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In a fast moving environment, training and up to date information is not only a requirement but a key differentiator among companies, teams and even individuals. Information is a resource and objective that all people in all spheres of life try to obtain. It is critical that the right agents, trainers and classroom specialists are picked to cater to the ongoing challenges of the world market. Not all the so called experts in the market have the ability, resources and the meaningful experiences that can create the primal advantages that drive success in the market.
Landmark education has taken upon the challenge to address the gap in the market regarding quality training and provide the masses with extensive information, curriculum and education that can pave the way to a more robust and effective environment. Though it is still a private company located in the San Francisco bay, it has grown exponentially with presence in over 20 countries all over the world.  

            Landmark Education has been in the market since the last 17 years and has grown their business both in terms of revenue and human resources. Landmark education main target is the individuals rather than organizations. The company has a subsidiary called the Vento Group that caters to the corporate level training requirements. Both companies have been extremely successful in terms of increasing market share and creating a certain niche in the market.
Like many known brands in the market, Landmark Education's Charter refers to the organization as "a global enterprise whose purpose is to empower and enable people and organizations to generate and fulfill new possibilities”. The company thrives in providing superior quality education to the masses and ensures that the individuals take back a true experience. Millions of students across the world have taken full advantage of the classes and curriculum ranging from personal growth classes to empowerment of the mind. All of the documentation is copyright and cannot be used by other education specialists in the field.
One of the benefits of working for Landmark is the stock benefits that the corporation provides the valued employees. Since the company is privately owned, the employees enjoy certain latitude that might not be applicable to people who work for larger corporations. The corporation also boasts of using the financial gains in honing the courses and researching new ideas and concepts to further evaluate and empower the individuals. The people who work at the company have to take certain amount of classes to stay on board and use the courses to further improve their processes and mindset.

  • One of the mechanisms that Landmark uses to increase its market share is through word of mouth and testimonials of students that have been extremely satisfied with the training and courses. Extensive researches have been done in the field to conclude the benefits of the training sessions in the long run. A recent study led by Dr. Javier Bajer concluded that within two years of participating in a 3 day program, individuals have shown as significantly higher levels of self-esteem, motivation, and self-confidence. And the overall momentum and skill set has allowed the individuals to perform duties and tasks that were once not achievable before.

Landmark education plays an important part in changing the very roles of modern man in the way of their thinking and their thoughts to change and move the internal workings of themselves as well as their corporations. Courses like “Being Extraordinary” and “Commitment - The Pathway to Adventure” have become instant success stories. Other courses in the Landmark education curriculum are “Creativity – Life by design” and “Excellence – In the zone”. Both of these particular courses have received international recognition for their merit and quality of training material. Many other courses exist that demonstrate various forms and flavors of leadership. The course work has extended towards marriage life and other personal habits that play a pivotal part in one’s life. Some courses are also geared towards establishing and improving the basic ingredients of life like playing the game with true spirit and mind. The rules of engagement is to qualify the material as thought provoking as well as materializing into more fruitful means of improving one’s own belief system. Each person is key to developing and improving on their own internal system of peace, tranquility and excellence. Hard work is performed and extensive research takes place to further improve these courses to meet and exceed the expectations of the valued customers all over the world. The impact of these classes should be able to last for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How does Landmark Education help in professional careers?

A:Landmark Education is emphasizes professional and personal development. These programs help individuals and professionals gain confidence in their career and become more productive. They gain insight about various improvement techniques and self development concepts. The programs are more industry oriented and take the shape of training programs. These are offered by a number of vocational schools and colleges.

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