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About Public Policy Schools
Public Policy Education is essentially needed to learn the fundamentals of good governance. Public Policy Schools across the US are focused at providing the students with a sound theoretical and practical knowledge base to pursue a career in this field. In order to foster national progress and to face global challenges, the formation and implementation of effective public policy is critical. Schools of Public Policy offer bachelors and masters degree programs to aspiring professionals. Students that are interested in distance learning can even take up online courses to achieve their educational goals.

Coursework and Structure
Top Public Policy Schools offer courses such as:

  • Public Administration
  • Political Economy
  • Organizational Communications
  • Statistical Methods for Policy Research
  • Economic Growth and Development

The research based information provided by the faculty can significantly improve your knowledge base in Public Policy. Through real world case studies, the quantitative and analytical skills of the students get enhanced. In order to enhance the problem solving capabilities of the students, class discussions and exercises can enrich the learning experience of the students at Public Policy Schools. The students are motivated to come up with revolutionary ideas in policy formation, analysis and administration. A competent public policy officer is expected to resolve public concerns relating to education, environment, health and government. You can work towards earning a bachelor’s, masters or a doctorate degree in Public Policy to increase their chances of being hired to an appropriate job in a related field.

Some Schools of Public Policy may provide financial aid to their students to meet their educational costs. Every school has its own financial aid resources that may include Federal and Private Loans. Apart from loans, many capable students are awarded scholarships and grants that do not have to be repaid.

Career Prospects
Public officers can contribute immensely towards a country’s wellbeing by conducting analyses and taking administrative measures against the findings in areas such as:

  • Health Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • International Trade

Public Policy is a very critical subject in the US. Talented individuals with great insight and understanding of the subject can expect to find many suitable career opportunities nationwide. Many reputable employers in private and public sectors seek to hire individuals with suitable educational backgrounds. A bachelor’s or master’s degree from Top Public Policy Schools can improve your prospects of availing opportunities in the following areas:

  • Federal Agencies
  • Congress
  • Scientific Societies
  • Federal Education Department

According to O*NET, professionals working in a related occupation such as urban and regional planning have a median annual wage of $65,230 as of 2012.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which are good public policy schools to pursue a Bachelors or a Masters Degree in United States?

A:There are numerous well-accredited schools in United States offering Bachelors and/or Masters Degree programs in Public Policy. Harvard Kennedy School, Carnegie Mellon University, New York University, Kansas University, University of South California, University of Michigan, Duke University and University of Georgia are good examples.

Q:Can you name a few good colleges for Public Policy Degree programs?

A:There are several colleges listed on our website that offer on-campus as well as online Public Policy Degree programs. Here are the names of a few others for your further assistance: University of Maryland, Sanford School of Public Policy, Goldman School of Public Policy and John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Q:Are there any good Public Policy Schools that offer online programs?

A:Yes, several accredited colleges offer online programs like bachelor's and master's of Public Policy. Students can get enrolled in Northwestern University or New England College to study through distance learning programs in Public Policy. These programs provide students with the ease of completing their education at their own pace.

Q:What kind of careers can students start after graduating from public policy schools and completing a public policy training program?

A:There are many different kinds of jobs that can individuals can apply for after earning a degree in public policy training. Some popular jobs are: superintendent of schools, policy adviser to schools and other organizations, environmental consultant, health planner, researcher, community liaison, energy policy research analyst, project manager, and many more.

Q:Which courses are commonly offered at the public policy schools?

A:The public policy schools boast a rigorous curriculum, which allows students to pursue in-depth study of courses like public administration, economic growth and development, business communication, social problems and policy, financial policy analysis, advanced microeconomics, social sciences.

Q:Can you name some of the top schools for public policy doctorate degree programs?

A:There are a number of universities that offer degree programs in the field of public policy. The highest ranked public policy schools are: Syracuse University, Harvard University, Princeton University, University of Georgia, University of California, Indiana University, Carnegie Mellon University, Duke University, New York University, University of Chicago, University of Southern California, University of Kansas, University of Michigan, and George Washington University.

Q:I think that I am looking for an online Masters program in Public Policy. I want to earn a Masters degree while still doing my job, what should I do?

A:If you want to pursue a career in Public Policy, you will require a degree in the field. If you are planning on doing the Master in Public Policy online, there are many institutes offering the program. The program is of about two years. Universities offering it online include Walden University Online and Kaplan University Online.

Q:Can you name the Public Policy top schools?

A:There are many schools that are offering specialization in Public Policy. Some of the top names in the field include John F. Kennedy School of Government, University of Maryland, Goldman School of Public Policy and Sanford School of Public Policy. These institutes are offering a very comprehensive course in the field.

Q:My search about public policy schools online mentioned a course in bureaucracy and public management. What is included in this course?

A:Searching about online public policy schools would include a course in bureaucracy and public management. This course deals with issues facing and posed by bureaucracies. The students learn about organizational structure and role of a manager. The course also includes tutorials on troubleshooting and effective organizational skills. Prospective students are requested to search our website for a list of institutions offering this course.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Microeconomics in the top public policy distance learning programs?

A:The top Public Policy Distance Learning programs have dedicated course on Microeconomics. This course is designed to provide students with substantive understanding of the concepts of Microeconomics, with heavy heavy emphasis on functionalities of the individual markets. It is a course worth 3 credits. Hands on experience is also provided in this course.

Q:What kind of jobs do students from top public policy schools get?

A:A degree in public policy allows an individual to work in a number of fields. Some of the jobs that you can apply for are: superintendent of schools, environmental consultant, researcher, policy adviser to schools, energy policy research analyst and project manager. Students who graduate from top schools have a much better chance of landing more lucrative jobs.

Q:What kind of career can I look forward to after getting a degree from some of the best public policy schools?

A:Public policy can be described as the administrative branches of the state that handle judicial, constitutional, and institutional law. With a degree in this field, one can look forward to a number of government jobs in areas such as the following: domestic policy, nuclear proliferation, international affairs, global governance, economic development, sociology, international relations, and law.

Q:What options do I have with regards to career if I go to public policy school?

A:Students acquiring education in the public policy sector have a host of options to choose from with regards to the career paths they can take. Some of the most prominent jobs in the field include lobbyists, policy researchers, non-profit employees, development associates, legislators and politicians and political staff. They can also work as policy makers in the fields of law, economics and development.

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