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Introduction to Fashion
Fashion is a common name for a currently admired style or practice, mainly in garments, foot wear and accessories. Fashion relates to anything that is a recent trend in the looks and dress up of an individual. With the ever increasing commercialism, citizens prefer following fashion and eagerly anticipate updates in trends. The fashion industry is a result of the new age. There has been an immense increase in fashion sense with the rise of contemporary technologies such as the sewing machine, the increase in global capitalism and the growth of the factory system of production. Be it the runways in New York and Milan or the streets of Paris and Tokyo full of trend-savvy individuals, fashion is the definitive artistic expression of individuality and style.

Fashion Degrees
The fashion industry has grown so much that now it is a professional qualification, a much sought after one. The most common fashion degrees include associates, bachelors (BFA) and masters (MFA) in fashion designing. Following are some of the most sought after fashion degree programs:

  • Advanced Fashion Design
  • Entertainment Set Design & Decoration
  • Film & TV Costume Design
  • Footwear Design
  • International Manufacturing & Product Development
  • Theatre Costume Design

You can also study the programs online, that is much more flexible and cheaper. The online program is the preferred choice of those who are employed. In these degree programs, the students learn hands-on, practical skills such as fashion sketching, draping, creative design and pattern drafting, besides the theoretical skills essential to be successful in this exceptionally creative and exciting career.

Renowned Fashion Colleges
It is compulsory to study the fashion degree from recognized and renowned fashion colleges to have an edge over others in the job market. Studying from famous fashion colleges makes it possible to work for fashion giants such as Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Giorgio Armani and GAP.  Having a sound knowledge of the fashion industry also helps a student start a private business after completion of the course. Some of the best fashion colleges in the United States include:

  • Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM)
  • Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)
  • Academy of Art University
  • California College of The Arts
  • LIM College
  • The Art Institutes

Most of these colleges also offer scholarships, grants and other financial aid to eligible students. Therefore, it is advised to apply much prior to the deadline of applying for admission.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the kinds of careers that are accessible after graduating from fashion designing colleges?

A:Fashion design colleges open a world of possibilities for their graduates as a number of careers become accessible after graduation. Some of the possible career choices for graduates are art directors, craft and fine artists, fashion designers, graphic designers, industrial designers, interior designers, design director, visual merchandising director, pattern-maker, technical knitwear designer and fashion editor.

Q:Are there any good fashion designing schools or colleges in Texas?

A:Texas is home to many renowned institutes that are offering fashion design degrees. The growing fashion industry is attracting many young aspiring individuals nowadays. Hundreds of students can be seen enrolling in fashion degrees at undergraduate and graduate level to help them prepare for fashion careers. Browse through our page for more detail.

Q:Which degree programs are usually offered by fashion colleges in usa?

A:Fashion colleges in usa offer various types of fashion degrees. These include programs such as advanced fashion design, film and TV costume design, entertainment set design and decoration, international manufacturing and product development, footware design, and theatre costume design. Apart from traditional campus-based programs, many of these programs can be taken online as well.

Q:What is the usual curriculum of some of the degrees offered by a fashion college?

A:A fashion college usually offers associates, bachelors, and master's degrees in fashion, as well as various certificate programs. These programs may offer the option to specialize in a particular fashion segment. The areas may include advanced fashion design, film and TV costume design, footwear design, international manufacturing, product development, or theater costume design.

Q:What are famous degree programs in colleges that have fashion design?

A:In colleges that cater to fashion design, the famous degree programs offered include theater costume design, advanced fashion design, entertainment set design & decoration, footwear design, International manufacturing & product development as well as Film & TV costume design among other courses. Students can choose their area of specialization and take courses accordingly.

Q:How can I search for fashion schools in the US?

A:If you want to look for fashion schools in the US, it is important to keep in mind some important factors. Do a little research on factors like the repute of school, cost, faculty, coursework, and specializations offered. You may also contact the alumni to get a better idea about a fashion school. Online education can also be your option, as it is both flexible and cost effective.

Q: I am looking for colleges with fashion programs. Can you tell me some of the fashion degrees offered in fashion colleges?

A:The demand for fashion degrees is on the rise with the increasing awareness and growth of the fashion industry. There are many fashion degree programs available in a number of accredited colleges and these degrees include Film and TV Costume Design, footwear design, theater costume design, international manufacturing and product development, advanced fashion design as well as entertainment set design and decoration among many others.

Q:I saw the color theory course offered in the online fashion design schools. Can you tell me what this course will teach me?

