Architecture Degrees

Architecture is a blend of scientific and artistic knowledge that is applied in the preparation and construction of different physical structures such as buildings, houses and apartments. Architects essentially offer professional services that are focused on planning and reviewing the construction of buildings. These highly skilled individuals have a flair for design and provide the clients with expert advices on aesthetical and technical aspects of the landscapes.

About Architecture Degrees
Architectural degrees are aimed at those individuals who are inclined towards securing lucrative careers in this field. Through these programs, the students can learn about the structural science and the latest techniques that are essential to becoming a leading architect. The US provides the aspiring architects with two distinct options to enter the field. They can get enrolled in a Bachelor of Architectural design program and upon the completion of this program; they can pursue a master's degree for specialization. These two programs are recognized by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). The NAAB is the sole authority that accredits architecture degrees in the US.

In order to get enrolled in an architecture degree, students need to have basic knowledge in subjects like art, design, sciences and mathematics. Some universities may prefer students with sound records in extracurricular activities.

Architecture Courses:
Comprehensively designed Architecture degrees will enable the students to learn the skills that are needed to develop and conceptualize buildings. The following architecture courses can arm the students with the expertise required to become a leader in this field.

  • Architectural and Planning Theories
  • Architectural History
  • Architectural Professional Practice
  • Architectural Data Systems
  • Integrated Building Systems
  • Visual Communications
  • Basic Design and Research
  • Design Research

The accredited architecture schools often include studio courses or externships as a part of the degree program. The analytical and technical knowledge of the students can get refined through the lectures and studio sessions. Through class exercises and brainstorming sessions, the students are encouraged to explore and discover different solutions to the challenges in this constantly evolving field. The students are also encouraged to participate in research work and attend field trips which may add to their industry based knowledge. The fundamental purpose of architectural design degree is to prepare the students for service on public and private projects. Besides teaching the aesthetic value of design, they are also taught to take into account the biological and environmental costs of the plans.

Career Prospects:
Typically, an architect is expected to perform the following tasks:

  • Visit construction sites
  • Produce drawings of the plans
  • Meet with consultants
  • Estimate costs
  • Meet with clients
  • Offer creative solutions to problems
  • Develop charts and tables to analyze the project
  • Make presentations to clients

A graduate from a well reputed college can either set up their own business or get employed in a leading public or private construction company. One can take up the following roles after graduation:

On average, an architect can expect to earn around $50,000- $100,000 per annum.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Degree in Architecture?

Many educational institutes in the United States, such as the New York Institute of Technology, the University of California Berkeley and the University of Southern California, are offering a degree in Architecture. Students can enroll in a 2-year Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S) in Architectural Technology, a 5-year Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch), or a 2-3.5 years Master of Architecture (M. Arch).

What Are the Requirements to Complete a Degree in Architecture?

Students have to complete approximately 64-65 credits to obtain an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S) in Architectural Technology, 160 credits to obtain a Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) and around 60-99 credits in order to obtain a Master of Architecture (M. Arch). The curriculum consists of lecture sessions, studio classes, and site visits. Students are expected to study topics like Building Technology, Design Fundamentals, Architectural History and Urban & Community Design.

How Much Can I Make after Completing a Degree in Architecture?

Architects earned an annual median pay of $79,380 and an hourly median wage of $38.16 in 2018. Estimates suggest that there were approximately 133,900 people employed in this line of work in 2018. It is reported that the job opportunities for architects will grow by 8% from 2018 to 2028. These statistics have been gathered from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which courses are offered in Online Architectural Degree programs?

A:Online Architectural degrees can be pursued at bachelor's or master's level. The 5 years bachelor degree program emphasize on courses like principles of design, history of architecture, and building systems while the MBA programs in this discipline are aimed at expanding the student's knowledge base with advanced online studio sessions and courses like, green building, computers in architecture and building materials.

Q:What is the best career option for a graduate in Architectural Design program?

A:Upon graduation from a recognized architecture school, students can find employment opportunities such as renovation coordinator, architectural CAD technician, project manager, 3d renderer and animation specialist, or landmark preservation expeditor. The career opportunities offered to students are mainly dependent on their degree level and overall expertise in the field.

