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What is visual merchandising?
Visual merchandising is managing the presentation and display of goods for sale. This means arranging and combining different elements of the environment such as space, color, display etc in such a way that will promote the sale of goods. This includes display of goods in retail stores, food chains, etc.

Degrees in visual merchandising
There are many schools that offer degrees for individuals who want to become a visual merchandiser. Following are the degrees:

  • Bachelors in visual merchandising
  • Masters in visual merchandising

Bachelors in visual merchandising
In this program, students are taught how to sell goods and services by using appealing displays. They are taught the fundamentals of consumer behavior and psychology. Students will understand why and how customer’s psychology works so that best means of approaching them can be determined.  From a marketing perspective, students gain all theoretical knowledge about marketing and management. A lot of focus is set on the artistic expression, creativity, and marketing ability of students. Main courses studied throughout the program include:

Masters degree in visual merchandising

Students who enroll in this program will learn new concepts and trends of visual merchandising. They will experience learning through a combination of lectures, workshops and visits. This course teaches students the importance of visual merchandising in the retail market. They will be taught how to combine different elements such as colors, lights, props, etc to create images and attract customers. Some of the courses studied in this program are:

  • Merchandising research methodology
  • Strategic advertising
  • Retail marketing
  • International merchandising
  • Consumer psychology
  • Brand management
  • Merchandising management trends

Diplomas and certificates in merchandising
Visual merchandisers can earn diplomas and certificates in this field. These short courses are more specific and focus on the main area of study. The program offers a more professional and practical approach towards learning visual merchandising. Students develop understanding of the following points:

  • Elements of display
  • Industry
  • Product presentation
  • Designing and construction of props

Best visual merchandising schools
Some of the top schools where individuals can earn degrees in visual merchandising are:

  • University of Arizona
  • Central Michigan university
  • Texas tech university
  • LIM college NY

Career prospects for visual merchandiser

A visual merchandiser can avail job opportunities such as:

  • Visual merchandiser assistant
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Coordinator
  • Director
  • Merchandising manager
  • Product manager

The salary in this profession ranges from $20,000 to $50,000 per annum.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Visual Merchandising Program?

Many schools in the United States, such as the Central Michigan University, the Sam Houston State University and the Johnson Community College, are offering a degree or a short course in Fashion & Visual Merchandising. Students can enroll in a 4-year Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA), with a major in Fashion Merchandising and Design or a 1-year Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Visual Merchandising. Students can also enroll in visual merchandising certificate programs, which consist of approximately 25 program hours.

What Are the Requirements to Complete a Visual Merchandising Program?

In order to obtain a Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA), with major in Fashion Merchandising and Design, students are required to complete 124 credits, and in order to obtain a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Visual Merchandising, students are required to complete 24 credits. They have to study modules like Fashion Fundamentals, Aesthetics for Merchandising and Design, Store Planning, Retail Management, History of Costume, Apparel Construction, Fashion Illustration, and Computer Aided Apparel Design.

How Much Can I Make after Completing a Visual Merchandising Program?

As the fashion industry is expanding all over the world, the demand for talented and creative visual merchandisers is on the rise. According to O*NET, the annual median pay of Merchandise Displayers and Window Trimmers was $28,450 in 2018. In 2016, 141,000 individuals were employed in this field. The projected job openings in this field between 2016 and 2026 are 13,600.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you name a few visual merchandising schools?

A:Top visual merchandising schools include institutes like Texas Tech University, University of Arizona, Central Michigan University, American InterContinental University and Ashworth Career School.

Q:How to become a Visual Merchandiser?

A:To become a Visual Merchandiser, you will need to get enrolled in a visual merchandising school. You can take up diplomas, certificates or short courses in the field for a brief introduction to the subject and a quick entry into the workforce. However, to get a proper degree program, you can take up the associate, bachelor, and/or the masters in visual merchandising degree program.

Q:Please tell me about the programs offered by some of best schools for Visual Merchandising?

A:The most basic degree offered by a large majority of Visual Merchandising schools is the 2 years associate degree that provides basic knowledge on consumer behavior and planning and controlling merchandise. The associate's degree sets the basis for pursuing the bachelor's degree in Visual Merchandising. The bachelor level degrees provide in-depth info to students about the shopping habits of individuals and techniques to influence the buying behaviors such as creative store designs. Besides, the most advanced level and extensive degree offered by a limited number of Visual Merchandising schools is the master's degree, which trains students to conduct trend analysis and prepares them for rewarding careers such as: art director or interior designer.