A:The color theory course offered in the online fashion design schools deals with the application and significance of color in fashion design. In this course, students study the psychological, cultural and social implications of color. They also study about the impact of combining different colors and read different color theories that they can apply in their work.

Q:I was reading an article about fashion degree online US, and I saw a specialization area termed as "fashion merchandising". What is this?

A:There are many different areas in fashion that you can opt for as a specialization area. Fashion merchandising is a popularly growing area. In this field, you will learn about various positioning strategies used in fashion retail outlets. You also acquire knowledge about handling fashion supply chains, inventories, and stock management.

Q:What will I be taught in fashion design schools online?

A:The trend of a studying Fashion has become popular and a formal degree in this field is accepted by big fashion houses. The degrees available in this field range from associates to bachelors (BFA) degrees and from masters (MFA) to diploma in fashion. Some of the most popular fashion degree programs are: Advanced Fashion Design, Entertainment Set Design & Decoration, Film & TV Costume Design, Footwear Design, International Manufacturing & Product Development, and Theatre Costume Design.

Q:Is it beneficial to go for fashion design colleges online?

A:Online fashion design colleges may be suitable for those who want to learn fashion designing skills at their own convenient time and do not want to disrupt their work schedules. Online programs are also more cost efficient. Before making the choice of online college, the accreditation of the institute must be checked.

Q:Online fashion colleges offer what different specialization areas?

A:Fashion Colleges offer a range of fashion related specialization areas to aspiring students. If you are planning to enroll in a fashion college, you can pick from the following main specialization areas: fashion merchandising, fashion business, fashion arts, fashion business management, fashion design, crafts and textiles design, visual merchandising arts, fashion techniques and design, and international fashion development management.

Q:What are the degree options offered by online fashion schools?

A:If you are a high school graduate you should look to enroll in a bachelor's or an associate degree which will take four years and two years to complete respectively. Students who have completed their bachelor's can look for a master's degree. Apart from degree options students can also look for diplomas.

Q:What are some of the degree courses taught at fashion and design colleges?

A:Due to the rapid growth of the fashion industry, it is now a formal degree course offered by most of the colleges online as well as on-campus. Some of the most common degree courses are associates, bachelors (BFA) and masters (MFA) in fashion designing. Here are some of the most popular fashion degree programs at the moment: Advanced Fashion Design, Entertainment Set Design & Decoration, Film & TV Costume Design, Footwear Design, International Manufacturing & Product Development and Theatre Costume Design.

Q:Which are the best universities for fashion?

A:This is an extremely subjective question, as different students have different needs and different criteria for selecting a university or college. Conventional advice would be to only consider those colleges whose programs are accredited and recognized by a trade organization. There are some websites that offer reviews and ranking which can also help.

Q:What shall I look for when considering a college for fashion design?

A:Different students/ individuals have different criteria when selecting a college or course, as it is quite a subjective decision. Some students are concerned with the reputation of the faculty, whereas others place more importance on the course content or the affordability of the course. You should work out what is most important for you and then see which course/ program meets your needs.

Q:Which is the best fashion design university in America?

A:There are a number of universities, and colleges, which are highly regarded by the fashion industry. They are regarded this highly due to a number of factors. Sometimes it is the reputation of the faculty, or former students. This website only features the most highly regarded colleges in the US.

Q:Can the best fashion designing colleges teach me all I need to know for a career in fashion?

A:No school or college program can teach you all that you need to know as there is no way of predicting what future holds. Nevertheless, a good fashion college will be able to give you a broad education of how the industry works and equip with you with a solid foundation. Of course, fashion design requires talent which no-one can teach you.

Q:Are the best fashion schools the cheapest?

A:This is certainly not the case and, in fact, is almost never the case. The best fashion schools for you would be those school that offer programs that you will find most suitable for your needs, at a price that is affordable in accordance with your budget. You should keep an open mind as cost is rarely a good indicator.

Q:Do the best colleges fashion design offer associate level degrees online? Can I opt for Fashion Merchandising at this particular level?

A:Associate degrees offered by some of the best colleges Fashion Design are available online. Through these courses students are able to attend virtual classes without having to rush off to campuses and continue with their current jobs. Associate degree is available online in your required discipline. Fashion Merchandising Management (associate degree) takes two years to complete and consists of between 65 to 70 credits depending which college you opt for.

Q:Why is going to some of the best colleges for fashion designing so important? Cant I do a number of courses instead of a degree and get by in the industry?

