Learning Technology

Learning technologies are used to facilitate the learning process and impart knowledge to students in a convenient and effective manner. There are scores of techniques, methods, and technologies that are being used to train students in various professional fields across the US. Advancements in learning technology are reshaping the way students interact with their instructors and each other.

Scope of Learning Technology

Learning technology can be applied to all sorts of fields. It includes various techniques, tools and equipment to facilitate learning at various levels. The learning technology is being used within the conventional institutes as well as in distance learning programs. Generally, the educational technology includes tools such as:

  • Internet Applications
  • Machines
  • Software
  • Hardware

Learning Technology in Distance Learning Programs  

Learning technology plays a vital role in the online trainings programs. In fact, the distance learning programs are made possible with the help of several learning technology tools and techniques. Educational technology being used in distance learning programs includes tools like:

  • Elearning software
  • Chat forums
  • Emails
  • Audio-visual aids

Learning Technology within the Traditional Classrooms

Learning technology is also being widely used in the conventional classrooms in the form of:

  • Computers
  • Online Media
  • Digital cameras
  • Wikis
  • LCD projectors
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Mobile devices
  • SmartBoards
  • Class Websites
  • Class Blogs


Benefits of Learning Technology

The use of learning technology has provided several benefits for the modern day education. Here are some great benefits which learning technology has provided for the students.

  • Cost effectiveness. Learning technology has made acquiring education in various fields of interests mode affordable than it was in the past. The online educational programs have lower tuition fee which enables more students to acquire higher education.
  • Learning made easy. The use of learning technology tools such as software, computer simulators, graphics software etc. enable teacher to educate students more effectively. Besides the distance learning programs, the use of this technology has made learning easier in conventional classes as well. Students enjoy working with software programs and other tools which makes the process of learning more fun.
  • Flexibility of learning. With the introduction of learning technology, gaining education in various fields has become very flexible. As technologies such as the internet allows students to access course materials and attend classes from anywhere, they can manage studies remotely. Students are not bound to come to the college campus or study at fixed hours. Individuals who are already working full-time or part-time can easily manage their studies with the help of the learning technology tools.
  • Wide array of programs. Students all over the world can benefit from the learning technology and enroll in elearning programs. These trainings are offered in almost all disciplines now.Students can choose to enroll in almost any subject such as medicine, teaching, nursing, engineering, arts to name a few choices. Learning technology is widely being used in all these programs in order to ensure that the knowledge is imparted to the students in the best possible manner.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Learning Technology at graduate level offers which specialization areas?

A:Technology degree programs are popular career paths amongst students. The use of technology can be found in almost area of study. There are plenty of technology areas that can be pursued at graduate level, these include mainly the following: Information technology, design technology, educational technology, engineering technology, audio technology, and more.

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