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Custom Elearning refers to the development of software for the education and training of students, employees and working professionals. These applications are widely used by schools, universities and businesses around the world. Custom elearning solutions play a vital role in the success of many educational institutions. It utilizes proven educational methods to develop the training programs of various organizations. Elearning plays a vital role in the success of companies by providing its workforce with the training and skills required to succeed in today’s highly demanding market. The goal of elearning is also to communicate messages to the entire workforce of an organization and to make them aware of the company philosophy and strategy. Elearning may even be used to efficiently distribute information such as new product specifications, product updates, or updated policies, etc.

Custom elearning is developed by a group of developers working together with the organization’s management. This is followed by a period of research in which tests may be carried out to design the most efficient tools for a particular organization. Developers need to put a learning management system in place as well, to track records of the employee progression and the success of a particular program. Elearning programs may be text based for some operations, while they may need to be highly interactive and engaging for others. It is up to the developers to create a program which meets the customer’s requirements.

Among the new technologies that are rapidly gaining ground in the world of custom elearning, is ‘Flash’ which is well known to most people as a graphics enhancer that allows you to play games, watch videos and do a number of other interactive activities online. By using flash in elearning programs, sophisticated simulations, dynamic testing, learning games and other materials can be developed which keep the audience engaged in the learning experience. Flash based graphs and charts provide a realistic view of various figures and can be easily used to identify a trend in any particular line. Additionally, flash based elearning programs provide dynamic testing for students with instant feedback and results. It is also easier to keep track of a person’s progress and the overall effectiveness of a program. Large corporations such as Google, Microsoft and others, use flash based elearning programs for their employees and executives.

Another emerging trend is the use of devices such as cell phones and other mobile electronic devices for elearning. In order to reach a busy workforce that may not have the time required for attending long meetings or training sessions inside the office, mobile based elearning is an effective and highly successful method. This allows people to take training sessions while on the go. The increased availability of smart phones and handheld devices like the ‘iPad’ have brought about a revolution in the world of elearning by dramatically changing the way in which training can be conducted. All in all, custom elearning is a great way to train new employees, and develop the skills of existing employees and executives to meet the requirements and challenges of the rapidly changing marketplace.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:While going through the custom e-learning programs, there was mention of the course on Fundamentals of Management. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Fundamentals of Management while going through the Custom E-Learning plans. This course usually is worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with strong understanding of the skill based approaches to how to perform decision making and also the concepts of management planning.

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