:As an online MBA technology degree is a specialized degree it covers comprehensive courses that deal with finance, marketing, management and an in depth study of technologies. The area of specialization determines the subjects in the last term/semester, most common include management technology course, information technology course, biotechnology or an emerging technology course.

Q:What exactly is a technology mba program?

A:This is a dual degree program that provides business students with fundamental knowledge of technology as well. The coursework is divided into management-related subjects, and technology-related subjects. Students learn about the fundamental skills needed to pursue management careers in tech-based organizations. Browse through our page for more detail about MBA technology programs.

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