Q:What schools in the US offer Architectural Degrees to students?

A:Students that are interested in architecture can earn a bachelors degree and a master's degree in this field. There are many renowned colleges and universities that offer architectural degrees to students, the highest ranked ones include Arizona state university, university of Florida, university of Minnesota, Pennsylvania state university, university of Washington Seattle, and the Texas A & M University. These institutions also offer short courses and diplomas in the field of architecture.

Q:What major courses are studied in the degree programs offered at architectural drafting universities?

A:Students enrolled in such degree programs get to study a variety of subjects that build their knowledge in this field. Important topics include: building performance, architectural technologies, architectural representation, planning, construction surveying, technical writing, computer aided design, building systems drafting, and cost benefit analysis. The curriculum is divided into classroom study and individual computer lab assignments that enable students to build practical skills in this area.

Q:What different types of architectural drafting education degree options are available to students?

A:Architecture design schools offer a few degree programs to students who are interested in architectural drafting education. These degree programs are also offered through online classes to students who cannot access campus site classes. The different degree options include an associate’s degree in architectural drafting, bachelor in architectural drafting, master’s degree in architectural drafting, and an architectural doctorate degree.

Q:What is the educational path to becoming one of the best interior architects in the world?

A:To become a successful interior architect, it is mandatory to possess qualifications in this field. Students can enroll in various degree programs for interior architecture, degree programs include: interior designer associate degree, bachelor in interior architecture, and a master degree in interior architecture. Apart from these, students can enhance their career opportunities by acquiring architecture certificates and other accreditation's.

Q:Can you provide me with some tips on how to be a successful architect?

A:To succeed in the competitive field of architecture, you need to set your career goals and prepare accordingly. The foremost step to be a successful architect is to acquire your college degree in architectural studies from an accredited college/ university. Several universities are also offering professional diplomas, short courses, and specialization degrees in the field of architecture. By taking such courses, your knowledge base can extend swiftly and you can get equipped with the skill set required to communicate with clients, and the knowledge on how to apply your creativity to actual designs.

Q:What is taught in the Architectural Drafting online programs?

A:The Architectural Drafting online programs train individuals to make technical drawings as well as plans that may be used to make buildings and houses. These days with the advancements in Information Technology, these courses focus primarily on Computer Aided Design (CAD) courses.

Q:How much time does it take to complete the Architecture diploma?

A:There are variety of diplomas offered in the field of architecture, these include: undergraduate, graduate and professional diplomas. Also, these can be pursued at traditional or online colleges. Typically, the duration of these diplomas is 9-12 months but if pursued through the online medium, these can be completed even faster.

Q:Which popular schools offer a architectural master’s degree online to students?

A:There are a number of art schools and architecture online schools that promote distant learning, and offer a number of degree programs to students who do not have access to campus site classes. top online schools that offer a masters degree in architecture include: Keiser University, Westwood, The Arts Institute, ITT Technical Institute, and Florida Technical College.

Q:Is it easy to obtain an Architecture Certificate online?

A:Online Architecture Certificates can be easily obtained through the numerous universities and colleges offering online Art and Design certificate programs with concentration in Architecture. These certificates usually span up to 12 months and can provide students with industry based knowledge and practical skills required to become a leading professional in the field of architecture. The online certificate programs are quite flexible and can be completed from any location in the world.

Q:How soon can the online architecture certificate programs be completed?

A:The duration of online certificate programs may vary depending on the type of program chosen, for example, the undergrad certificate programs may not be very detailed and span up to 9 months. On the other hand, the post graduate and professional certificate programs may span up to 1 year or above. Also, the duration may vary from college to college as well.

Q:How can I be a successful architecture?

A:To succeed in the competitive field of architecture, you need to fulfill certain educational requisites. Most employers are inclined towards hiring architects with recognized degrees from online or traditional schools and colleges. Also, prior work experience such as internship in a design studio can be a plus. Students must apply to their potential work places soon after graduation to maximize their chances of getting hired.

Q:What is the longest I can take to complete the online Architecture degrees?