A:It is true that some of the most well respected designers don't have degrees under their belt but today's fashion industry is very competitive. If you have acquired a degree from the best colleges for fashion designing, you have a better chance of succeeding. To begin with, you will have learnt a lot of skills needed to become a good designer, which employers prefer and because of your training, you stand a chance of being better paid.

Q:Do the best fashion design schools in the United States mandate practical experience as part of the degree program?

A:The degree programs offered by the best fashion design schools in the United States necessitate an internship, without which students are not awarded the degree. Because of this hands-on experience, students are better equipped to find jobs and add real work experience to their resumes. The internship also gives them the opportunity to network with people and build contacts in the fashion industry.

Q:How can I look for good colleges that offer a fashion degree?

A:To begin with you can look for colleges that offer a degree on fashion on this page. Apart from this you can conduct an online search for fashion colleges. There are numerous ways of identifying a good college; you can look at the college's rating and accreditation, student to teacher ratio and the number of specializations on offer.

Q:Should I look for accredited colleges offering fashion design degree?

A:Yes it is always a good idea to go for colleges that that have an accreditation from a credible source. The reason behind that is, accredited schools have better teaching facilities to offer to their students. In addition to this employers also prefer to hire individuals who have obtained degree from an accredited institution.

Q:What will I learn in colleges that offer fashion designing?

A:Various fashion designing colleges have their own curriculum so it is hard to exactly pin point what you will learn in a particular degree. However broadly speaking a fashion designing degree will see you: sketching designs, creating clothing collection, studying textiles and fabrics, constructing patterns, sewing garments and using design software on the computer.

Q:What are some of the degree options I can look for at fashion schools?

A:There are various specializations and majors on offer at fashion schools. The most popular options that students go for are bachelors in fashion designing and master's in fashion designing. Students can pick a degree depending on their current level of education. In addition to degree options you can also look for diplomas which are shorter in duration.

Q:Should I go to a fashion university or look for online education?

A:I think you want to inquire about the merits of online education as compared to going to a fashion university for a traditional program. There are plenty of advantages of an online education as it allows students the opportunity to study from home. Apart from this online education is generally more economical as compared to a campus based program.

Q:What are the prerequisites for enrolling in a master's program at fashion universities?

A:The educational requirements for a master's program in fashion will depend on which school you want to enroll in. However generally speaking you will need a four years bachelor's degree to apply for a graduate program. In addition to this, schools may also look for letters of recommendations, personal essays and/or work experience.

Q:What are some of the jobs I can have after graduating from fashion colleges?

A:The job that you will get after graduation depends on your area of specialization and personal aptitude. However some of the job titles that you can apply for are: assistant designers, technical designers, pattern makers, sales representatives, quality assurance associates and production managers. There are many students who start their own business after graduating.

Q:Does accreditation matter when searching for fashion design colleges?

A:Yes, accreditation matters a lot when looking for any kind of an institute, whether it's a fashion college or a science college. Accreditation basically reflects approval by the higher education commission. Colleges that are accredited by an upper authority guarantee latest curriculum formats, quality education, and compliance with rules and regulations.

Q:Will graduation from fashion design universities help me in achieving my goal of becoming a fashion designer?

A:Graduating from an accredited fashion design college will provide you an edge in the professional industry of fashion designing. You will have theoretical knowledge and skill sets required for a fashion career. Many fashion designers have made their way to the top with relevant degrees and practical experience. So yes, you can boost your chances of success with higher education in fashion designing.

Q:What fashion degree programs are normally offered at fashion schools online?

A:Fashion schools online offer a wide range of degree programs in this area. Usually these schools offer fashion degree programs at all levels of higher education. These include associate degree in fashion designing, bachelor degree in fashion designing, and master's degree in fashions designing. On the other hand, students can also opt for short courses and diploma programs online.

Q:If I enroll in top Fashion Designing Institutes, what compulsory courses will I be studying?

A:The courses you will study will depend upon the level of program you have enrolled in. In a associate or bachelor degree, you will study subjects such as history of fashion, principles of management, English, and social science. On the other hand, a master's degree in fashion designing will incorporate advanced level topics such as portfolio management, designing and cutting, studio arts, and more.

Q:What are the levels of programs available at colleges that offer a degree in fashion design?

A:Fashion design colleges offer degree programs at all levels of education. Students who have just completed their high school studies and wish to pursue design education can opt for associate degree in fashion designing or a bachelor degree in this field. On the other hand, master level degree programs in fashion designing are also available.

Q:Can you give me some information about a masters degree offered by colleges for fashion designing?

