Java Programming Degree

Learning the popular computer programming language, Java, can greatly benefit your career in the field of computer science. The popularity of this particular language is mainly due to its inheritance of the tradition and style of C and C++, along with an emphasis on simplicity. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, learning this language can help you achieve new heights of success in the software engineering field.

There are various paths you can take with a Java Programming Degree, each with its own set of benefits. Let’s take a look at the popular options:

Java Programming Certificate

Duration 0.5 to 1 Year
Prerequisites Basic understanding of computer science
  • Introductory Java Programming
  • Intermediate Java Programming
  • Java Design Patterns
  • AJAX Programming
  • Unified Modeling Language
  • Object-Oriented Analysis


This is the most direct way of gaining knowledge regarding this language. These programs are typically designed for individuals who already have a basic understanding of computer science and know the foundational concepts of computer programming languages. This certification program would enable students to explore the development of Java applications for various websites and client servers.

The learning with this qualification is vast. Even though this is typically a shorter duration program, it has a focused study plan that helps develop knowledge in specific computer science related areas. Here is an overview of what a certificate program in Java Programming might teach you:

  • Basic syntax of the Java language
  • Concepts such as interaction, abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and patterns
  • Typically used class libraries for working with strings and numbers
  • Data structures and integration libraries to manipulate and store data, communicate over a network and connect to databases
  • Advanced concepts such as logging, multithreading, regular expressions and distributed objects

Associate of Science in Computer Programming

Duration 2 years
Prerequisites High School Diploma or Equivalent


  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Scripting Languages
  • Advanced Java and C++ programming
  • Visual Basic Programming
  • Web Development

This program in computer programming is ideal for those looking for entry level jobs in the field. It introduces students to Java, along with an overview of the entire field of computer science. Basic concepts relating to computer operating systems and data management are usually covered in an associate degree in computer programming. Courses would cover Java, C++, Visual Basic and Linux. It must be noted that associate degree programs in Java Programming are rare and are mostly designed to act as a path for aspiring bachelor’s students.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming

Duration 4 years

High School Diploma and strong standardized test scores

  • Computer operating systems
  • Java programming and Java servlets
  • SQL fundamentals
  • Computer programming languages
  • Database development
  • Server pages programming

A bachelor’s degree in Java programming would typically involve a wide range of topics regarding computer studies. This is a well-rounded degree that covers major computer science related topics, theories, principles and concepts. Students are also exposed to business courses to help them develop the marketability of their computer skills. Developing algorithms, testing, maintaining and documenting codes are some of the tasks that students in this program would be taught to carry out.

Popular Careers in Java Programming

Computer programmers are required by nearly every other organization in the industry that requires and runs computer applications and software programs. Computer programmers are typically required to carry out the following tasks:

  • Correct errors and making appropriate changes to the program to make sure it is producing the required results
  • Carry out test runs of software applications to ensure they will operate in the manner they are intended to
  • Write and update computer programs or software to handle specific jobs in an organization, such as tracking inventory, storing date or controlling machinery
  • Write and analyze computer programs using charts and diagrams, knowledge of computer capabilities or symbolic logic
  • Carry out revisions, repairs and expansion processes to improve the efficiency of software

Career Outlook for Computer Programmers

Median Wages (2015) $79,530 per annum
Employment (2014) 329,000 employees
Projected Growth (2014-2024) -2%
Projected Job Openings (2014-2024) 81,000

Top Industries (2014)

  • Professional
  • Scientific
  • Technical Services
  • Information Services

* Source: O*NET OnLine

The decline in job growth for computer programmers is mainly due to the fact that this job can be done from anywhere in the world and employers have started outsourcing to countries where wages are lower.

Similar Occupations for Java Programmers


2015 Median Pay

Computer and Information Research Scientists


Computer and Information Systems Managers


Computer Hardware Engineers


Computer Network Architects


Computer Support Specialists


Computer Systems Analysts


Database Administrators


*Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Java Projects that Changed the World

Over the last ten years, several projects have dominated the Java world, the realm of software development and even the daily lives of end users. Let’s take a look at some of these projects:

  • JUnit: JUnit, the effort of Kent Beck and Erich Gamma, is mainly responsible for popularizing test-driven development in the last decade. Many implementations of this have been created in other languages over the passage of time.
  • Eclipse: In the early 2000s, Eclipse IDE became a way for programmers to negotiate the growing Java ecosystem. It was the first major project to use the SWT UI toolkit. Eclipse has now evolved with a goal of being a universal IDE.
  • Spring: The Spring Framework has made it easy for Java developers to manage balance between simplicity and features. It gives Java developers a number of services that provide commonly used application functionality such as transaction management and data access.
  • Solr: The Solr server, along with the Lucene search engine within it has been the simple and handy solution to providing search abilities to enterprise and web applications.
  • Hudson and Jenkins: Initially developed as Hudson, this continuous integration tool is an important part of a Java development setup. It provides automated build and testing of a software project and enables agile development on the Java platform.

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