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Elearning software and applications are an important part of online education. These programs contribute significantly towards making distance learning extremely effective. Owing to the effectiveness of these applications, online education has become a viable opportunity for learners to equip themselves with knowledge and skills required to excel in different professions. Most of these programs are particularly designed keeping in view the requirements of distance education. There are a number of elearning software programs which are developed to boost active learning. Teachers and developers often collaborate to build elearning software that can facilitate the learning process in the best possible manner. Elearning software and applications assist instructors conducting quizzes, lectures, presentations, and exams.

Feature of Different Elearning Software Programs
You can find a number of elearning software solutions in the market. There are a variety of Elearning software and applications designed to serve various purposes. Some elearning software programs help you to create high quality e-learning products very easily. You can learn to use these programs quickly as they are very user friendly. They allow you to make presentations along with animations as well as Flash files. Also, they give you the power to manage questions of different types.

There are some other elearning software programs which enable you to create elearning courses without the need of the know-how of multimedia or programming.  They also have a number of advanced features including:

  • Text-to-speech functionality
  • Output files in an extensive array of file formats like AVI
  • Customization of widgets

The files formats like AVI enable you to publish your videos on the web. The feature of customizing the widgets is extremely helpful. It can be done by means of programs like Adobe Flash. The content authors can use them to customize the programs in order to meet particular need of a course. You can also make presentations and import them as well. Some elearning software programs also have built in templates which makes it very convenient to provide quality learning material without making major changes. Certain programs also offer automated tools such as:
  • Title wizards
  • Media library
  • Resource manager
  • Table of contents

Advantages of Elearning Software
The importance of elearning software is synonymous to the significance of online learning. They encourage the learners to take up different online courses and perk up their knowledge and skill. The students can learn at their own pace and convenience in the online courses. For the professionals, this mode of learning is also a great blessing as they can upgrade their knowledge and skill in order to stay ahead in the arena of fierce competition. The elearning software facilitates learning and can ease the load of studies. It also makes learning process more interactive and realistic. As the courses provided by these programs are very exhaustive, the learners are facilitated in the best possible manner in to acquaint themselves will desirable knowledge.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:My search on Software Development Master programs lead me to Masters in Software Analysis and Development program. Can you tell me the course work?

A:The course work of Software Development Master program is extensive. In this two year degree program, you will get to discuss courses such as, algorithmic problem solving, introduction to business information systems, database analysis and design, software development practices, professional issues in information technology, software architectures and design, software deployment and evolution and introduction to artificial intelligence.

Q:Can you give me some basic information related to Elearning software?

A:Elearning software plays an important part in online education. It contributes significantly by making online learning more effective for students. Elearning software programs are designed by keeping in mind the needs of students. Teachers and developers work together to come up with Elearning softwares. These softwares are quite useful in conducting quizzes, lectures, presentations, and exams.

Q:What are the benefits of an elearning nursing software?

A:E- Learning softwares are particularly useful for students to enhance their knowledge and skill. The students can learn at their own pace and convenience in the online courses. For professionals, like nurses, the e learning nursing software can be helpful as through this mode of learning is nurses can upgrade their learning and skill in order to stay abreast with the latest medical knowledge .

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