A:Online Architecture Degrees are self paced programs. Students enrolled in the online classes for architecture degrees can schedule their own classes and can take as much time as they see fit to complete the degree. There is no restriction. Students can take classes from the ease of home and anywhere in the world with a single internet connection. Hence, there is no specified time to complete the online degree.

Q:Are the Bachelors of the architecture degree online of 4 or 5 years?

A:The Bachelors of Architecture degree online programs are for 5 years. This is because the first year is of Fine Arts and focuses entirely on drawing and designing concepts. Photography is another subject that is highlighted in this first year. From the 2nd year onwards the qualification becomes more oriented towards teaching the architectural aspects, including analytical maths and even physics.

Q:What different concentration courses are offered in bachelor degree programs in interior architectural design programs?

A:The areas offered for specialization in bachelor degree programs in interior architectural design programs may vary from school to school. Students can take on the following courses for specialization: urban design, community planning, architectural technology, infrastructure design, sustainable development, environmental studies, interior building construction management, philosophy and interior art, and economics.

Q:Why should I choose colleges that have online architecture and design degrees rather than the regular colleges?

A:Colleges that have online architecture and design degrees offer these degrees for people who are unable to attend a regular education. The courses are taught online by using various distance learning techniques and technology. You should choose to go for an online education if you feel that you cannot fit a regular education into your existing schedule.

Q:Name a few specialization areas offered in masters degree in architecture?

A:Masters degree in architecture is a 2 year graduate degree program. The degree program offers a few areas that students can major in during their final semester. Areas include: design research in architecture, building technology in architecture, digital technology in architecture, and history and theory in architecture. Students can further pursue a architectural career according to the area of specialization they have chosen.

Q:What can students learn in the architectural acoustics degree?

A:The architectural acoustics degrees edifies students on a variety of architectural aspects and allows them to learn about room acoustics, vibration measurement techniques, psychoacoustics, sound reinforcement, and advanced materials used in different acoustic environments.

Q:Can I apply for financial aid to pursue the architectural design degree?

A:Many universities allow students to apply for financial aid resources such as grants, scholaships, and loans to pursue the architectural design degrees. Students who demonstrate a financial need may qualify for Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans, Pell Grants and other form of federally sponsored financial aid resources.

Q:Why should I opt for the online architectural drafting degree?

A:Opting for the online Architectural Drafting degree could be beneficial in various ways. Most importantly, it allows you the flexibility to take up morning full time job and take the classes after office timings from the ease of home. Online architecture degrees also allow students the benefit of scheduling their own classes and covering as much as they can other than rushing through the course material to meet the class pace. These are also considered comparatively cheaper. Hence, save up a lot of cost.

Q:Where can I work after completing the architectural engineering degree online?

A:Students with recognized architectural technology degrees can work in a variety of work settings. Jobs can be found in construction companies, home design companies, utilities companies, government departments, and property management companies. Also, students can apply at equipment supplying companies for jobs.

Q:Are there any architectural history degree programs?

A:Yes. These are offered in certificate, associate, bachelor, and master degrees. They can also be taken up with dual degrees in a few institutes. You can opt for the degree you want from the list of online schools mentioned on our website.

Q:What do students learn in the architectural technology degree program?

A:The architectural technology degree prepares students to analyze data relating different architectural designs. Students are taught to assemble, coordinate and prepare 3 dimensional models for different architecture companies. Also, they are equipped with a variety of computer applications, which are needed to compose and present the designs effectively.

Q:Are there any prerequisites to the online architecture degrees?

A:Online Architecture degrees have different requirements depending on the type of degree you wish to pursue. To take up a certificate, associate, or a bachelor's degree in architecture, you need to have a completed high school degree or an equivalent GED. To pursue a masters in architecture, you will be required to produce a bachelor's degree in architecture. A few institutes may require a minimum CGPA as well. However, that's not the case for every school.

Q:Is it possible to study the architecture degree courses online?

A:Yes. The univeristies listed on our website allows you to complete a comprehensive range of architecture degree courses online. You can opt for the degree of your choice and complete the coursework, assignments and lectures online. These courses are paticularly useful if you are a working professional or a stay at home parent.

Q:Which skills are developed by students enrolled in the architecture degree program?

