Computer Typography Degree

If you are interested in working with computers and acquiring designing skills, then a degree in computer typography may be the right one for you. With a degree in computer typography, you can be employed as a graphic designer, a desktop publisher, or a print publisher. Both certificates and degree programs are available in computer typography.

Career Overview

Computer typographers can find work as graphic designers at publishing companies, advertising agencies and printing establishments. Typographers' skills and artistic talent enables them to design everything from book covers to promotional materials like posters, design flyers, special invitations and business cards. A lot of typographers work at advertising agencies and are hired to do this kind of work for big corporations.

Employment and Salary Outlook

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical entry-level education required to become a graphic designer is a bachelor's degree in a related field. The number of graphic designer jobs available in 2016 was 266,300. During 2016 and 2026, the number of jobs available in the industry is expected to increase by 11,100.

The median wage for graphic designers as of May 2018 was $50,370 per annum and $24.21 per hour. The lowest ten percent of graphic designers earn less than $29,610 and the highest ten percent earned $85,760 per year.

In May 2018, most graphic designers were found working for/in advertising, public relations, specialized design services, newspapers, periodicals, books, directory publishing and printing.

How can I work in Computer Typography?

To work in the computer typography field, you need to invest your time and effort in the right kind of education.

Certificate and Associate's Degrees

Associate's degrees and certificate programs in computer typography are difficult to find. On the other hand, degrees in graphic design and computer science can be good alternatives to a computer typography degree.

Applicants to an associate's degree in graphic design are expected to hold a high school diploma as well as meet the minimum GPA requirement to gain admission. During your associate's degree, you may come across the following list of courses:

•    Design and drawing

•    Color Theory

•    Photography and typography

•    Computer programming

•    Design history

•    Portfolio design

Bachelor's Degrees

A bachelor's program in graphic design will prepare you for a career as a designer or a typographer. This program generally lasts for four years and involves advanced learning about fonts, designing and computer software. During the program, you may encounter the following courses:

•    Art history

•    Web design

•    Typography

•    2-D and 3-D design

Certificate in Computer Typography

A certificate in computer typography is a good choice for those who want to learn a skill quickly without investing too much time in to their program. Typically, a certificate will include three to four courses, accumulating to 15 credit hours. However, to get a certificate in graphic design, you will likely have to complete 36 credit hours and get a minimum GPA of 2.0. It could take from 1 to 5 years to get this certificate in graphic design.

Master's degree programs

If you want to get a master's degree with a focus on computer typography, you can get your master's in Science in Communications Design. This will prepare you for an advanced understanding of computer typography and design. Courses you may be expected to take will include art history, digital design and visual communications.

Meta Description: To become a computer typographer, you could get an associate's, bachelor's or a master's degree in graphic design. Find out more about the occupation here.

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