Careers in Liberal Arts

Liberal arts education encompasses a variety of specializations and fields of study. Literature, languages, history, general sciences and philosophy all come under the banner of liberal arts education.

Who employs liberal arts education students?

Liberal arts education allows students to pursue exciting careers in a variety of fields. The following are the five main markets in which liberal arts education students find jobs:

  • Education sector
  • Civil sectors
  • Museums
  • Art community
  • Non-profit organizations

Majority of students that successfully graduate with liberal arts education find jobs in the education and teaching professions. Many of the students who have successfully completed their PhD programs in a specialized field of liberal arts education teach at colleges and universities all across the US. Many of the other students find jobs in the nonprofit organizations and civil sector. A liberal arts education majors find jobs easily working with the nonprofit organizations that are responsible for the uplift of society and the overall research that is being done to improve the understanding of history, philosophy and even art.

Salary Range for Liberal Arts Education Majors

The salary of a liberal arts education majors is directly proportional to the level of education that one has successfully pursued. The second thing that plays a very important role in defining the salary is the sector in which a Liberal Arts major specializes in. For an example, the civil sector pays extensively more than the nonprofit organizations. There are always pros and cons associated with each specific industry. Forbes Magazine published an article on 2/06/2013 that stated that the highest starting salary of liberal arts major was around $43,000 per annum. As one acquires more experience, the salary increases as well as the opportunities.

Why is a degree in liberal arts important?

There are many reasons why a liberal arts education is very important. The following are the three main reasons why students choose to pursue liberal arts education:

  • Expanding the horizons: People who live in communities are only well-versed in with their specific surroundings. With a liberal arts education, students get a detailed educational learning experience regarding various communities and segments of the civilizations that have come and gone. They can appreciate the values of tradition and how civilizations and philosophies of different cultures have changed the very dynamics of society.

  • Society building: The society is always in need of thinkers and philosophers that can create processes and theologies to sustain values and cultures. That is why liberal arts education promotes thinking and broad horizons. Many of the poets and historians have come from a liberal arts education.

  • International exposure: Students who pursue liberal arts education will certainly have an opportunity to explore different cultures and communities. They would be able to appreciate the value of international communities and cater to the needs of the market.

How Long Does It Take to Establish a Career in Liberal Arts?

The first step is to obtain a 3 to 4 year long Bachelor of Liberal Arts which can be topped with a 2 to 5 year long Master of Arts in Liberal Arts. The time of degree completion usually depends upon the format. These programs are being offered at a number of universities including Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, and Georgetown University. Although earning a Master’s degree after an undergraduate program is not mandatory, it does improve an individual’s earning potential. Hence, it is advised to obtain it.

What Are the Requirements to Establish a Career in Liberal Arts?

Students are required to obtain relevant qualifications in order to have a career in Liberal Arts. Students going for the Bachelor of Liberal Arts have to complete around 120 to 128 credits and those opting for the Master of Arts in Liberal Arts are required to complete around 30 credits. They can specialize in a number of fields such as Humanities, Social Sciences, and Applied Arts.

How Much Can I Make after Establishing a Career in Liberal Arts?

Liberal Art graduates can pursue careers in a range of fields including politics, public service, law and education. They can find employment as Fundraisers, Teachers, Editors, Writers, Education Administrators and Public Relations Specialists. As per the statistics posted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Writers and Authors earned $62,170 in annual median income, in May 2018. Hence, this field is quite rewarding.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Do Liberal Arts offer liberal jobs?

A:Liberal Arts is an extremely expressive and creative qualification. Therefore, it is not incorrect to say that they offer equally liberal jobs.

Q:What jobs can I get with master level liberal arts degrees?

A:A master's degree in liberal arts can largely enhance the career prospects of an individual as applicants with advanced educational background and knowledge always have an edge over the other job applicants. A master degree holder can be sure of getting jobs in private and public companies at managerial or executive level positions.

Q:What kinds of jobs are offered by different career sectors for liberal arts graduates?

A:Career sectors for liberal arts graduates offer a range of jobs that are well paying and promising. Some of the job positions that students can pursue are: instructional coordinator, social and community manager, first line supervisor, insurance underwriter, broadcast new analyst, sales representative, agent and business manager for artists, performers, and athletes, financial services sales agent, education administrator, public relations manger, and many more.

Q:Which are the highest paying jobs with a liberal arts degree?