A:The architecture degrees enable students to develop effective communication, analytical, and science skills. During the program , different courses and projects assigned to students help them develop abilities such as visualization of detailed building components and the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines effectively.

Q:Are there any specific architecture degree requirements for admission?

A:Architecture Degrees do have a few specific requirements. In order to pursue formal degree programs in the field, you will be required to produce a high school diploma if you are trying to get admission into the bachelor's degree. However, the criterion is more stringent for the master's degree where you are required to have a bachelor's degree in architecture with a minimum CGPA of 3.0. Any additional work experience will also be helpful. However, that is not a compulsory prerequisite.

Q:From where can I take up architecture degrees online?

A:Online Architecture degrees can be conveniently pursued from our website. We have a list of online architecture schools offering online certificate, associate, bachelor, and master degrees in the subject. These online degrees are self paced programs hence can be completed in as much time as the applicant sees fit and have no completion restriction.

Q:I have been wanting to study the Architecture Online degree for quite sometime now. My only concern is that I am not exceptional in drawing and I have heard that the first year is entirely Fine Arts. What should I do?

A:The Bachelors of Architecture Online Degree is a five years undergraduate degree program. You are not expected to be exceptionally good in drawing right away and that is why the first year basically focuses on Fine Arts, so that you can enhance your skills prior to starting the 2nd year. However, if you may, you can also get specific training before starting the program, just to polish up the skills furthermore.

Q:What makes a degree in architecture accredited by the The National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB)?

A:The National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) has many points to keep in mind before they accredit a Degree In Architecture. These include: Interpersonal/Technical Skills, Understanding of historical and socio-cultural influence, extent of problem solving and student counselling, health/safety technical integration and society roles and responsibilities taught at the universities.

Q:Name a few skills developed through enrollment in degree landscape architecture degree programs?

A:Students enrolled in a degree landscape architecture program develop a number of skills in certain areas. The program not only provides students with theoretical knowledge, but also helps them grow professionally and acquire skills in math, coordinating, communication, design, planning, and problem solving. These skills are necessary to lead a successful career as a professional and excel in landscape architecture.

Q:What is the difference between a green architecture degree and a regular architecture degree?

A:A regular architecture degree teaches learners about the discipline of architecture and prepares them for a career as an architect. A Green Architecture Degree is a new type of degree that trains learners in the discipline of sustainable architecture. Sustainable architecture is a form of architecture that focuses on designing building that are healthy for the environment and do not contribute to global warming problems.

Q:Are there any History of Architecture degree programs offered online?

A:Yes. We have a bunch of online institutes listed on our website offering the History of Architecture degree programs online. These programs are offered mostly in research based institutes. Most prominent schools offering the History of Architecture programs online include University of Illinois, University of Reading, Boston University, University of Oxford, and University of Virginia.

Q:Could you give me some information architecture degree? Where do I start?

A:If you are looking for a degree in architecture, there are many degree levels that you can choose. If you are just making a start in the field and are not sure about if you really wan to get into it, you could go for a 3-6 month diploma or certification course. This basic level degree will give you basic information of the subject and help you decide whether you are interested in choosing it as a career. After that, you could go for Associate's, Bachelor's or Master's degrees in architecture.

Q:Which licensing board issues licenses to students with interior architecture degrees?

A:The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) is the legal body that issues all architecture licenses to degree holders. Students who have graduated in this field must clear the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) conducted by the NCARB in order to earn architecture licenses. The exams are designed to test student’s knowledge and skills that will determine if they can practice architecture independently.

Q:What could I do after getting a landscape architecture degree?

A:A landscape architecture degree is a specialization within the field of architecture that prepares you for a career as an interior and exterior decorator. While most people with landscape degrees normally work on the exterior designing gardens and outside fixtures, you can also choose to work as an interior designer. Landscapers can also work on projects for entertainment and sports venues.

Q:What is the credit hour requirement and duration of masters in landscape architecture degree online?

A:The master’s degree in landscape architecture can be earned online through accredited architecture schools. It is a graduate level degree and can be pursued after completion of a bachelor degree. The duration of the degree program is approximately two years, and the credit hour requirement ranges from 102 to 108. Students enrolled in this course must complete the required credit hours in order to graduate.

