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Executive MBA Degree

Are you an executive who wishes you had the time to enroll in an MBA program? Are you a manager who needs to gain an edge to progress further in your career?
An Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program may be what would best suit you. An Executive MBA degree is designed for busy executives and managers who cannot take time off from their fulltime job to pursue an MBA program. It allows for such individuals to gain an MBA degree in 2 years without having to compromise their work routine and schedule. Executive MBA participants are usually more experienced than MBA students, having around 10 years of work experience, and are from a wide range of industries. An executive MBA program teaches these professionals the latest in business management, finance, and marketing theories & methods.

Executive MBA Program Details
You have the option of enrolling in an online executive MBA degree program or one that is campus based. Executive MBA degrees have a structured curriculum and all students move through the syllabus together. During the course of the program, students will learn new skills and hone old ones through the combination of coursework and daily professional experience. One of the most interesting things about an executive MBA program is the diversity of experience brought in by the participants. As students come from professional backgrounds in private companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations and more, classroom interaction is further enriched.
Most executive MBA degree participants are sponsored fully or partly by their employers. Employers recognize the importance of having employees with the highest management skill sets. As a result many choose to invest in their employees especially those who have served them for many years, by sponsoring their education. Those who are not sponsored by their company have the option of applying for loans, scholarships and other forms of financial aid.
An executive MBA program generally covers the same subjects as a regular MBA program. These include courses in management, finance and accounting. Marketing and statistics are also taught to students. Students learn about important management tools as well as decision making and negotiation skills. Courses taught include subjects such as organizational behavior, ethical decision making, leadership, managerial marketing and more. Information technology in business is also part of an executive MBA program.   

Advantages of an Executive MBA Program
The difference between an MBA and an executive MBA program is that in an executive MBA degree coursework is faster paced. Courses also have an added flavor thanks to the richness of professional experience among the students. Among the advantages of enrolling in an executive MBA program is the fact that you can stay current in terms of knowledge and skills. You can also apply what you learn immediately in your job.
Participants also form lifelong networks with other professionals which is useful in any future interactions. You can also learn more from your fellow program participants as they will also have a wealth of information and experiences to share. By enrolling in an executive MBA program today you are guaranteed to learn the latest management tools and skills, while enhancing your already present skills. An executive MBA degree will lead you to greater success in your career in a leadership role.  

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can Executive MBA Degrees be completed while working?

A:Yes. The key purpose of Executive MBA degree programs is to enable working professionals continue their jobs and accomplish their higher educational goals which can largely enhance their knowledge base. Through these programs, professionals can specialize in their respective fields which can boost their career prospects further.

Q:How can I get enrolled in the online executive management degree programs?

A:Getting enrolled in the online Executive Management degree programs has been made easy and quick via our website. Prospective students need an undergraduate degree in a related field of specialization from an accredited institute and they can get enrolled in the Master's program in Management. There are no other stringent requirements for applicants.

Q:What is EMBA degree?

A:EMBA stands for Executive Master of Business Administration which is a professional undergraduate degree. EMBA is offered by various online as well as campus based schools. They can be opted in numerous specializations such as finance, human resource, accounting, economics, e-commerce, nursing and many more. EMBA is different from a regular MBA in the timings. EMBA classes are for working professionals therefore their classes are conducting in the evening, after office timings.

Q:Is Executive MBA a degree that offers course on Microeconomics?

A:As far as your question on is Executive MBA a degree with the course on Microeconomics is concerned. the answer is yes. This course is roughly of 4 credits in total and highlights on the introduction to the analysis of microeconomics and the policies made in the field. This course is worth 4 credits.

Q:Can the executive MBA programs online be studied as a continuing education program?

A:Yes. You can study the Executive MBA programs online as continuing degree course, since it is designed for those individuals who are coming back to education after a gap of over 10 years. Most of the students in the Executive MBA degree program are well in their mid-life.

Q:Is an Executive MBA degree the same as an MBA degree?

A:The Executive MBA degree is quite different from the MBA program as far as eligibility and program duration is concerned. It is designed for individuals with ample hands on experience.

Q:Is there any fixed criteria of qualification for the Executive MBA program?