Q:Can I pursue the Visual Merchandising online degree at a recognized school/university?

A:Various recognized universities offering distance learning programs in Visual Merchandising are listed on our website. Students can easily apply at the university/school that offers their desired degree program. The commonly offered degrees include the Associate or Bachelor in Visual Merchandising.

Q:What is the purpose of the online Visual Merchandising courses?

A:The online Visual Merchandising courses offer various attractive options to students. They allow them to take up work opportunities alongside completing education. Students get to make their own schedules, therefore, they do not have to worry about the course content and the speed. Students also get to save quite a bit with the online Visual Merchandising courses.

Q:As I read an article on what is a visual merchandiser, there was mention of the course on Microeconomics. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Microeconomics while going through the article on what is a Visual Merchandiser. This course usually is worth 2 credits. It is designed to provide students with ample understanding of the functioning of individual markets and the effectiveness of the resource allocation. Hands on experience is also added in the course.

Q:I need information on how to become a Visual Merchandiser?

A:Visual Merchandiser is an up and coming field and this is why many schools are offering various degrees and programs in this field of work. Students interested in pursuing this field can opt for a Bachelors in visual merchandising followed by Masters in visual merchandising. These degree programs prepare students for merchandising in retail. They also learn about combining different elements like colors, lights, props, etc to create an attractive images which will pull in customers.

Q:What are the basic skills taught in visual merchandising degree program?

A:The basic skills taught in a visual merchandising program focus on selling a product and how to make customers want that product. These skills come under the field of consumer psychology and behavior, which is an emerging field in marketing. Studying visual merchandising is ideal for students who enjoy studying marketing perspective and theoretical knowledge about marketing and management. Communication skills and visual skills play a an important role in this program.

Q:Tell me about the course structure of a Master's in online visual merchandising degree?

A:Students who enroll in the degree program of online visual merchandising study through a combination of lectures, workshops and visits. Students are taught the art of combining different man made or natural elements to create attention grabbing images and displays to attract customers in a competitive market. Some of the courses taught in this program are: Merchandising research methodology, Strategic advertising, Retail marketing, International merchandising, Consumer psychology, Brand management and Merchandising management trends.

Q:Can you tell me what major subjects I will study in a visual merchandising degree online?

A:A visual merchandising degree is geared towards preparing students for careers as visual merchandisers. These professionals are required in many retail, fashion, and advertisement firms. Some of the courses studied in this degree program include merchandise management, consumer behavior, marketing, visual retailing, marketing, accounting, graphic designing, product development, and promotion techniques.

Q:Visual merchandising online courses will cover what main subjects?

A:Visual merchandising has become an important aspect of marketing. This area holds importance in all kinds of industries. Students who enroll in visual merchandising online courses will undergo a thorough study of subjects such as the following: merchandise management, visual retailing, marketing, consumer behavior, accounting and finance, visual communication, and fashion trends.

Q:Can you tell me about the definition of visual merchandising?

A:Visual merchandising is described as the activity through which displays and promotion plans are designed. These are used in retail outlets to attract customers. Advertisements must be visually appealing and attractive in order to grab a customer's attention. Visual merchandising also includes colors and layout of the store. This area of study is now being offered by many business schools as a specialization area.

Q:If I enroll in one of the best visual merchandising school, will it guarantee me a successful career?

A:No School guarantees a successful career. You career will depend upon your education, degree level, certification, experience, and hard work. If you wish to become a professional in the field of visual merchandising, you should go for at least a bachelor degree or a masters degree. Both programs cover the field thoroughly and aim at prepping students with advanced skills and in-depth knowledge.

Q:I was reading about the different themes Visual Merchandiser, and now I would like to know more about the coursework of a visual merchandiser program. Can you tell me?

A:A visual merchandising degree program allows students to learn about the growing field of retail and display. The program will cover all kinds of topics such as consumer behavior, computer applications, history of fashion, project management, graphic designing, fundamentals of lighting, visual merchandising, sales and costs, fashion retail, commercial codes, and more.

Q:What is the minimum criteria for Visual Merchandiser jobs?

A:Visual merchandisers are professionals who manage displays in retail outlets. Their main job focus is to increase the aesthetic appeal of products displayed in stores. This field has emerged as an important part of promotions and marketing. To become a Visual Merchandiser, one must have a degree in this area, or a certification.

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