A:A masters degree in fashion design is one of the highest level of qualification an individual can earn in the field. The program is a graduate level degree program and can only be pursued after completion of a bachelor degree. Different design concepts and principles comprise of fashion design curriculums.

Q:As i was searching for the best colleges for fashion design; I came across a few introductory courses offered in fashion design degrees. Can you name a few?

A:Degree programs in fashion designing usually comprise of various introductory and advanced courses. These include the following: drawing, fashion illustration, fashion studios, elements of fashion business, portfolio development, English, media history, modern arts, social sciences, and cultural history. The curriculum may vary slightly from college to college and is also dependent upon the level of degree program.

Q: Are there training courses offered at colleges that offer fashion design?

A:A number of fashion design colleges offer short courses and diplomas in the field of fashion designing. These courses are more career oriented and teach students how to apply practical skills in the area. students get a chance to acquire hands on experience in creating fashion design products. Side by side, the programs also focus on skill development such as communication skills, business skills, and art skills.

Q:If I enroll in one of the best college for fashion design, what areas of study am I likely to encounter?

A:There are a number of courses that you will study after enrolling in an accredited fashion design institute. These will depend upon the level of degree but usually include the following main areas of study: cultural history. Media history, English, portfolio, fashion design, studio design, drawing and arts, business formation, retail fashion and merchandising, fashion illustration, and more.

Q:After enrolling in best fashion colleges, will I be required to study courses irrelevant to the field of fashion designing?

A:Yes, a fashion design degree program entails a number of courses that students must complete. These include introductory courses and advanced level courses. Most of them are relevant to the field of fashion designing while a few are geared towards developing general knowledge and basic skills. These include courses such as English, history, communication, business administration, and social sciences.

Q:Is graduating from colleges for fashion design enough to make me a successful fashion designer?

A:Graduating from a renowned fashion design college can open the doors to a number of career opportunities. With a master's degree in fashion design, you can apply for various managerial and executive level job positions. However, it does take some practical experience and time to move up the corporate ladder. Extra credentials and certifications in this field can also help you boost your career to the next level.

Q:Is accreditation important to consider when searching for colleges that offer a degree in fashion design?

A:Yes, accreditation is a very important factor to consider when searching for colleges that offer a degree in fashion design. Accreditation basically means approval by a higher education board. Institutes that have been accredited reflect compliance with education standards, quality standards, and up to date curriculums. The Higher Educatio0n Commission is the main accrediting board for degree programs.

Q:As I was searching for Fashion Designer Colleges, I came across an certificate program in fashion designing. What is this?

A:A certificate program in fashion designing is a short course that is available at a number of fashion design colleges. It is an extra credential/qualification that is career oriented and certifies a student in specialty area/job/task. The program takes a 6-8 months to complete, and can also be earned online. Certificate programs are great ways to boost your career.

Q:While I was searching for the Best College Fashion Design, I came across credit hour requirements. What is this?

A:Every degree program has a certain number of credit hours that students must complete. Without earning the credit hours, a student cannot qualify for a program. The number of credit hours needed will depend upon the level of degree program, a bachelor degree in fashion design will have a credit hour requirement ranging between 120 to 140, whereas a masters level degree program will have a requirement ranging between 40-60.

Q:Which are the best fashion colleges in the U.S?

A:The fashion industry is one of the fastest growing industries right now and professionals are in high demands for its various fields such as fashion merchandising and so on. If you want a fast growing career that is exciting and constantly on the move then you definitely belong is this field of work. For information on the best fashion schools across the U.S, please check out the list of schools provided on our page.

Q: Do only people from the top fashion colleges get the top fashion jobs?

A:You do not necessarily have to go to a 'top' fashion college to get a 'top' job. The fashion industry is built upon the creative talent of the individual. Many of the top designers did not even go to college, or undertake a specialist program. Therefore, if you have the talent and the determination to get a 'top job', armed with a fashion qualification, you may be able to get that 'top' job

Q:My search for good fashion colleges mentioned fashion merchandising. What sort of skills do I need to have for this job?

A:Fashion merchandising would be mentioned when searching for good fashion colleges. This occupation requires professionals have keen sense of trends. Professionals need to have forecasting abilities, analytical abilities and effective communication skills. With the fashion industry expanding all over the United States, there is huge potential for students interested in this line of work.

Q:What are the most sought after courses at the fashion design college?