A:Yes. To qualify for the Executive MBA programs, students need to have a bachelor’s level degree in any area of study from an accredited higher education institute. Another important qualification criterion is the minimum level of work experience which varies with every institute. However, professional work experience is always required a related field. Other requisites include the completion of admission forms, letters of recommendations, GRE/GMAT scores, and last but not least the clearance in the interview with the admission office interview panel which includes professors from your applied area of study as well.

Q:Can you tell me about online executive mba programs in health informatics?

A:Health informatics is the culmination of health administration and computer information systems. It combines the two to achieve the optimization of resources, methods, devices and use of information in bio-medicine and health. The online executive MBA programs are for students who have previously worked in the healthcare or management sector and are looking to improve their knowledge and resume.

Q:Do companies sponsor executive MBA degree in US?

A:There are many companies that provide financial assistance to candidates for an executive MBA degree in US. Sponsoring such a program is considered a valuable investment that pays off the company in the long run and is also a good way of retaining an employee. Such programs can help the companies have stronger managers that can put the knowledge gained from the program to practical experience and help the company grow.

Q:Can you tell me about executive MBA degree online in relation to energy finance?

A:An executive MBA degree online with relation to finance is a professional degree. It studies different areas of energy finance from administration and business management point of view. It will focus on energy products, their assessment and the global energy markets. Studying it online can help the individuals to gain experience and manage the program simultaneously.

Q:What is the Data Analysis course in the online Executive MBA degree program?

A:The online Executive MBA degree program has the Data Analysis course. This course relates to the complete process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming as well as modeling of the data. This data is then used for the decision making and forecasting purposes. Since we live in a volatile society, with unpredictable economic fluctuations, data analysis has become vital to businesses.

Q:How long is the Executive MBA degree program?

A:The Executive MBA degree programs are usually of 2 years. However, the exact duration may vary from school to school.

Q:Does the eligibility for executive MBA require me to have a good GMAT score?

A:GMAT scores are required by most top business schools across the United States. There might be some schools that offer executive MBA programs without a GMAT requirement but all good schools require high test scores. In addition to this school might ask for letters of recommendations, personal essays and/or work experience.

Q:Should I get my eMBA degree from an accredited institution?

A:Yes, you should look to enroll in an institute that has an accreditation from a credible organization. The reason behind that is, accredited schools have better teaching facilities to offer to their students. In addition to this employers also prefer to hire individuals who have obtained degree from an accredited institution.

Q:Can you give me an overview of executive master of business administration degree?

A:An executive master of business administration degree equips individuals with necessary skills and knowledge that helps them to handle finances, managerial or administrative duties in a more efficient manner. The course work covers areas like marketing, economics, global economy, operational and managerial strategies, international business, communication and organizational behavior in detail.

Q:What is the Statistical Modeling course of the online Executive MBA program?

A:The Statistical Modeling course of the online Executive MBA program trains students on the formalization of relations between the variables. This formalization is done in the form of mathematical equations. Other concepts of statistical studies such as regression, correlation, hypothesis testing, skewness graphs and probabilities are important contents of Statistical Modeling.

Q:What is the advantage of studying Executive MBA online?

A:The Executive MBA online is a very flexible and cheaper alternative to the on-campus program. You can study as per your convenience. The online variant is the best option for those who are employed.

Q:I wish to study the Executive MBA program online, however, I wish to get accommodation in the university's hostel. Is it possible?

A:Yes, you can apply for hostel accommodation even with an online Executive MBA Program. The advantage of online degree program is that you can also move from the city where the university is based and live at a place that is reasonably priced and in your budget. Institutes offering campus based accommodation to online students include Ohio University, Boston University, and University of Pittsburgh.

Q:Does being away from studies for a long time damage my eligibility for an MBA degree online program in the United States?

A:No. Most of the universities offering the MBA degree online program have no issues with that, since they look for a seasoned student. In fact many universities prefer that you spend ample time prior to applying for a masters level degree, so that you have more to offer. By the end, it is the GMAT score that makes the real difference.

Q:Are there any scholarships and grants available at universities offering the best Executive MBA program?

A:Almost all of the top universities and schools offer scholarships and grants to eligible students. However, to maximize your chances of approval it is advised that you apply well before deadline.

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