Technical College

What is a Technical College?
A technical college is an institute that offers vocational skills mainly in the technical and mechanical fields at a post secondary level. Technical education became particularly important after the second World War when heavy industrialization took place. Skilled people were high in demand; those who could understand the trade and skillfully carry out manufacture and production of the goods produced by the industry. A Technical College usually offers no more than a two year long course in the field of a person’s choice. 

The minimum requirement to enroll in a technical college is usually a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification. Courses offered in a technical college focus on developing a particular skill that can train a person in effectively applying that expertise to a job. It may also be possible to transfer credits earned at a technical college into a four-year college and transition into a Bachelor program. 
Cost of Attending a Technical College
Technical Colleges are usually funded nationally or by the state. Thus fees may be very low or training might be completely free of cost. However, some technical colleges are private and for-profit institutes and may charge a fee from its students. This fee will again vary from state to state, college to college and also from subject to subject. 
Benefit of Attending a Technical College

  1. By attending a Technical College, a person develops professional skills that help him/her build a career out of the skill they have learned. People can also join them mid career to hone their desired skills and thus move into jobs that they would like to do.
  2. An employer will usually hire a high school graduate who has attended technical college than someone who has no particular training for the skill required for the job.
  3. Technical college takes no more than two years to complete which means that students can start earning their own income in a shorter time than they would if they attended a four-year college. This is very important for those people who have other people dependent on them for support. When times are better, they can always enroll in a college; maybe even by transferring credits earned in technical college which would allow them to complete their college requirements much earlier too. If they take their college degrees online, they do not even have to leave their jobs.
  4. Courses taught in a technical college are very job-oriented. Employment rates for technical college graduates are promisingly high.
  5. Grades are not as much an issue when applying to a technical college as they are for admission into a college. If you managed to obtain a high school diploma, chances are you can get into a technical college regardless of the grades you got.

Online Technical Colleges
Many technical colleges also offer training over the internet. This is beneficial for students who already have a job but want to improve their career prospective by gaining some formal training. Online technical colleges allow them to hold their job and still manage to obtain training with the schedule that suits them.
Of course, for fields requiring hands on experience, some online technical colleges may require some face-to-face interaction with the instructors. In other courses, practical training might be simulated and taught to students in an interactive manner over a virtual instruction medium.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:My search on technical skills for managers led me to Master of Project Management program. Can you guide me about the course work?

A:It is common to come across the reference of programs such as master of Project Management in search like technical skills for Managers. Master of Project Management is a two year graduate program consisting of a number of courses. Some of them are, project management fundamentals, managing people in the information age, contemporary management and managerial finances.

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