Technology Management MBA

Technology Management MBA programs enable student to know how to manage the technological concerns of organizations in order to create competitive edge. Students in these programs learn about technology strategy, technology forecasting and technology project portfolio. They also come to know about various management principles to develop certain technologies for the benefit of an organization. Technology Management MBA focuses on the integrated planning, optimization, operation and control of technological products/ services, which helps to make the best of technology for human use. There are various schools that offer these training programs. Also, online Technology Management MBA programs are offered by several institutes. Based on the model of flexibility and convenience, the online programs are highly suitable for students as well as working professionals.

Technology Management MBA spans over 2 to 3 years. The exact duration of the program depends on the route that students take. Online Technology Management MBA can be completed at the own pace of a student.

Students in Technology Management MBA program study programs such as emerging technologies, corporate finance and management of technology. Also, they cover subjects like managerial economics, marketing strategies and operations management. Organizational behavior and design is also an important constituent of the Technology Management MBA programs.

As the demand for technology managers is on the increase, enrolling in Technology Management MBA can be a wise career move. Learners can be sure to pursue a thriving career once they complete this advanced degree program. They can work in for-profit and well as non-profit sectors. Technology Management MBA degree holders can earn up to $112,250 on an annual basis.

Online Technology Management MBA
Students who cannot manage to enroll in the regular degree programs can go for Online Technology Management MBA. As learners can enroll in the online programs from any location, they make a great learning option. Online Technology Management MBA programs can also be an ideal choice for working professionals who want to pursue this valuable degree without making major changes to their work schedule.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the most commonly taught technology management MBA courses offered by U.S. colleges and universities?

A:MBA in technology management is an advanced level course usually offered by graduate schools in the U.S. Some of the commonly taught technology management course MBA courses include training in areas such as system analysis, project management, strategic planning, marketing, computer networks, corporate finance, technology management and other related fields.

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