Instructional Technology Degree

Earning an Instructional Technology degree can lead you to a lucrative career. You can find scores of jobs in different fields once you receive a degree in this field of specialization. Owing to the growing demand of professionals with education in Instructional Technology, career prospects in this field have become extremely bright. This is why earning an Instructional Technology degree helps you to establish a promising career with scores of growth opportunities.

Types of Instructional Technology Degree Programs
There are a number of Instructional Technology degree programs that you can choose from. Some of them include:
Bachelor’s degree programs in instructional technology
Master’s degree programs in instructional technology
PhD degree programs in instructional technology
These degree programs in Instructional Technology are offered by campus based as well as online schools.

Instructional Technology Degree Online
Other than the regular route, you can also choose to earn an Instructional Technology degree online. There are various online institutes that offer degrees in this discipline. Compared to the regular colleges, earning an Instructional Technology degree online provides you with more flexibility and convenience. You can enroll in the online programs from any location and complete a course at your own pace. Also, you can study at your own timings and thus manage your personal commitments along with your studies.

Career Prospects
Once you earn an Instructional Technology degree you can work as an:

Educational consultant
Instructional designer
Instructional Technology consultant
E-learning specialist

You can earn $58,000 to $90,000 per year and also receive several career benefits.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are students expected to study in a Instructional Technology Degree program?

A:An Instructional Technology Degree program equips students with knowledge on technology and how to incorporate it into curriculum development. Following are mentioned a list of important topics studied in this program: curriculum planning design, teaching and resources, technology integration, multimedia designs, foundations of technology, web based teaching, design and pedagogy, and multimedia technologies.

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