A:Fashion industry is one of the fastest growing fields academically as well as professionally. Degree courses offered in this field are associates, bachelors (BFA) and masters (MFA) in fashion designing, and some of the most popular courses taught in classes are: • Advanced Fashion Design • Entertainment Set Design & Decoration • Film & TV Costume Design • Footwear Design • International Manufacturing & Product Development • Theatre Costume Design

Q:What are the content of the course on International Management in the colleges that have fashion design majors?

A:The Colleges That Have Fashion Design Majors have dedicate course on International Management. This course usually is worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with ample understanding of the impacts that international business has on individuals. Students are also highlighted on the concepts of corporate industries with hands one experience.

Q:What is the course curriculum of online colleges of fashion design?

A:Online colleges offering fashion designing degrees have course curriculum similar to the campus-based degrees. There is no difference in the two as a matter of fact. Online students take their lectures online from anywhere in the world with video presentation and online discussion portals. Online students also get to complete two sets of courses to finish the degree; core and electives.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Fundamentals of Design Theory in the Fashion Schools in CT?

A:The Fundamentals of Design Theory courses of the Fashion Schools in CT are one of the dedicated courses, worth 4 credits in total. This course is designed to offer the students with ample understanding of the major step that are involved in a design process. Students get to understand the major properties of a format of design and how to purposefully built it.

Q:While going through best Fashion colleges, I came across Fashion Illustration course. Can you brief me about it?

A:There are a number of fashion and arts institutes out there to choose best Fashion colleges from. The Fashion Illustration is among the core courses in fashion merchandising programs. In this course the students are familiarized with illustrating fashion figures with special focus on clothing and various accessories such as purses and jewelry.

Q:As I was searching for fashion degree, I saw that some of the best colleges to study fashion design are offering Bachelor in Fashion Merchandising. What is the course outline?

A:Yes, some of the best colleges to study fashion design offer Bachelor in Fashion Merchandising because it is one of the most sought for program in the field mainly because of its comprehensive curriculum. The courses included in it are fashion fundamentals, introduction to the fashion industry, fashion fundamentals, merchandise buying procedures, introduction to textiles and public speaking .

Q:How long does fashion design school take for Bachelor in Fashion Merchandise?

A:The Bachelor in Fashion Merchandise degree that is currently being offered by Fashion Design Schools across United States is of four years. In this degree the individuals are introduced to the vast fashion industry and are equipped with creative skills of creating trendy clothing and business planing according to the market.

Q:What are the benefits for a student getting enrolled in the fashion design online colleges?

A:Fashion design online colleges offer students a comprehensive curriculum that covers every aspect of the subject in detail. It gives students an opportunity to study at their own convenience without rushing through the course to meet deadlines. Education at online colleges is relatively cheaper as students save money on commute. This also gives students an opportunity to be flexible and adjust their schedule accordingly. For more information, prospective students are requested to search our website for a list of institutions offering these courses online.

Q:My daughter is interested in fashion design. Can you tell me of schools that offer this major and have online programs as well?

A:We have a number of Fashion Design schools listed on our website. These schools also offer their programs online. The offered programs can be opted in a number of areas of specialization as well. You can choose to pursue the certificate, associate, bachelor, and master programs. Here are the names of some of these institutes: Ashworth Career School, Penn Foster College, Harrison College, and International Academy of Design and Technology.

Q:What do colleges for fashion offer?

A:There are a large number of fashion colleges online that offer a wide range of degrees. These degrees start from the most basic degrees such as diplomas and certifications while you can also go for higher education degrees like bachelor's and master's degrees. These schools provide online theoretical as well as practical training to provide you with the best and most rounded up education in the field of fashion.

Q:What is taught in the Consumer Behavior course of the Retail Fashion Designing college?

A:The Retail Fashion Designing colleges in the United States have a basic course on Consumer Behavior. The course stresses on understanding the psychology that the consumer behavior has in itself and also the sociology lying in the buying patterns of consumers. It teaches students on how the consumers are compelled to making the decisions relating to fashion purchases and the characteristics involved at various stages.

Q:Can you name a few fashion design schools?

A:There are various institutions offering degree programs in fashion designing such as Tucson Designing College, International Academy of Design and Technology, The Illinois Institute of Arts, The Arts Institute of Pittsburgh and The Arts Institute of New York. These fashion design schools offer bachelors, diplomas and associates degrees.

Q:Are there any online fashion colleges?

A:Yes, there are various fashion colleges offering their degree programs online for distant education. Here are the names of the few renowned ones: Westwood College, The Art Institute Online, Academy of Art University and International Academy of Design and Technology.

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