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Master in Architecture

Master in Architecture is usually a 2-year post-graduate degree in a specific architectural aspect. The degree might be intense as far as the coursework is concerned, but it is a fulfilling experience in the long run for those having an aptitude for the field.

Structure and duration of the program
A Master’s in Architecture degree usually takes from two to three years to complete but students might condense the program by taking more than one course simultaneously. Universities usually require externships or projects as a mandatory part of the degree.

Highlights of the coursework
Master of Architecture is an intense degree with several course and elective modules. Courses include

  • Architectural history and theory
  • Environmental design
  • Preservation and restoration
  • Building design and construction
  • Human settlement patterns

Admission criteria and graduation requirements
A Bachelor’s in Architecture is mandatory for admission into the Master’s program since the students are expected to be familiar with the basics of the field as well as some fieldwork. The National Architectural Accrediting Board is the only authority to accredit architecture degrees in the country and the university you apply for must be affiliated with the board.

Career prospects and average salary According to statistics, most of the professional architects are self-employed. Working from home is just one benefit, architecture is a lucrative field irrespective of whether you work from home or are employed by an architectural firm. Freelancing works once you establish a name for yourself in the market. Either way, you can expect to make around $50,000 annually.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long is the Master's degree in Architecture?

A:The Master's degree in Architecture is a two to three years program, traditionally speaking. However, the duration can be different if the graduate degree in Architecture is pursued in the accelerated, executive, or the online program. The accelerated degree can be completed within 18 months, the executive degree takes three years and above, and the online programs are self-paced. Hence, the completion time is purely dependent on the student.

Q:Can I find a good job after I complete my masters degree architecture?

A:A master's degree is the highest level of education you can get in the field of architecture so you are well on the way to a prosperous career once you complete the degree. You can choose to work on contract with a number of construction companies and architecture firms while there are also great opportunities for you as a freelance architect. People with master's in architecture also have enough skills and knowledge to set up their own architecture companies.

Q:Does a Masters degree in Architectural Drafting guarantee a solid career?

A:If you have completed a master's degree in architectural drafting, you are all set to lead a prosperous career. You can choose to work with a number of architectural companies that will pay you well for your skill set while you can also decide to go and work as a private architect, setting up your own company.

Q:Can you tell me the eligibility criteria for admissions into Architecture Masters programs ?

A:To enroll in a master's degree program in architecture, students generally need a bachelor's degree in architecture since Master's schools and institutions expect students to be familiar with the basics of this field and to have conducted some fieldwork. Other eligibility specifications may vary from school to school and from program to program.

Q:Why should one go for Ma Architecture?

A:MA Architecture is for those students who wish to acquire an advanced level of technical skills in the field. If you wish to work on high level projects or acquire career growth, you may opt for a master's degree in architecture. It is recommended that you look for accredited program, to make the most out of your education.

Q:Can you tell me about the coursework of MA in Architecture?

A:MA in architecture is a rigorous degree with a number of courses and electives. Coursework may differ from one institute to another. However, major courses include architectural history and theory, environmental design, preservation and restoration, building design and construction, and human settlement patterns. Usually these are advanced level courses and offered to students who have completed the prerequisites.

Q:Can you name a few of the subjects covered in a Masters of Architecture degree?

A:A masters of architecture degree is a graduate program designed to provide students with skills and advanced knowledge about architecture. The curriculum entails a wide range of subjects such as the following: American architecture, frame structures, steel structures, research methodologies, building ecology, and more. The curriculum may vary a little from school to school.

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