MBA Information Systems

MBA in Information Systems incorporates the study of business principals and how computer science can facilitate business processes. In addition to 16 years of education, most universities further require at least one year of professional work experience, which is why students take up MBA studies while continuing full-time jobs. Holding an MBA degree significantly boosts one’s career options which makes individuals eligible for promotions or getting hired by companies as managers or administrators.

An academic background in information technology is deemed necessary by most MBA information system programs. However, some universities may waive off this requirement as it depends on how information system intensive a student wants the course to be. However, people who want to learn about information systems to aid their business education do need to have some prerequisite training in information systems and computer science.

Curriculum of MBA Information Systems

Required Courses

Students pursuing MBA in Information Systems are required to complete certain core courses, before they move on to the specialized courses concerning information systems. Following are some of the core courses offered by MBA programs.

Accounting and Finance

It covers major accounting and financial concepts and techniques required by managers.  Students gain knowledge and skills in areas such as financial statement analysis, cost-volume-profit analysis, cash and capital budgeting.

Leadership and Organizational Behavior

The course focuses on inter and intra personal dynamics and how they have an impact on the goals of an organization.  Key topics include theories of organizational behavior such as motivation, group dynamics, organizational communication processes, authority, team building, power, and organizational development.  Change management and systematic application of organizational behavior are also a part of this course.

Marketing Management

This course enables students to understand and manage the marketing function effectively. Key topics covered in the course are market segmentation, targeting, position, product decisions, distribution channels, new product development, marketing budgets, and research.

Legal, Political, and Ethical Dimensions of Business

It introduces students to various legal, regulatory, and political factors that have an impact on business practice opportunities. The course explores interactions between law, ethics, politics, and corporate social responsibility. Topics include foundation of business ethics, constitution and business, regulatory and administrative agencies, regulation of private business conduct, trade practices, consumer protection, land use, and environmental protection.

Online Information Systems MBA

MBA is a popular degree that can be completed online; MBA in Information Systems even more so because of its applications in computer systems and information technology. An advantage of completing this degree online is the time and space flexibility it allows so that students can learn at their convenience. In addition to being affordable, online information systems MBA programs allows students to save money on accommodation and tansportation. Students can study from the comfort of their home and most of the reading material and multimedia is available online.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements can differ from one school to another.  However, following are the common admission requirements for MBA in Information Systems.
  • Complete Application
  • All Transcripts
  • GMAT or GRE Score
  • Professional References
  • Current Resume
  • Interview

Career Opportunities

MBA students who have specialized in information systems can find a number of applications with their degree. A variety of firms that are operating globally require managers to having sound analytical experience.  According to, following are some of the career opportunities available for individuals with an MBA in information systems.

Information Technology Manager

Median Salary:$77,331 per year.

Information technology managers are required by businesses to take care of their network of computers. This job is quite technical as it demands specific training and a sound understanding of computer languages.  IT managers also need to be critical thinkers who can lead an intelligent team.

Program Manager IT

Median Salary: $104,779 per year.

Program Manager IT is an administrative position in organizations that have an IT department.  This job requires both managerial work and technical skill, as the manager is responsible for leading a team of IT specialists. Everyday tasks of a program manager IT include meetings, managing the IT department, and interaction with other departments.

IT Business Analyst

Median Salary: $63,865 per year
The job of an IT Business Analyst is to make project plans for IT development and testing.  The focus is on finding out how information technology can be useful in meeting business and customer requirements. They are responsible for overseeing and helping in all aspects of IT projects within an organization, such as identifying, communicating, and dealing with risks. IT business analysts have the option to work in many industries.

IT Director

Median Salary:  $99,573 per year

Information Technology directors guide organizations in matters that involve relationships with external technology vendors. They are also responsible for the organization’s IT security from the operating system level to the enterprise level.  Besides, they ensure that all levels pass the mandatory security audit. In addition, they conduct IT performance reviews related to productivity and cost, in order to suggest the necessary upgrades and improvements in productivity.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What opportunities do I have relating Information Systems MBA jobs?

A:The MBA in Information Systems is a sought after degree offering students some of the most lucrative career opportunities. Graduates of the program can get prosperous jobs like business analysts, project consultants, business consultants, systems analysts, database analyst, and freelance consultant. Degree holders will be expected to come up with information systems and business solutions at the same time.

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