Q:What is the admission criteria for enrolling in a masters level landscape architecture online degree?

A:Students interested in enrolling in a master’s degree in landscape architecture must fulfill the following general admission requirements: students must have a bachelor degree in relevant studies, students must have a minimum CGPA of 3.0, students must have acquired minimum C+ grade in mathematics, physics, liberal arts and humanities. Students who have not attained a bachelor degree in a field relevant to architecture must complete an introductory study in architecture before applying.

Q:Why should I choose accredited architecture schools?

A:Choosing accredited architecture schools is the only way to guarantee that your degree will be genuine and of any value in the job market. While unaccredited schools might offer you cheaper courses, the degrees you will earn from them will be of no value once you enter the field. Always ensure that the degree you are pursuing has been accredited by the relevant board.

Q:How can I become an Architect online?

A:To become an architect online, you need to take up education with specialization in architecture online. You can opt for the bachelors in architecture from the list of online schools mentioned on our website. Upon completing that, you can take up the master's degree in the field and be a specialized architect online. Online degrees offer students the benefit of enhanced use of computers which is one of the biggest necessities towards becoming an architect.

Q:Which schools offer the best architecture programs?

A:The universities, schools and colleges listed on our website provide students with a comprehensive set of architecture programs and courses with different specialization options. Students can choose their desired area of specialization. For details regarding any particular university program, feel free to contact us.

Q:Can you name a few online colleges that have online classes for degree in Architecture Landscape Drafting Design at bachelor level?

A:Online Colleges that have online classes for Degree in Architecture Landscape Drafting Design at bachelor level include the following: Capella University Online, Kaplan University Online, Academy of Art University Online, South University Online, ITT Technical Institute, International Academy of Design and Technology, Penn Foster Career School, and Iowa State University Online. These online schools are considered as the best that offer accredited bachelor degree programs in architecture.

Q:Are there scholarships offered for degrees for Architecture?

A:Students who wish to fund higher education in the field of architecture can apply for scholarships. These scholarships are available from various scholarship foundations and universities. Organizations offering architecture scholarships to deserving students are: The Foundation for Enhancing Communities, World Studio Foundation, and Architects League of Northern New Jersey. Apart from such foundations, various universities also have scholarship programs for architecture students; these include universities such as Syracuse University in New York, and Iowa State University.

Q:Will self paced architecture programs online let me continue with my existing job?

A:Online architecture programs are the best way to make sure that you can self-pace your education and continue with your existing responsibilities without having to make many sacrifices. The online class schedules are extremely flexible and will easily fit into your existing work schedule so you can complete your education without having to put any extra stress upon yourself.

Q:What is the course content of the Drawings and Specifications course in the Architectural Drafting colleges?

A:Most of the Architectural Drafting Colleges in the United States have the Drawings and Specifications course in them. This course gets you the introduction that is needed to read and interpret the blueprints of construction. Some of the major contents and topics include lined of construction, types of survey, scales, below grade construction, construction offices, plumbing and also manufacturing facilities.

Q:Is there an online Architecture degree program that focuses on Hardscapes?

A:The online Architecture degree programs in United States have courses in Hardscapes study and design. This involves the designing of enclosures that may be for many purposes, such as privacy, protection, directing of the foot traffic and modifications. There is also study of the styles of enclosure and the materials used in the entire process. In the end of the 2 credits worth mini course, there is also some application of the study of ramps and steps.

Q:Can I complete my Architectural Design program online from home?

A:Definitely. The online Architectural Design program allows students to complete the program from the ease of home. It allows students to complete the program from anywhere in the world, as matter of fact. All that is required is an internet connection and you can take the class at anytime. With the online Architectural Design program students can also schedule their own classes.

Q:Is there a difference between traditional campus based degrees and architectural design degrees online?

A:As far as the curriculum is concerned there is no difference between traditional campus degrees and architectural design degrees online. The online syllabus is just as extensive as the traditional degree. However, the method of education is different where online degree students have the advantage of studying at their own pace without going to the campus. Students are in constant contact with their instructors via e mail and are required to submit assignments and coursework just like in a normal degree.

