Careers in Fashion

Introduction to a career in fashion
The exciting and glamorous field of fashion revolves around designing, preparing and marketing clothing, accessories and footwear. Professionals in the fashion industry use their creative talents and technical skills to design aesthetically pleasing and visually attractive outfits that suit customers’ needs. They also create and manage advertising campaigns to market their products across the world, and occasionally organize fashion shows and exhibitions to show off their work.

What kind of education/training do I need for a career in fashion?
Students looking for a career in fashion can enroll in an Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in fashion at a number of colleges around the country. The courses, which can be taken on-campus or online include computer aided design (CAD), textile design, fabric printing, wardrobe development, sewing and tailoring. Students also take courses in fashion retail, fashion marketing, creative development, budget and financial management and risk management.

What are the different careers in fashion?
The fashion industry provides ample opportunities of employment for properly qualified and trained graduates. People can make a career in fashion as textile artists, clothing designers, accessory and footwear designers, apparel buyers, fashion stylist, fashion merchandisers and retail managers. Nearly half of all fashion designers are employed by large apparel and footwear manufacturers, while the remaining are self employed. The rapid increase in the global population combined with the increased spending power of developing countries is expected to create thousands of new jobs in this industry. Average wages for entry level positions currently stand at $45,000 per year, while more experienced fashion designers draw their salaries in millions of dollars every year.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How to be a successful fashion designer?

A:Successful fashion designers are ought have the right industry exposure. Also, these skilled professionals must possess the advanced analytical skills needed to assess the latest trends and inclinations of the targeted audiences. Since the field of fashion designing is highly competitive, designers must be able to develop well thought out strategies and make connections with the industry insiders to stay ahead of the competition.

Q:What is a day of a fashion designer like?

A:A fashion designer has a hectic routine often involving short deadlines. A fashion designer works on his/her clothing line every day. They are involved with tasks like coming up with innovative in-demand designs for apparel, jewelry, accessories to complement, shoes and other things complementing the outfit designed. The designer also has to meet several clients every day, taking orders for custom made products and making sales for the ready to wear line. He/she has to make sure that the raw material inventory doesn't run out and/or the orders taken are processed within the time duration.

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