A:Liberal Arts is a broad area of specialization which can be further divided into several subdivisions. Pay scales depend greatly on the level of specialization area chosen, the level of education, and the level of experience of an individual. Some of the highest paying jobs with a liberal arts degree in general consist of: operations manager, financial adviser, administrative support professionals, and sales executive.

Q:My search for Masters of liberal arts jobs mentioned social and community manager. What is the job description for this profession?

A:Social and community manager would be mentioned when searching for Masters of liberal arts jobs. These professionals are required to work with communities and outreach programs. These managers are required to monitor and manage program budgets, network with other programs, community outreach, and direct fundraising efforts. Students interested in this profession are advised to search our website for an extensive list of institutions offering this qualification.

Q:Do liberal arts programs prepare you for liberal arts careers?

A:This is a bit of a misnomer- there is no such thing as a liberal arts career; unless you want to teach the liberal arts. Liberal arts programs focus on teaching you how to think and consider problems and issues. Many employers find such a skill-set highly desirable and therefore actively search for graduates of liberal arts programs.

Q:Can you tell me about jobs for masters in liberal arts?

A:Jobs for masters in liberal arts are dependent on the area of your studies. Liberal arts deals with subjects involving human concepts, therefore a broad range of areas are covered. Having a master's degree in liberal arts can enhance your communication skills, analytical abilities and can provide job opportunities in multiple industries.

Q:Tell me about liberal arts degree careers?

A:Liberal arts education exposes students to such a vast number of subjects in general that after graduation they have a number of employment options open to them. But the most common areas where most liberal arts education students thrive are: Education sector, Civil sectors, Museums, Art community and Non-profit organizations.

Q:Can you give me some information about masters in liberal arts jobs?

A:With a masters degree in liberal arts, you can pursue a number of different careers. Liberal art basically covers a wide area of general subjects, ranging from arts to literature, and from management to social work. You can pursue jobs in diverse industries, working as a manager or a teacher, and even a social worker.

Q:Can you give me some information about liberal arts degree job opportunities?

A:A liberal arts degree can open the doors to a wide range of career opportunities. Students with liberal arts qualifications can apply for jobs in sectors such as public policy, education, mass media, information systems, sales and marketing, government, communications, entertainment, city planning, and business. Liberal arts programs can be earned online as well through accredited distant learning institutions.

Q:Are all master of liberal arts jobs well paying?

A:A graduate degree in liberal arts can qualify an individual for managerial and executive level jobs positions in various fields. Students can initiate careers in diverse fields such as education, arts, entertainment, journalism, social work, and more. Employers prefer hiring graduates who have acquired advanced skill and knowledge in the relevant academic principle.

Q:Can you tell me about liberal arts jobs?

A:Liberal arts is a vast field that covers many areas hence the employment opportunities are also quite varied. By pursuing a degree in liberal arts you can find jobs in education sector, civil sector as well as in the field of arts. You can also find diverse jobs in non-profit organizations that work for the betterment of society. The jobs that you get also depend on your degree level.

Q:Are jobs in liberal arts attractive?

A:Jobs in liberal arts are quite diversified since it is a broad subject. The area of specialization you choose can determine the kind of jobs you will be offered. Other than that, the nature or level of your degree is also important to help you find better job opportunities. With a master's degree in hand of course you have better chances of finding a good job with lucrative salary packages.

Q:Tell me about liberal arts and the choice of careers with a liberal arts degree?

A:Liberal arts cover broad range of subjects that include arts, humanities, languages, history, social sciences and more. Hence, the choice of career is also quite vast. You are able to develop communication and analytical skills that are quite helpful in the practical field. With the degree, you can pursue a career in journalism, political science and find administrative or policy making jobs.

Q:I have a bachelor degree in philosophy and masters in liberal arts I need a job, where should I look?

A:If you have a bachelor degree in philosophy and masters in liberal arts you can find lucrative job offerings as it makes a very strong combination. You can look for jobs in fields related to public service or public communications since these jobs require people who have analytical and communication skills.

Q:Can you tell me about some of the highest paying careers in liberal arts?

A:Liberal arts degrees can lead to a number of high paying careers. Some of these have been mentioned here: building and construction inspector, clerical jobs, job analyst, claims adjuster, instructional coordinator, community manager, social worker, first line supervisor, insurance underwriter, broadcast analyst, and more. The job position will be dependent upon the level of degree earned.

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