Q:Which are the most famous online architectural history degree programs?

A:There are several online Architectural History degree programs being offered at the online schools listed on our website. These include certificate, associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral programs in the given field, which can be opted with a number of focus areas as well. The most sought after architectural degree being offered online is the bachelor's degree. You can find more information on the degree at the top of the page.

Q:What is taught in College Mathematics course of the Architecture Degrees?

A:The course on College Mathematics is one of the essential and introductory courses of the Architecture Degrees. This course is worth 4 credits in total and stresses on providing the students with a much robust review of the mathematical skills as well as concepts that are commonly used in architectural applications.

Q:While searching for jobs you can get with a 5 year architect degree, I came across the profession Landscape Architect. What does a Landscape Architect do?

A:Landscape Architect is among the jobs you can get with a 5 year architect degree. It is one of the most creative and interesting professions in the field. A Landscape Architect make the design as well as the technical plan of the building. If you have a license, you are called a Landscape Architect, if you do not have a license, but have an architect degree, you can still work as a Landscape Designer.

Q:While going through online architecture programs, I came across the certification in Architectural Drafting. What is it about?

A:Many universities across American are offering online Architecture programs and certifications. Certification in Architecture Drafting familiarizes the individuals with the basic skills required to enter the field drafting in architecture or any other civil or relevant field. Usually the course is of one year or even less than a year.

Q:Can you please tell me what is covered in the Social Impacts of Architecture course of the Architectural degree online program?

A:The Social Impacts of Architecture course of the Architectural degree online program is worth 4 credits and focuses on the examination of a broader implication of architecture to a society. This includes the understanding of political, environmental, economic as well as personal implications, progression and issues of architecture to a society.

Q:My search on are there any school that offer online architecture degrees mentioned organic architecture. What is that?

A:Looking for schools for architecture would mention organic architecture. It is a branch of architecture that promotes human habitation and the natural world. This field of architecture has delicate designs that blend man made structures with the natural surroundings so that the whole landscape looks unaltered. This practice of architecture has huge prospects because of the green initiative.

Q:What kind of a system do I need to study Architectural Design online degree?

A:To study Architectural Design online degree you will require a computer system with internet accessibility. You will also need appropriate software like Java applets to play videos for demonstrations, a valid e mail address for correspondence and sufficient space in the hard drive for storage. The computer system also needs to have more than 512 mb ram for optimum performance.

Q:What is the purpose of hands on workshop in Architecture Design degree?

A:Hands on workshops are an essential part of the Architecture Design degree. This aspect of the qualification allows students to understand the structure practically instead of on paper. It gives students an opportunity to study the structural design, materials used and the process of construction. With the help of this practical exercise students can create, envision and design new concepts.

Q:While searching for online architecture degree, I came across engineering. What courses are included in Architectural Engineering?

A:Searching for online architecture degree would mention engineering. Some of the courses included in Architectural Engineering are Introduction to HVAC, Architectural Engineering Design, Control Systems for HVAC, Architectural Illumination and Electrical Systems and Special Topics in Architectural Engineering. Prospective students interested in this qualification are recommended to search our website for more information.

Q:Looking at a day in the life of an architect got me thinking about the responsibilities. What is the job description for this profession?

A:Responsibilities and job descriptions would cross your mind when looking at a day in the life of an architect. These professionals are required to design, plan and supervise the construction of buildings. During this process, architects are responsible for safety, usefulness and aesthetics of the building. These professionals are required to make sure that the building is in accordance to safety regulations and the client's requirements. This sector is expected to grow over the next few years.

Q:Can you please tell me what are the contents of the course on Ignition Systems in the Motorcycle Mechanic schools in Virginia?

A:The Motorcycle Mechanic schools in Virginia have dedicated course on Ignition Systems. This course is usually worth 2 credits in total. It is structured to provide students with substantial understanding of the relationship that fuel has with the ignition systems. Students are also taught howto perform the various quality tests along with the various types of troubleshooting.

Q:What are the contents of the course on College Mathematics in the Architectural degrees online?

