Instructional Technology Graduate

As an Instructional Technology graduate, you can pursue a thriving career in the education sector. You can find a number of rewarding jobs in schools, colleges and government sectors where you can find leadership positions. The growing demand for professionals with advanced degrees in this discipline enables an Instructional Technology graduate to establish a prolific career.

Training Programs for Instructional Technology Graduates
To qualify as an Instructional Technology graduate you need to get into a master’s degree program in this field of specialization. A Master’s degree program in Instructional Technology is offered by campus based as well as online institutes. You can choose a learning route according to your own suitability. Some of the courses covered in an Instructional Technology master’s program are:

Selection and integration of materials
Visual design principles
Integration of technology into education
Media projects for real-life situations
Implementation of emerging technologies

Job Opportunities for Instructional Technology Graduates
There are scores of job opportunities for Instructional Technology graduates. Once you earn a master’s degree you can work as an:

Educational consultant
Instructional material designer
E-learning specialist
Instructional Technology consultant

You can earn up to $90,000 per year as an Instructional Technology graduate. Also, you will receive a number of career benefits with a master’s degree in this field of specialization. Instructional Technology graduates also have scores of opportunities for growth. They can go for advanced degrees such as PhD program and find the most rewarding jobs in the education settings.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you name a few popular job positions for Instructional Technology Graduates?

A:Instructional Technology Graduates can apply for the following popular jobs in this field: training coordinator, instructional designer, web and multimedia designer, technology support specialist, education software specialist, e-learning consultant, games developer, assessment professional, human technologies performance technologies manager, and museum education specialist. These jobs are available in a number of educational institutions.

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