A:The Architectural Degrees Online programs in United States have dedicated course on College Mathematics. This introductory level course is worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with ample understanding of the college level mathematical skills. Highlight is primarily on the concepts that would help in the vocational as well as academic concepts. Hands on experience is also provided in this course.

Q:Can I Obtain Architectural Degree Fast?

A:Yes you can opt for many fast track degree programs in architecture. Bachelors and masters degree programs in architecture can be obtained in half the usual time if you enroll in a fast track program, this means you can get your bachelor degree in 3 years whereas you can get your masters degree in one year. The curriculum of such fast track programs are vigorous and require plenty of hard work.

Q:Course on Graphic Communications was mentioned when searching for online degree architecture. What is included in this course?

A:The Graphic Communication course is an essential part of the online degree architecture. This course primarily deals with visual communications and architectural design process. The course is worth 3 credit hours and focuses mainly on construction design. Prospective students interested in this program are advised to search our website for an extensive list of institutions offering this course.

Q:My search online degree architecture scholarship mentioned Architectural Engineering Design. What is the purpose of this course?

A:There is a possibility of Architectural Engineering Design being mentioned when searching for online degree architecture scholarship. This course is part of the Architectural Engineering programs that aims to train students in design concepts and performance criteria. Students with the help of this course also learn about the thermal, illumination, electrical and structural aspects of the project. Interested students are advised to search our website for more information.

Q:How can I purse architecture degree programs?

A:There are several ways in which you can pursue a degree in architecture. You can enroll in a five years architecture program that combines bachelors and masters degree into one comprehensive program. Another approach could be that you can pursue a bachelor's degree in another major like engineering or mathematics and then enroll in an architecture program at the master's level.

Q:Is distance learning architecture degree programs the same as online degree programs?

A:Yes distant learning program is another name for online education and yes distance learning architectural degree is the same as online architectural degrees. This degree program is recognized and accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) and is for those interested in structural science and the latest techniques of architecture and building designs.

Q:What will I learn in accredited classes for architecture courses?

A:Architecture courses will cover a wide range of subjects, each catering to a specific facet of the field. Since accelerated classes have a more vigorous curriculum, students will be spending a lot more time studying subjects such as graphic design, art history, physics and materials, systems, construction, management, and structural sciences.

Q:An architect degree online can be pursued at what levels of education?

A:Architect degree programs are designed to prepare students for jobs as architects. Many arts schools online are offering degree programs in this field at associate, bachelor, and masters level. To qualify for top jobs in the field, having at least a masters degree is necessary. There are all kinds of short courses available in this field as well.

Q:While looking for the architectural degree online I saw the professional contexts course. What can I learn from this course?

A:Professional contexts course offered in the architectural degree online aims to professionally groom the students of architecture and prepare them to be successful in their career. This course enables students to understand various work aspects such as professional responsibility, ethics and practice in the context of architecture. Professionalism and technical skills both are considered important in the field of architecture.

Q:Can you give me information on online architecture Degrees?

A:An Architectural degree is designed for students who wish to become an architect. The program focuses on structural systems and materials construction. Students enrolled in this program cover a wide range of courses such as the fowling: building dynamics, architectural analysis, materials and methods, building technology, computer applications, architectural drawing, and more.

Q:Are there any accredited online degrees in architecture design with specialization in Landscape?

A:Yes, a number of colleges are offering online landscape architecture degrees. These programs are designed to help students learn about creating landscapes. The program will cover a wide range of subjects related to urban open spaces, green environments, landscaping materials, and landscape graphics. If you want to know more, take a look at our page.

Q:Are there any online landscape architecture courses I can complete in less than a year?

A:Landscape architecture is a specialization area that focuses on the design of outdoor landmarks and environmental restoration. Apart from traditional degree programs being offered in landscape architecture, you can also pursue short courses. Some courses can be completed in six months while others may take around 12 months, depending upon which institute you enroll in.

Q:At what levels can I pursue an online Architect Degree?

A:Architect degree program are available at associate, bachelor, and masters level. Students can choose from these three main levels. On the other hand, it is also possible to pursue this field of study at certificate and diploma level. The program offerings may vary from school to school. Take a look at our page for more detailed information.

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